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The ANC at War
The ANC at War
2 October 2012

The fact that South Africa is in a horrible mess, with many parts of the country resembling a war zone, and that the ANC - after 18 years of democratic freedom still continue to blame Verwoerd and apartheid for all their stupendous blunders, is sufficient proof that their current motives are the exact same angry motives that drove the ANC back in the days when they were formally recognized as a murderous terrorist organization. - (Note: The comment-section of this posting includes supplementary info.)

Klaas de Jonge: The ANC Struggle Hero
Klaas de Jonge: The ANC Struggle Hero
4 August 2012

During the 1980's Klaas de Jonge and his Belgian wife, Hélène Passtoors, smuggled illegal weapons and explosives into South Africa from Maputo over several years, burying equipment in dead letter boxes, and providing sketches to incoming Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) terrorists. They were finally arrested in South Africa in 1985, in the town of Zeerust near the Botswana border. In a secret compartment of their vehicle the police found a number of Russian limpet mines, handguns, AK-47 rifles, and a stack of dynamite. Klaas de Jonge managed to 'escape' and ended up staying in the Dutch Embassy in Pretoria for 26 months. He was eventually released and returned to the Netherlands. Klaas de Jonge decided to return to South Africa 27 years later, in July 2012, to meet his former friends and enemies to see what they thought of the new South Africa and whether it has fulfilled their expectations.

BRICS: The New Communist Bloc
The New Communist Bloc, or is it BRICS?
12 July 2012

The initial BRIC alliance of countries includes Brazil, Russia, India and China. The foreign ministers of these four countries first met at the initiative of Russia on 9 July 2008, during the G8 summit in Japan. South Africa officially became a member nation on 24 December 2010, after being formally invited by the BRIC countries to join the group. The group was then renamed BRICS – with the "S" standing for South Africa.

Russia, China, and South Africa’s connections with Communism is clearly obvious, but Brazil and India’s are not.

Ghost towns
Why are there ghost towns in China and Angola?
4 July 2012

This posting was inspired after reading a report compiled by the BBC's former Angola correspondent, Louise Redvers, who researched the weirdly suspicious activities taking place just outside Angola's capital city of Luanda, at a place called Nova Cidade de Kilamba.

The Cato Manor Witch-Hunt
The Cato Manor Witch-Hunt
22 June 2012

During December 2011, when the Sunday Times first started with their sensational tittle-tattle story about an alleged police "hit squad" operating in KwaZulu-Natal, a little bird on my shoulder warned me not to deliver an opinion at that point in time. The little bird usually makes its appearance when I have extremely mixed feelings about a subject, or when I don’t have sufficient facts at my disposal to deliver an opinion that will make logical sense. When the evidence of a typical ANC government-style witch-hunt started mounting, I decided that it was time to voice my disgust.

Beware of Ubuntu Unity!
1 April 2012

The so-called "Worldwide Revolution Movement", goes by various names in different parts of the world, and is commonly known as the “Occupy Movement”. In South Africa it's called, "Occupy South Africa - Operation Ubuntu". The majority of people who support these movements don’t have a clue what they're rebelling about, or in what direction it will lead.

This posting also presents, among other things, a video that shows what “Democratic Freedom” really looks like in modern-day South Africa. It’s going to get worse, believe me! -- It was posted on 1 April, but it is NOT AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE!

Captor and Captive – The Documentary
11 March 2012

On 19 February 1978 a young private in the South African Army, Johan van der Mescht, whose task it was to safeguard a waterhole on the border between Namibia and Angola, was captured and taken prisoner by SWAPO. He was held as a Prisoner of War in the Sao Paulo Prison in Luanda, Angola, for four and a half years before he, together with eight Western intelligence agents who had been jailed in the Soviet Bloc, were exchanged for a Russian spy known as, “Aleksei Koslov”.

31 years later, on 2 December 2009, a reunion was arranged between van der Mescht and the man who captured him. This posting, however, deals with far more than just the documentary. It also deals with another Boer soldier who was murdered during the same incident, a fact which only came to light when the deceased’s brother responded in writing to a December 2009 report published in Beeld.

The Dogs of Egypt - Signs of our Times
12 February 2012

A great deal can be deduced about a man’s character and the condition of his soul by simply watching how he treats his own dog, or even a stray one. There are numerous quotes made by prominent and unknown persons, that exemplifies man’s unique relationship with dogs. In modern-day Egypt, and also in many other parts of modern-day Africa, dogs (of all breeds) are treated with very little respect. In fact, throwing stones at them, kicking them, beating them with sticks, feeding them with poisoned food, and even running them over has become a national pastime for Africa’s modern-day savages.

The Experiment of the Century!
21 December 2011

This posting is about the world's most powerful radio telescope, known as the "Square Kilometre Array" (SKA).

A race has been on for some time now between the two short-listed countries, South Africa and Australia, to determine which country will be hosting the core SKA site. South Africa's bid proposes that the core of the telescope be located in an arid area of the Northern Cape Province, with about three antenna stations in Namibia, four in Botswana and one each in Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya and Zambia.

South Africa’s Eyes of ProvidenceSouth Africa’s Eyes of Providence
10 November 2011

There are several postings on this blog that speak of government control that’s going to take place on a grand scale, and that the excuse for doing so is that it's for our own safety and protection. It’s a global phenomenon provoked by the ever increasing lawless behaviour of a ‘programmed’ populace.

Gaddafi, and the ‘Masters of Darkness’
25 October 2011

The Libyan-Gaddafi saga has convinced me more than ever that the real masterminds behind world terrorism are not who we think they are. It is also becoming increasingly obvious that the forces of darkness on Planet Earth have their roots firmly fixed in the very organizations who claim that their ultimate goals are the achievement of world peace. This posting will also reveal a few lesser-known but rather interesting parallels between Libya and South Africa.

Although I’m not Siener van Rensburg, I have a strong suspicion that the exact same offensive strategies the communists used during the apartheid era are also going to be employed in this current new era, when the time is ripe. The menacing gloom is brewing in Soweto at this very moment while I’m typing these words. HIS-story may quite possibly repeat itself, and Soweto may once again feature as the starting point of a conflict that will eventually explode to the heights of global awareness.

A REVOLUTION of ‘another’ kind
19 July 2011

This posting features, among other horrid stuff, the music-video Duimpie se Maat – Afrikaans, which attempts to convey the message that Afrikaans can also be revolutionary, sexy and cool – for some people, that is! The posting also includes a few personal confessions related to my own particular taste in modern-day music, and some thoughts pertaining to the old apartheid era Hillbrow of the 1970s.

I did it for Madiba!
15 July 2011

Nelson Mandela Day is commemorated  every year in the month of July. It was declared an International Day in November 2009, by the UN General Assembly, in recognition of the former South African President’s contribution to the culture of peace and freedom on Planet Earth. This posting expresses my true feelings regarding this issue. It also exposes a few lesser known facts about how the creation of this man-made god was planned years in advance. If you’re the sensitive liberal kind, then don’t read this posting! If the truth does not scare you, then maybe you'll learn something.

The true character of this drunken, vain-glorious lout, has finally been exposed. It thus gives me great pleasure to include this article on the Featured Posts Page of this blog. Readers who are not familiar with South African history and/or politics, and who don’t know who Robert McBride is, will be utterly disgusted to see what made this man a hero in the eyes of South Africa’s current Marxist-Communist rulers.

The murder rate of South African commercial farmers is the highest for any specific group in the world - 313 per 100 000. The murder rate amongst the general population is officially 55 per 100 000 (In Europe the murder rate is 2 per 100 000). Most farmers in South Africa are on full alert 24 hours per day. For them it has become an inborn natural impulse. I say no more… Read this posting to discover the root cause of this tragedy.

Sudan, the largest country on the African continent, was recently divided into two separate countries, separating North from South. Will South Africa someday follow the same route with a partition between East and West? The current demographics of the country, coupled with the growing tendency among a frustrated and angry populace to outvote the corrupt ANC Regime, shows that this may indeed become a reality, far sooner than most people believe possible!

Be Warned – This posting contains facts that may upset sensitive readers.
The posting touches on a few unknown facts about the Russian KGB and also western intelligence agencies. A follow-up article entitled Cloak and dagger tricks - the reality of our fantasy world, also received positive feedback from visitors to this blog.

During early January 2011 (the season of rain, lightning and thunder in Southern Africa), the Kwazulu-Natal MEC for cooperative governance and traditional affairs called on the South African Department of Science and Technology to investigate the causes of lightning, after seven people died in lightning strikes in the province. This posting is my reply (with advice) to the confused MEC.

28 October 2010

On 18 October 2010 the South African Department of Justice published the names of 149 convicted criminals recommended for Presidential Pardon. Two individuals on the list were convicted of 21 murders each. These massacres were committed in Richmond KwaZulu-Natal after the April 1994 elections during the years 1998 and 1999. During that time I was employed by the SA Police as a Forensic Ballistic Specialist, based near Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

5 August 2010

Recent research into ancient southern African history, has revealed that Africa was once home to a vast community of intelligent humans. Amazing evidence of ancient temples, and the remains of a huge ancient metropolis are just some of the incredible discoveries that are now being researched. While this posting explores the mysteries of these ancient ruins a final alternative theory is also presented, which suggests that many age-old mysterious stone structures we see on earth today may not be from our current earth age. Be warned that this posting addresses some deep-seated contentious issues, that may offend most  Black Africans and liberal-minded folk!

28 June 2010

According to a recent statement issued by COSATU national spokesperson, Patrick Craven, the rising intensity of unemployment in South Africa has condemned 5.5 million people to a life of destitution. Approximately 1,102000 (that’s over a million) jobs were lost since the beginning of 2009. Welcome to Freedom!

22 July 2010

Archbishop Desmond Tutu announced that he will be retiring from public life in October 2010, but that he will be continuing his work with “The Elders”. This short posting explains, in only 735 words, what and who “The Elders” are. Prepare to be shocked!

9 July 2010

The ANC government replaced the old apartheid system of education with a new system called Outcome-Based Education (OBE). They did not bother to explore why the OBE system had already hopelessly failed in most ‘western’ countries. When the system failed they came up with a whole string of lame excuses, and also blamed outside ‘consultants’ for swindling them into accepting the OBE system. The latest changes to the curriculum, to be phased in over the next 18 months, look remarkably similar to the old apartheid  ‘textbook system’ of basic education.

1 July 2010

This short posting was inspired after reading the research results published by Professor J. Philippe Rushton, dealing with Race, Evolution, and Behaviour. The posting touches on some prickly issues such as the controversial subject of race-mixing (also known as miscegenation), and a few other touchy issues.

16 June 2010

Youth Day is celebrated every year in South Africa on 16 June. The date is in fact a commemoration of the Soweto uprising of June 1976, an event that occurred 34 years ago when Marxist-Communist-cowards successfully managed to persuade a bunch of black school kids to rebel against the system. This article explores the lies and the myths propagated by the ANC Government related to that unfortunate occurrence. The article also proposes that we bury the past and start focusing on the multitude of real problems our youth are facing today.

29 March 2010

Witchcraft is another practise initiated by Cain, and goes hand-in-hand with muti killings, and other traditional cultural practices which we are supposed to ‘respect’.

5 March 2010

On the surface of things everything looks fine, but behind the scenes illegal drugs, illegal immigrants, child trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, service delivery strikes --- you name it, is plunging the country into a pit of hell!

22 February 2010

How is it possible that our ANC government can spend R5.3-million PER DAY, on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation, while the vast majority of citizens in this country are living in shameful poverty, and crime-ridden fear?

4 February 2010

I was deeply saddened to hear that the land of my ancestors have also become the subject of an ‘ancestral’ land claim dispute. Will it become another unproductive squatter camp like all the others?

23 January 2010

This article will attempt to reveal some untruths depicted in views-and-reviews of the Sandra Laing story, as well as draw attention to certain esoteric aspects of the movie.

1 December 2009

Nelson Mandela himself spoke of listening to Springbok games on the radio during his long incarceration on Robben Island, and admitted that he never supported the Springboks. In fact he hated the All-White Team with a passion!

16 November 2009

The Department of Home Affairs has no idea how many illegal immigrants are in South Africa.

4 November 2009

No university degree or college qualification can ever guarantee that a person who wishes to pursue the art of farming will ever succeed, --- because the art of farming is an inborn ability, that was given to man the moment he became a living soul.

1 November 2009

Our History books teach us that in 1487, the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias became the first European to reach the southernmost point of Africa, but new compelling evidence reveals that it was actually the Chinese who arrived on African shores 60 odd years before the Portuguese.

9 October 2009

Bok van Blerk is my favourite Afrikaans singer!
In this posting I have translated some of the Afrikaans lyrics from Bok van Blerk's popular album 'Afrikanerhart' into English. This posting also reveals the meaning of the terms “Kaplyn” and “Orange Agent”. The video 'Tyd om te Trek' is also featured. Enjoy!

2 October 2009

A fowl-mouthed commentator thinks that this posting is Liberal, Leftwing, bleeding heart, BULLSHIT, --- but I disagree! What do you think?

29 September 2009

This posting exposes how the commentators of a weekly television show on SABC 2 called “Shoreline”, had a field day thrashing the Whiteman’s reputation, culture and heritage. The hatred for the Apartheid Regime oozed from their lips and tongues!

17 August 2009

African countries stand in such sharp contrast to European countries such as Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark, that it would be almost irrational to make any direct comparisons, but still ---- one cannot help but wonder when will Africa finally grow up and start understanding why these countries have prospered, and how they have maintained stability and peace over the centuries.

13 August 2009

Back in 1854 the murders were so shocking that missionaries, philanthropists, and historians of the day, as well as some of the press in the Cape, decided that it would be best to conceal the true nature of the barbaric acts, --- for the sake of keeping the peace! These murders became one of the many rationales for adopting a system of racial segregation in South Africa.

12 August 2009

Besides the fact that prominent places in Afrikaans Boer History have been given new names that have no apparent relation to that area, it is blatantly obvious that the ANC Government is also deliberately distorting history, and progressively obliterating all traces of the Afrikaner Heritage in the Limpopo Province.

7 August 2009

This is not an in-depth essay on crime. It’s a quick, straight-from-the-heart rundown of why I believe the crime problem in South Africa (and globally) is a lost cause.

27 May 2009

South Africa is in its 15th year of democracy, but yet more and more citizens are suffering from psychological ailments such a post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression. These are the typical disorders normally associated with war-trauma or prison camps.

30 April 2009

According to Wikipedia there are approximately 515 million cases of malaria, killing between one and three million people every year, the majority of whom are young children in Sub-Saharan Africa. BUT on 25 April 2009, “World Malaria Day” passed unnoticed.

24 April 2009

This posting is an account of my visit to Durban, South Africa. Armed with a canister of pepper-spray within easy reach, and with my cellphone and wallet safely tucked deep inside my trouser pockets, I hit the streets of Durban, which at that point in time was decorated with an assortment of election posters.

9 April 2009

Drug-smuggling is a massive global network. Its tentacles reach into the very core of our governments where corrupt officials wheel and deal behind the scenes with the big chiefs.

21 March 2009

South Africa has one of the most complex ethnic patterns in the world, which among the black population alone includes groups such as the Khoi-San, Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele, Sotho, Shangaan, Venda, Tswana, Ndebele, Swasi, and Pedi. This fact appears to be an aspect that the Western powers never wanted to accept or understand.

12 March 2009

This post was updated, on 25 August 2010 with new info and pics.

In this posting I share a few of my experiences during my younger days, when I served my country as policeman employed by the South African Police Force. That was during a time before (and after) the country became fully-fledged demo-crazy!

1 March 2009

On 31 December 2008, the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) published a detailed sequence of legislative measures in order to comply with its obligations as one of the nine South African host cities for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. This posting also looks at the security precautions implemented by Germany during their 2006 World Cup soccer tournament.

15 February 2009

Something is seriously wrong with the banking system! Can anyone tell me what is going on, because if I don’t get answers soon I’m going to start believing in all the conspiracy theories about 666, the all-seeing evil eye, alien reptiles controlling the banks, and so forth…..?

8 December 2008

This was my very first posting on this blog. It is short and to the point, but reveals that, according to the De Virga world map, made by the Venetian Albertinius de Virga between 1411 and 1415, the “Garden of Eden” possibly existed right here in Southern Africa.


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Operation Vula, its Secret Safari, and Zuma’s band of comrades - Dec. 2013
During 1986 the ANC launched an underground operation called Operation Vula. A lesser-known fact is that it continued to operate after Nelson Mandela's release in February 1990, and for three years after his speech in August 1990 when he reiterated the total commitment of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe and the SACP to the Groote Schuur Minute.

Heritage Day Photographs (Voortrekker Monument) - Sept. 2013
This posting includes a few photographs taken on Heritage Day 2013. The posting introduces an unusual but beautiful new structure called QUO VADIS? (with the question mark) which I’m sure many readers have never heard of.

The Yellow-Bucket Marula Tree: A Mystery Solved! - Oct. 2013
I came across a rather strange phenomenon one day while travelling along the R561 route between Tolwe and Baltimore in the Limpopo province of South Africa. A small yellow bucket was attached high-up in a branch of a Marula tree, hence the name of this posting. It’s a real funny story which I’m sure most readers will enjoy - as much as I enjoyed compiling the article  - (with illustrations).

Pretoria’s Monument for Victims of Terrorism - July 2013
Many people (including myself) had almost forgotten about a noteworthy monument in Pretoria that stood at the entrance of the old Munitoria building on the corner of Van der Walt and Vermeulen Streets (now renamed Lilian Ngoyi and Madiba Streets). When the Munitoria building was demolished on 7 July 2013 nobody could tell me whether the monument was still standing or not, so I decided to go look for myself.

Remembering The Battle of Delville Wood - July 2013
14 July marks a day when the South African 1st Infantry Brigade got engaged in the 1916 (WW1) Battle of the Somme, in France. The battle was one of the largest of World War I, in which more than a million men were wounded or killed, making it one of humanity's bloodiest battles. One specific encounter during this battle, known as The Battle of Delville Wood, is of particular importance to South Africa. The posting includes a comprehensive article (with pictures) compiled and written by Petros Kondos.

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