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Short commentary on the Boeremag and the Death Penalty

Members of the Boeremag group during their trial
Members of the Boeremag group during their trial. (Alet Pretorius, Gallo Images)

So, one of South Africa’s longest-running and most expensive trials has FINALLY come to an end, and what a drawn-out ordeal it has been for these men and their families!

Besides two older postings published here in August 2012 and another in October 2012, this blog has not been extremely talkative about the Boeremag and their trials. And when I speak of “trials” I do not mean it in a judicial sense, but rather in the framework of it being a painful ordeal for this small disfavoured group of ANC opponents.

I must emphasise from the onset that I don’t like the term Boeremag (Boer Force) and especially if the entire composition of this force consisted of only 20 to 30 Afrikaans speaking dissidents. Nevertheless, for reasons of simplicity this posting will use the familiar term -- so ingeniously over-inflated by the mainstream media.

I’ve noticed that one of the latest media reports on this issue, published in the Mail & Guardian, speaks of two camps in South Africa: In one camp you’ll find people who believe that the “treasonous murderers have received their just sentences. In another, heroic warriors have been jailed without cause.”

I personally feel that people’s sentiments regarding the Boeremag quandary cannot be categorized into two separate groups, because that would be oversimplifying a rather complex matter -- a matter that has been purposely prolonged for more than a decade, for no other but political and propaganda reasons.

In the process the government has grossly violated these men’s fundamental rights to a speedy trial, but violating people’s rights has evidently become the norm in democrazy South Africa.

South Africans from an assortment of multiethnic and multicultural camps (collectively known as the Rainbow Nation) have expressed various degrees of anger and resentment towards the government. Yet, few have been able to grasp the fact that the ANC government is actually waging war against defenceless citizens (mainly minority groups) through the mechanisms of ‘classified’ State Intelligence operations and also through affiliated groups such as the ANCYL, and now the newly created EFF. This blog has highlighted this reality in several older postings.

Since coming into power the ANC’s greatest fear has always been a regime overthrow in the form of a well-orchestrated surprise attack, hence the reason why they implemented stricter Firearm-Control Legislation and a whole range of other precautionary measures - the majority of us will never know about. In the meantime, while they’re busy shielding themselves from an occurrence of such sort, they’ll continue hoodwinking the gullible masses into believing that South Africa gave birth to a democracy solely though the courageous actions of Mandela and his ANC, and nobody else, and that removal of the ANC will mean the end of FREEdom and DEMOcracy. It goes without saying that the government will make an example (and a spectacle) of any person or group who dares to take any decisive action to remove them from power. Bear in mind that “remove them from power” can also read: “take away their privileges to plunder.”

It becomes a problem for the government though if they suspect there are dissidents out there – scheming to topple them from their lofty thrones, but who haven’t done anything openly damaging or offensive yet. It becomes a REAL problem if such a group is so secretive that Google cannot even find them.  The only way to solve such a problem is by the tried-and-tested means of entrapment and provocation.

And that’s basically how the so-called Boeremag came into existence!  A handful of gatvol Afrikaners, from all walks of life, were lured into a trap by agent-provocateurs of the South African Police Service. Goodness knows how many others exist today – also created in a similar fashion?!? While we're on the subject, and for those who are unaware of this, the AWB was initially also created by agents of the old apartheid Security Branch.

The bottom line…
The top structure of Police Intelligence provoked, drove and managed a small group of innocent men, labelled them as the Boeremag, and then fabricated evidence in order to “make things look much worse.”  -- These are not my words but the words of, among others, Jacques Pauw in an article titled: “Dirty tricks” place question mark over Boeremag trial.

In closing I’m going to repeat an important message - previously published on this blog:

And then you’ll still find people who want the death penalty reinstated in South Africa… What??? -  They must be entirely nuts! If there has ever been a good deed done by the useless ANC government it is their firm opposition to the reinstatement of the death penalty… Thank goodness for that!

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It was really a sad day for the boeremag accused, but even a darker day for the justice system in SA. How can anyone impose such sentences for people planning to commit a crime. I think its crystal clear. The new south africa will never ever work. Some people (like myself) will never want to live under a anc govt. I am lucky that I was able to emigrate. What about those who cant. Surely a volkstaat , say the nothern cape, gets allocated. Then the people who want to go, can go and start over. Rule themselves, teach their own children according to their beliefs. Govern themselfs. Those who dont want it, fine stay in Azania.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

As you sow so shall you reap. They were planning very bad things. In the old days the same actions got the same results ----- but without the long trials. Take your chances do the time.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Quote - "The top structure of Police Intelligence provoked, drove and managed a small group of innocent men, labelled them as the Boeremag, and then fabricated evidence in order to “make things look much worse.”

So by implication could an aspiring rapist, hijacker or house invader use the same logic or defence?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Never mind the naysayers Tia, this was a very well written and thought-provoking article.

Whichever way you look at it, the ANC is milking this for everything it's worth and their propaganda machine has kicked into overdrive big time.

Have a look at how many guards are accompanying the accused and have a look at how heavily armed they are. That is just so contrived, that it's laughable. It is a deliberate attempt to create the impression to all who read the article or see the photos, that the "Boeremag" are highly dangerous criminals who are a huge threat to national security and for the safety of everyone, need to be locked up for a very long time.

I ask you with tears in my eyes, have you ever seen anything as pathetically transparent as that? This has all the hallmarks of having been a massive farce from beginning to end and I fear that many innocent lives may have been destroyed as a result of it.

My heart bleeds for South Africa and for anyone who has to live under ANC rule. It's gone to the dogs under them and I could just weep when I see what's happening to that once beautiful country.

May God help that place.

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