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Nelson Mandela: Role Model or Criminal?

If there is ONE video on YouTube that I wish will go viral it will be the one I've embedded on this page featuring a courageous Soldier of Christ, Dr. Peter Hammond, sharing truths our modern-day era is fast forgetting. My wish will obviously never materialize, because far too many people in the world have been horribly mislead and indoctrinated by the covert elite’s massive and untiring propaganda machine.

“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” Golda Meir, 4th Prime Minister of Israel (1969 – 1974) - from her autobiography, My Life

NOTE: The video shared in this posting mentions the propaganda-film Invictus. Click here to read more about the movie on this blog.

While I agree with the all too familiar contention that we should put the past behind us and move on, I have a major issue with propaganda that distorts or attempts to erase the truths of a previous era that I, and a substantial amount of other people, lived our lives in.

While keeping these truths alive is one of the reasons why this blog still exists, I sometime get the feeling that most people do not really care whether this notion is sustained, or not. Perhaps they’re too afraid to stand up for what they truly believe in – too afraid they’ll be shunned by the rest of the herd. This topic will then also be the subject of my next posting titled: Propaganda = War = Public Relations.

About Dr. Peter Hammond:
Dr. Peter Hammond is the Founder and Director of Frontline Fellowship. He was born in Cape Town (in 1960) and brought up in Bulawayo (in what was then war-torn Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe). For over 30 years, Dr. Peter Hammond has pioneered missionary outreaches, including into the war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. Often travelling by off road motorbike, Peter has travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres to deliver Bibles to persecuted Christians in Africa and Eastern Europe. In the course of his missionary activities, Peter has been ambushed, come under aerial and artillery bombardments, been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested and imprisoned. In some mission trips he has flown far behind enemy lines to the Nuba Mountains in central Sudan with tons of Bibles, books and relief aid. He has walked throughout the war devastated Nuba Mountains showing the Jesus film in Arabic, proclaiming the Gospel, training pastors and evading enemy patrols. - Read more at:

Dr. Peter Hammond is also the author of numerous publications, several of which are available as e-books at Smashwords.

Peter has led many marches to parliament including one in which the police estimated the crowd to be in excess of 30,000. In May 1996 he marched tens of thousands of people to parliament to protest the paganisation of South Africa through the policies of the African National Congress. Two days after the march he was summoned to meet the president in his official residence.

The following excerpt describes his meeting with Mandela and how he was treated by this god-figure. The excerpt was sourced online from Dr. Hammonds own literature.

It was May 1996 and we had marched tens of thousands of people to parliament to protest the paganisation of South Africa through the policies of the African National Congress. We had marched on Tuesday and on Thursday I was summoned to meet the president in his official residence. During the hour with Nelson Mandela I handed him a copy of Dr. James Kennedy’s book Foundations for Your Faith.

The first question from President Mandela was: “So, Mr. Hammond what were you doing in the years of struggle?”

“I was fighting people like you, sir.” I answered.

Nelson Mandela laughed and reached out his hand saying: “I’m so pleased to meet an honest white man! Every other white has told me how they always supported me and opposed apartheid. I wondered how the National Party stayed in power for over 40 years!”

“Well, Mr. President, make no mistake, I was not fighting for apartheid. I was fighting against communism and against terrorism.”

At this the president declared that “apartheid was the greatest evil in history of the world.”

“I cannot agree Mr. President, that prize has to go to your friends and supporters, the communists. Secular humanist, communist regimes have killed well over 160 Million people during the 20th Century. That’s not 160 Million people killed in war by invading armies. That’s 160 Million people killed by their own governments: secular, socialist states.”

As the president was still staring at me without response, I continued and detailed out the 36 Million killed under Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, the over 68 Million murdered under Mao Tse Tung oppression in Communist China. The over 2 Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agistino Neto in Angola, and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.

Nelson Mandela stared at me impassively and then, leaning back, he stared at the ceiling and started to drift off down memory lane talking about how when he was a prisoner on Robben Island, the Boers had refused to allow him sunglasses. As his eyes were very sensitive, it was most painful being outside without shade for his sensitive eyes.

I responded: “Mr. President I also have very sensitive eyes and I can fully understand how uncomfortable and painful that must have been, but it hardly compares with the atrocities documented by Aleksandra Solzenitzen and in The Black Book of Communism.”

And so the conversation went. At one point Nelson Mandela expressed his surprise that we wanted to “restrict the rights of women” by opposing abortion. I responded: “Mr. President you are questioning the Christianity of people who 40 years ago justified apartheid. I tell you, sir, it will not be 40 years from now and people will question your humanity for legalising abortion. You are seeking to replace apartheid with abortion. And abortion is even worse than apartheid. Abortion does not just place the baby on a separate voter’s role and restrict where they can live or swim. Abortion takes the baby’s life. Life begins at conception and abortion is the violent taking of that life.

Abortion is the worst type of apartheid, for it separates a baby from its own mother and from its life support, at its most crucial state of development. You are seeking to replace discrimination on the basis of race with discrimination on the basis of age.”

At the end of the hour, Nelson Mandela stood up and told us that we could now take our pictures. I did not mean to be rude, but we honestly hadn’t even thought about that: “No thank you,” I said. He turned mouth agape in apparent shock. Perhaps we were the first delegation to meet with him who didn’t want to have pictures taken with him. I then hastened to add: “But, we would like to pray for you.”

“No! No! That’s very private and personal.” I pretended not to hear and put a hand on one shoulder while Rev. Soon Zevenster placed his hand on the other shoulder. We prayed that the Lord would not grant Mr. Mandela any peace until he did what he knew what was right, until he introduced legislation for the protection of babies from the violence and injustice of abortion. I prayed that Mr. Mandela would find peace in Christ by bowing the knee and surrendering to Almighty God to do His will.

At the end of our impassioned prayer, we handed over the book from Dr. Kennedy and Mr. Mandela thanked us and assured us that he was always responsive to the concerns of our constituency and that his door was always open should we have any other concerns. However the next week senior investigators of his Revenue Service began a 7 year Audit of our mission and family! – [Source]

My meeting with Nelson Mandela (Part 1)
My meeting with Nelson Mandela (Part 2)

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MORE propaganda on its way…

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013)
The movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013) based on Mandela's autobiography of the same name is yet ANOTHER chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa. The movie had its world premiere earlier this year at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival. It is set to screen Nov. 10 at the upcoming AFI Festival and will have its U.S. theatrical release Nov. 29 in New York and Los Angeles.

The movie is being extensively marketed as “The Truth” which means that millions of sheeple will simply accept it as the whole truth and nothing but the truth, without giving a moment’s thought to the fact that their minds are being moulded, largely by a small band of elites whose names seldom feature in the media they influence and control. They do it by means of repetition ad nauseam, in the same manner the various brands of toothpaste and washing powder are advertised through multiple media sources.

Here, why not own a piece of the Robben Island fence? This unique historical objet d'art may one day be the only priceless piece left after Mandela’s ANC has plundered the country blind.

Robben Island Fence


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I don't know who is worse Mandela or Hammond. I always fear anyone that wants to shovel their opinions and beliefs down other peoples throats. Mandela should have blixemed him the moment he put his had on him to "pray" for him. You need to fear any religion that applauds a man that throws his virgin daughters to the rapists and sodomites to save two strangers ---- as that pervert Lot did. Genesis 19:8 - now that is sick.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon – Well, if you read the story to the end you would have noticed that Mandela DID bliksem him – “… next week senior investigators of his Revenue Service began a 7 year Audit of our mission and family!”

You speak of a perverted act that happened roughly four thousand years ago (at least it was accurately reported). Should I list the many vile acts taking place today in Mandela’s new South Africa under Mandela’s beloved ANC, or should we rather not go there?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Tia Mysoa that's exactly my point when there is that much pathological conviction only bad things happen. Does time or distance make a crime any better or worse than another? Is accurate reporting a condoning, are two women ravaged by animals less awful than what the savages are doing today in SA?

Hammond's god blessed Lots actions and Mandela's god blesses his. Both men scare me immensely not so much as men but as believing that they have the truth through some divine right or "inspiration".

I tell you that no good comes of either.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon – While I disagree with your reasoning I also see the point you’re making… We definitely don’t need extremists from either end (leftwing or rightwing) ruling this country. Whoever we choose as our leaders will have a dramatic impact and influence on our lifestyles and the country as a whole… "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan." (Proverbs 29:2) Men of Hammond’s calibre are not extremists, yet the minds of ordinary folk are being shaped by the worldview to believe they are. They do it by means of repetition ad nauseam, by combining and linking trigger-keywords such as “right-wing” - “Christian” – “fundamentalists” - etcetera with all that is wicked, while simultaneously elevating the immoral, dishonest and corrupt to levels of sainthood.

Hammond’s prayer was made with all good intentions and based on the reasoning in 1 Timothy Chp 2 --- “… that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”

I don’t understand why you’ve brought Lot into this, as Lot’s story and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah have an entire different and far deeper significance.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Another Major Film To Make a Terrorist Look Good

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Yes... i guess that is why he is now "responding to the treatment" for how many months now??? His own shity ANC made the joke of the century out of him...

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Perfect timing!?!


Nelson Mandela passed away, at the age of 95, on 5 December 2013 at 20:50 the evening in his Houghton home. President Zuma made the announcement from the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Thursday night. He said Mandela would have a state funeral and that the flags would fly half-mast from December 6 until after the funeral.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Mass Marketing the Mandela Myth

contact sa South said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I am a south african, and as a pastor, I will say loud out to you: “Peter Hammond to a degree (I have his tapes AND CD’S and mp3s), is biased and has lied to Christians (at KwaSiza Bantu and Pretoria Branch and Cape Town) regarding “no apartheid in south africa when whites/Boers/Afrikaners oppressed blacks”. He denied that it never happened- “listen to your sermons after preaching or presentation, you will realize not just how you lied, but even covered the lie”. That was very wrong of you to ‘lie’ about reality which everyone knows. Learn to listen to yourself (replay all your sermons). DONT JUST BELIEVE ME, ORDER THE TAPES HE PRESENTED OR CDS FROM ALL HIS “BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW SEMINARS” and you will hear that for yourself. I regard most of his tapes biased and very ‘twisted’. He “excludes” truths and facts which does not favour whites “bad history in south africa”, by painting blacks as evil and listing ‘crimes’ they did. Furthermore he nullifies the crimes of the “white people” in South Africa PRIOR an POST apartheid 1994 election (and which still happens to this very day). I have never heard a single presentation from him “against white crimes and atrocities on black people of South Africa”. None whatsoever. I will say it again, in his biased presentation he also “lies” on issues that are “not political” but “racially based”, and uses political errors to “only blame blacks and not whites”. The balance and truth must be told as it is. Peter Hammond suffers from racism. YES, in much of his statements he tells partial truth and lies. That is a problem. He has to tell all the truth or just shut up. I will say to you with all honesty having listened to his tapes, “peter must be bold enough to tell even the bad stories whites did in south africa from 1756-2013 in south africa. But he will never do that because he suffers from racism and biased thinking”. May be he should do a “WORLD VIEW AND BIBLICAL TEACHING OF WHITES RACISM AND SEGREGATION AND OPPRESSION 1756-2013″. His marxist ‘ideology’ is also biased. I receive letters from him monthly and I have analysed them (a huge mixture of truth and lies and his views- not biblical views). And I can assure you that I disagree with lots of his ‘twisted statement’ as a South African and as a pastor. There are evil things Mandela did and also evil which Peter Hammond did. None of them can say they have not done them. BOTH HAVE. And you cannot take Peter’s word for it either. LETS NOT BE BIASED AND BE TRUTHFUL. I say the church also should not “celebrate Peter Hammond” because he lies to the church and presents ‘biased white lies’ to portray ‘blacks’ as the only criminals in SOUTH AFRICA. I also would say the church should never idolise Mandela. 1 JOHN 5:20b says: “this JESUS is the only true God”. Not me, to Peter Hammond not Mandela and not you. ONLY JESUS CHRIST. Peter dont take it personal, fix the mess. TELL UNBIASED TRUTH. Peter raised issues which every “christian raised regarding mandela/ANC’s corruption”, google “OPEN LETTER TO JACOB ZUMA or Nelson Mandela. You will see that many have raised issues against Mandela as fellow south africans. HOWEVER PETER’s racist attitude against “blacks” is something christians must fully be aware off. He can still be healed from racism and do a good JOB of presenting unbiased facts. FROM STEPHEN MOGAGABE

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

You are 100% correct Stephen, excellent comment. Peter's extreme brand of Christianity is judgemental, racist, biased, unforgiving and mostly sewing seeds of hatred amongst various groups - a contradiction to Biblical teaching. Where is the Love of Christ in his work and writing? He continues to make sensational statements (with some elements of truth mixed in with a number of lies and false claims) to draw attention to himself. With regard to Mr Mandela, I am white and expected the very worst when the ANC came to power, I was fearful. Many people around SA prayed at that time, I believe an incredible miracle took place that prevented a war or at least large scale fighting. It is quite possible and seems most likely that God answered the prayers of our nation and used Mr Mandela to promote peace and reconciliation. Yes, our country did enter a period of moral decline but no more than other countries such as the USA, following a worldwide trend. During the past 20 years I have seen no evidence to suggest that Mr Mandela is a communist or a terrorist (a completely different person to what he was 50 years ago).

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Understanding the attacks on Peter Hammond

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship:

At the last Reclaiming America For Christ conference held at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, October 2003, the first speaker opened with these words: "If you don't want to be criticized or attacked - then don't follow or serve Christ."

Peter Hammond should know. He has been criticized and attacked by Marxists and assorted enemies of Christ almost from the start of Frontline Fellowship in 1982. Since he launched Africa Christian Action (ACA) in 1991 he has received additional attacks from abortionists, pornographers and homosexuals. Since beginning his mission to Sudan, he has received even more criticisms and death threats from Muslim leaders. In fact the official Government of Sudan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs website has included an article attacking him by name. This article states that Dr Peter Hammond “should expect to be bombed” when he comes to Sudan, he should expect to be “shot on sight.” The article even goes on to explain why this missionary deserves to be bombed and shot, “because his writings make him an enemy of the state.”

The recent slander campaign against Peter Hammond contains nothing new. Most of the allegations were first lodged years ago by enemies of the Gospel – Marxists, Muslims, pornographers, abortionists and homosexuals. Some disgruntled ex-members of Frontline Fellowship, some of whom had to be dismissed for disgraceful conduct, have now adopted these slanders, generated by anti-Christian elements. It is noteworthy that they have chosen to adopt fictitious stories, exaggerations, fabrications, malicious and petty allegations, full of factual errors, not on the basis of facts or proof, but because of their prejudice and eagerness to believe the worst about one who had the duty to discipline them... Click here to continue reading

Xsanga said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

White religious propaganda still exist. Living in SA and experiencing the struggle against apartheid is a revelation testament to the evils of a white nation. The whites were more brutal and ungodly than depicted. They murdered and killed innocent mothers, children and fathers in the name of their white god. Christianity was enforced upon black Africans with a gun and a bible and our religious beliefs were changed. The truth is, religion could play a bigger role against poverty, racism and the evils capitalism with the help of god, but in SA, poverty has grown and the rich get richer and the white economy has out grown them all with hundreds of billions of net profit, a sin to decent religious people and a contradiction to their godly belefs

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