Monday, January 20, 2014

I AM A RACIST---- (Video)

The exact definition of racism is controversial both because there is little scholarly agreement about the meaning of the concept "race", and because there is also little agreement about what does and does not constitute discrimination, but this video explains it all in plain and simple logical terms.

Hat tip: Le Loup-Garou

Paul Weston

Paul Weston is the leader of the political party, Liberty GB, in the United Kingdom. His blog can be found here.


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That man hit the nail on the head and sank it down subsurface with one shot . Hes got the words and panache to put people in their place and yes , I hope Blair gets jailed for such subversive activities . Well spoken Sir .

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I find it immensely satisfying to see, albeit in a slow ponderous manner, the veils of lies being lifted from the average man's eyes. I recall when Austria moved right of centre, followed by men like Geert Wilders (Nederland) and Timo Soini (Finland),and others now in the UK and elsewhere. Slowly but surely the average citizen is getting "gatvol" of the forced acceptance of a foreign, less desirable, culture, and the marginalisation of their own cultures and histories. It should be an absolute requirement that immigrants learn the local language, history and culture before being accepted as anything but a transient guest.

I can only hope that messages such as those contained in the video are seen and heard all over the world.


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The speaker is correct in his statements. Islam is not a religion but a political ideology that hides behind religion. The UK lost it's battle against Islam when they accepted Sharia law in their legal system in 1997. Islam is waging "yihad by stealth" against western Europe. Also look at the birth rate vs the caucasian population. Other western European countries are in the same boat. Their political correctness is used as a weapon against them.

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