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Obfuscating the Murder of a Nation

Red October Event - Pretoria
Red October event at the Union Buildings, Pretoria (Sourced from Facebook)

The word “obfuscate” used in the heading of this posting means: [1] “To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand.” [2] “To render indistinct or dim; darken.” (Afrikaans: Verdoesel)

Last night when I logged into facebook to check what news there was about the Red October event, a newly posted message conveyed the tragic news that the Van der Schyff couple in Hartbeesfontein were attacked on their farm at 3pm (9 October). The message further conveyed the news that they were brutally assaulted, that Mrs. van der Schyff died of her injuries, and that Mr. van der Schyff was still in a critical condition. The message ended with the words, “Our prayers go out to this family... This needs to stop!”

The message was posted on Wednesday, 9 October 2013, at 20:40, and was already about 2 hours old by the time I read it.

Being fully aware that social network portals can hardly be recognised as reliable sources of information, AND -- can also be utilized to start a revolution, I spent about 2 - 3 hours exploring numerous online news sources (too many to mention) in search for confirmation of this heartbreaking news, but found none. I noticed titbits of info filtering through on various other facebook pages directly related to the Van der Schyff incident of 9 October, but none of these reports mentioned any media sources.

I eventually phoned Hartbeesfontein police station in the North West province where I spoke to Warrant Officer Mekgwe, who informed me that no incidents of crime were reported in the area. He also mentioned that numerous other people had called him during the evening to enquire about the van der Schyff incident. This revelation explained why I initially experienced difficulty getting through.

I ran another extensive online search later in the evening, using every blogger-trick in the book, adding other place names in the general vicinity of Hartbeesfontein, but found not one single news report about the incident. There were several reports related to earlier murders in the North West province, but nothing about the Van Der Schyff murder of 9 October 2013.

It was nearing 1 o’clock in the morning, on 10 October, when I finally logged off. I went to bed with disturbing questions and troubled thoughts floating about in my head. One pertinent question was WHAT IF the Van der Schyff tragedy of 9 October was a falsification – all in the name of gaining sympathizers and supporters? WHAT IF deceitful tactics were being used by event organisers to gain sympathy and to neutralize negative publicity? 

How many others, who also searched for confirmation of the tragedy, but found none, where thinking along similar lines?

My very-own questions were actually scaring me and if it wasn’t for brazepam I would probably never have fallen asleep.

A woke up with a migraine at 6:30 this morning  - feeling confused, demoralized, and too damn exhausted to take part in a protest action of ANY sort. Perhaps I should have only taken half a brazepam!

My first round of online searching again revealed that mainstream online news sources were dead silent on the matter – almost as if no such murder ever happened!

And then finally I discovered the following Afrikaans report, published by Beeld:

The report does not mention what time it was published, but it could not have been early in the day. The English translation can be found at the end of this posting.

Boervrou van Noordwes vermoor
Donderdag 10 Oktober 2013 - Susan Cilliers

Hennie Van der Schyff (73), boervrou van die plaas Môrester naby Klerksdorp in Noordwes, is Woensdagmiddag  vermoor.

Die polisie kon Donderdagoggend nie met sekerheid sê of sy geskiet of net aangerand is nie, maar sy het 'n kopwond gehad.

Haar man, Frans van der Schyff (76) het erge kopbeserings opgedoen toe hy met 'n onbekende voorwerp geslaan is.

Hy het bloeding op die brein en is steeds bewusteloos waar hy in die Garden City-kliniek in Johannesburg se hoësorgeenheid versorg word.

Sy skoondogter, Rika van der Schyff, het Donderdagoggend gesê sy toestand is kritiek, maar hy gebruik bloedverdunningsmedisyne en kon daarom nog nie geopereer word nie.

Volgens lt.kol. Sabata Mokgwabone, polisiewoordvoerder in Noordwes, is twee verdagtes reeds vasgetrek.

Frans Van der Schyff is buite die huis waar hy doenig was, oorval. Hy is vermoedelik daar aangerand en in die huis gesleep, het Mokgwabone gesê. - Source:


I ran another search, moments before posting this article on the blog, and found - only TWO media sites - Beeld and OFM had published the story.

I now have another 100-and-10 questions on my weary mind. I also feel quite convinced that there are powerful clandestine forces at work in this stuffed-up country.

May they all burn in hell one day, together with all the other conspirators and traitors who feel it’s their moral duty to defend the actions of murdering savages, while simultaneously condemning the Red October protest as racist!

English translation of the Van der Schyff incident (from Beeld):

Hennie Van der Schyff (73), farmer-wife from the farm Môrester nearby Klerksdorp in North West was murdered on Wednesday afternoon. The police could not say with certainty whether she was shot or assaulted, but she had a head wound.

Her husband, Frans van der Schyff (76) sustained serious head injuries when he was assaulted with an unknown object. He has bleeding on the brain and is still unconscious where he is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit of Garden City Clinic, in Johannesburg.

His stepdaughter, Rika van der Schyff, mentioned on Thursday morning that his condition is critical, but that surgeons could not operate immediately because he uses blood-thinning medicine.

According to lieutenant-colonel Sabata Mokgwabone, police spokesperson for the North West, two suspects were apprehended.

Frans Van der Schyff was attacked outside his home and presumably dragged back into the house, Mokgwabone said.

-End translation-

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SAD NEWS: Mr Frans van der Schyff (75) died of his injuries in hospital on Friday evening. The mainstream English media in the country is still silent on the matter.

It has come to light that the murder weapon(s) used were weightlifting dumbbells. Click here to view Twitter pic (secure site) – WARNING: Graphic Image!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

If it means to be a "racist" to stand up for your rights and the right to live as cultural group, so be it.


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