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“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
― George Orwell

Welcome to the Apartheid Pages!

I know, I know, the past is the past, it’s gone and there’s nothing much we can do to change it, or so say the majority! The hopeful and optimistic among us will tell you that it’s the present and the future that really matter. Some will tell you that looking back into the past is not really going to provide answers for a brighter future. “We must persevere and keep looking forward,” they say! Well, it is exactly at that point where this blog strongly disagrees. What if we are plodding on in the wrong direction?

We cannot ignore our past and there’s a lot we can learn from it, but then it is vital that we be 100 percent truthful about it, otherwise we will be plodding in the wrong direction forever.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius

South Africans are now living under the yoke of one of the most corrupt, most deceitful, most greedy, most racist, most despicable bunch of gangsters imaginable. These so-called ‘struggle heroes of apartheid’ have not made any huge effort to set an example to the people they profess to govern. They have obstinately refused to bury the past, and since coming to power in April 1994, they have relentlessly and persistently blamed all their bungles on a past era when a minority group of (racist) Europeans were running the country, quite successfully I may add - under the circumstances, of course… But tell THAT to the people, and they’ll laugh (and spit) in your face!

Where did all this hatred come from? How many people actually realize that the ANC’s many ridiculous claims and declarations also contain a fair share of lies and smears about South Africa’s past, and that they’ve actually succeeded, through repetition and much phony (and costly) pomp and ceremony, to sell falsehoods to the susceptible masses?

The mass-deception South Africans have been subjected to over the past two decades and more goes far beyond what is commonly known as mere political propaganda. Taken as a whole it basically amounts to psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP). The primary purpose of the PSYOP is to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behaviour of people in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.

(The above definition was adapted from a definition of psychological warfare, provided by the U.S. Department of Defence, which speaks of “hostile foreign groups”. Click here to view the document.)

Contrary to popular belief the ANC government had very little to do with the planning and implementation of complicated psychological strategies on South Africans. Even if they were tasked with the execution of such an endeavour they lack the required intelligence to carry it through anyway... NO, they were handed the country on a platter through the planning and influences of a far more powerful and intelligent entity! It’s an entity this blog has often referred to as the Masters of Darkness - for lack of a better description, but I suppose others will have different names for these vipers, depending from what angle one observes the scene.

The vast majority of the populace were already effectively conditioned by the time the ANC took over the reins of power. It is only now, after more than 19 years of ANC rule, that more-and-more people are starting to realize - there’s a big screw loose somewhere. It is only now that people are starting to ponder how the hell did we get into this mess in the first place, and how can people be so foolish as to keep on voting for these idiots?

Some of these concerns can only be clarified by analysing the past objectively and truthfully, but oddly enough when you do this, the first noticeable phenomenon you'll find among people is an immediate lack of enthusiasm to delve any deeper. This is what psychological warfare does to people… It breaks people’s enthusiasm and generates the false perception that your highly-valued personal security and happiness are going to be negatively influenced (by some unseen dark force) if you dare speak the truth. The driving force behind such thinking is, of course, F-E-A-R (False Evidence Appearing Real).

The distorted perceptions that exist today in the minds of millions, regarding the apartheid-era South Africa, are largely due to a psychological warfare campaign that has never ceased to stop functioning since initiation thereof – starting in the 1950’s.

The same psychological propaganda is still being dispersed and repeated over a wide variety of media to this very day. It persistently reminds us all how horrifically wicked and unfair the apartheid system was, and has succeeded in portraying White South Africans, and particularly the Afrikaners, as the villains in the story. It has unjustly created immense feelings of guilt in the minds of many Afrikaners and also English-speaking South Africans who have close ties with Afrikaners, through marriage, for example.

The one-sided view portrayed by South Africa’s current rulers is particularly evident in the manner they’ve gone about changing street names and other place all over the country, a concern this blog has addressed in several postings, among others: Limpopo Province – A Heritage Under Siege and The Pretoria street name-changing fiasco. It is also evident in public places where school children often visit such as the Apartheid Museum, for example, as an article by Dave Steward titled, "The unbearable whiteness of being" aptly points out.

A logical conclusion one can make from all this is that there must then be some truth in the words of George Orwell - as quoted at the top of this page.

To destroy people by denying and obliterating their own understanding of their history, must then also be the national objective of the current ANC Regime, or are they mere puppets of a far superior international entity?

The apartheid system, like any other political system, was nowhere near perfect, and also exhibited its fair share of blunders and useless counterpropaganda. It was, however, in a continual state of transformation and development, and would probably have gradually evolved into a federated democratic system of some sort - whether Nelson Mandela existed, or not. Whether the progress would have satisfied the demands and aspirations of all the diverse minority groups or whether the process would have been accompanied by bloodshed, or not, are debatable points. What matters now is that the country’s present condition is in a state of extreme disarray (to put it mildly). Our future looks bleaker than ever, no matter what your race, culture, or creed. One can try being optimistic about it, but in the end you know - you're only lying to yourself.

The purpose of these pages are thus not to glorify the old apartheid era, but to show readers that there is also another side to the story. Hopefully the information provided here will also demonstrate that White South Africans have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. We were never racists and neither did we oppress anybody. On the contrary, we have much to feel proud of.

The Armed Forces of the old South Africa fought the Marxist-Communists side-by-side with other people of colour. The proud Police Force of the old South Africa was a multi-ethnic organization, comparable with the best in the world, where people of all races and cultures worked closely together, sharing the same offices, the same vehicles, and the same equipment. About the only thing we did not share were our private living and sleeping quarters (and our women, of course). 

The following brief synopsis is provided for readers who are not too well acquainted with the topic, but even if you think you are, you may just discover something you were not aware of:

APARTHEID is an Afrikaans word meaning 'separation’ or ‘the status of being apart’. The contemporary worldview associates it with an evil system of racial segregation and has erroneously coupled it to one country only namely, South Africa – the old White one, to be specific.  Although social discrimination and racial segregation has appeared in all parts of the world where there are multiracial communities, the current contention is that South Africa's apartheid era was far more evil and different to racial segregation in other countries, because in South Africa it was systematically formalised through extensive legislation.

The brunt of the blame has been placed on the all-White Afrikaner-dominated National Party government, who were the ruling party in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. Dr. Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd (1901 – 1966) has also been incorrectly branded as the creator of apartheid, another lie that has been repeated so often that it is now regarded as fact. The truth of the matter is that far-rightwing white groups in the country (the few that still exist) regard Verwoerd as a traitor.

See also: Verwoerd’s hated legacy on the website of and decide for yourself whether Dr. H.F. Verwoerd was a racist, or not.

During Verwoerd’s tenure as Prime Minister of South Africa, from 1958 until his assassination in 1966, anti-Apartheid terrorist-activist movements such as the African National Congress (ANC) and the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) were banned. The Rivonia Trial, which prosecuted ANC leaders such as Nelson Mandela, was also held during Verwoerd’s time. This is the only reason why the current rulers of the country hate the man with a passion, and why they’ve systematically removed his name from streets and other places that honour him.

The truth of the matter is that numerous segregation laws had been passed long before Dr. Verwoerd appeared on the political landscape and long before the National Party came to power. Among the most significant laws were the Natives Land Act, No 27 of 1913, and The Natives (Urban Areas) Act of 1923, implemented by the British.

Apartheid was thus introduced in 1948, as a systematic extension of pre-existing racial discrimination in the country initially pioneered by a foreign colonial power.

In the early years of the apartheid era the Black population were required to carry an Identification Document, commonly known as a passbook, which gave them freedom to move (or pass through) areas that fell outside their homelands.

A little-known fact about the so-called ‘Pass Laws’ is that they were first introduced in South Africa on 27 June 1797 by the Earl Macartney  (an Irish-born British statesman) in an attempt to exclude all natives from the British Cape Colony. This legislation later became one of the dominant features of the country's system of racial segregation.

The Pass laws were finally repealed in 1986, but by then the country’s citizens (from all races and cultures) were already suffering from battle-fatigue due to the ongoing Border War and Soviet communist-backed terrorist campaigns taking place on and within the country’s borders. The Wikipedia Pages covering the years 1986, 1987, and 1988 in South Africa sketch the general turbulent picture. Bear in mind that this only describes 3 years of internal conflict. The Border Wars took place from 1966 to 1989.

Today, in the new 'improved' South Africa, voices of discord are swiftly silenced (or ridiculed) by the ANC government and their media-legions, locally and also internationally. The entire population is under the yoke of a system – far worse and far more evil than the old apartheid system ever was. Today we are all required by law to carry our Identification Documents with us at all times, and stand the risk of being fined or thrown in jail if we don’t comply. Numerous other new laws now exist that unjustly infringe on our privacy. Many of these laws are far more discriminatory than the old apartheid laws. A prime example is the so-called Affirmative Action legislation, which discriminate against the White minority.

Old South African flag
Wikipedia Sources:
Racial Segregation in Other Parts of the World
Apartheid in South Africa
Pass Laws in South Africa
National Party (South Africa)
South African Border War

Today there exist a multitude of publications and documentaries that purport to assess the apartheid era and its system of racial segregation honestly and impartially, but the overwhelming majority have purposefully distorted the true facts, mainly because it was the fashionable thing for writers/researchers to do. Some have gone totally overboard to dehumanize White people, and particularly the Afrikaners, who were perceived as beneficiaries of the apartheid system at the expense of the Black majority -- another lie repeated so often that it’s now commonly accepted as truth.

As a result of all this conniving treachery, arse-creeping with the ANC-communists, and the tendency to always present information in a Politically Correct format, the New Revised History books of South Africa have downplayed the atrocities committed by the current new rulers of South Africa and their communist-sponsors. Consequently, new injustices and other forms of discrimination have been created. Many of these injustices were (and still are) deliberately ignored by the mainstream liberal media, hence the existence of blogs like TIA MYSOA and others.

Let’s stop here for a moment and have a quick peek back into South Africa’s past, to a time when Oliver Tambo was still the President of the African National Congress (ANC). This is one of those rare videos that portray the truth about the ANC and South Africa:


Although much of the content covered in blog pages like these attempt to expose the atrocities, injustices, and discrimination committed by the current rulers of the country, it is by no means an easy task. Many government atrocities go by unnoticed by the majority populace, because the propaganda spoken of earlier is still hard at work. Many people do not even realize they’re being brainwashed and thus perceive the daily chaos as ‘the norm’. Some people even firmly believe that the chaos is due to South Africa’s young ‘teenage’ democracy and that the situation will change for the better sometime in the future as democracy matures. It is, of course, all a false hope!

The media spotlight only falls on South Africa occasionally when major incidents like the Marikana incident takes place, or when world-renowned celebrities like Oscar Pistorius, for example, commit a misdeed. Even then these incidents are often used to further the hidden agendas of the Masters of Darkness.

THE COLD WAR (1947 TO 1991)
A major factor that is conveniently overlooked by the misanthropists of apartheid is the crucial role the Cold War played between the years 1947 and 1991. With the commencement of the Cold War (after conclusion of World War II) South Africa, with its anti-communist stance, was considered by the West as a possible assistant in the passive battle against the Soviet Union. However, while the Cold War and the South African Border War intensified the country became increasingly isolated internationally. Instead of providing financial and military aid to combat the Soviet-backed onslaught on the country, the West, through a communist front organization known as the United Nations Organization (UNO), imposed sanctions – the HYPOCRITES!

On 6 November 1962, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 1761, condemning South African apartheid policies. Hardly a year later, on 7 August 1963, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 181 calling for a voluntary arms embargo against South Africa. In 1971, the UN General Assembly formally denounced the institution of homelands. In 1977, the voluntary UN arms embargo became mandatory with the passing of United Nations Security Council Resolution 418.

It should have been obvious back then that the United Nations were in cahoots with the Communists all along. While it boggles the mind that we were so easily betrayed, it does on the other hand give us some indication of where America and the rest of the so-called ‘western’ world is heading…

We are heading for destruction!

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