Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anthony Bourdain thrashes our European-African Heritage on CNN


Anthony Bourdain is described in the entertainment world as a, "Renowned chef, bestselling author and Emmy winning TV host…. a trailblazer and outspoken commentator who provides unique insights into food, current events, and cultures around the world."

In a recent show Parts Unknown screened on Friday on CNN International (DStv 401) Bourdain described the Boer citizen-soldiers at the famous statue of Paul Kruger on Church Square in Pretoria, as "ugly Dutch guys with guns" and "assholes".  Bourdain flippantly asked: "Who are those ugly white men?" and then: "Who are those assholes anyway?" taking no time to actually find out. Meanwhile people from all races continue to pose for pictures at the statue. "They look like they're either coming from, or on their way to oppress the black man," said Bourdain. "The first order of business when I take my country back is take that shit down. Tear that down!"

See full report on www.channel24.co.za

Now imagine the uproar by the demonic liberal mob if someone had to say these things about any one of Mandela’s many statues that (dis)grace the landscapes of this once proud and god-fearing nation?!?

One of four statues: Anonymous Boer citizen-soldier - Church Square, Pretoria.
One of four statues: Anonymous Boer citizen-soldier - Church Square, Pretoria.

By the way - When Eugène Terre'Blanche pointed at the statue of Chief Tshwane at the old Pretoria City Hall and referred to him as an “apie” (monkey) which is actually the true meaning of the word "Tshwane" a complaint was immediately lodged with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) by a Communications Department official, Panyaza Lesufi. The complaint was supported by the entire ANC mob. South Africans, particularly Afrikaners, were urged to denounce Terre’Blanche’s remarks and urge him to apologize. Terre'Blanche was later murdered by savages on his farm, on 3 April 2010. He was beaten to death with pipes and pangas (machetes), while napping.

FOR THE RECORD … The black township Mamelodi in Pretoria East was named, by the Black people themselves, in honour of Paul Kruger who had the amazing ability to whistle and imitate a variety of birds. Mamelodi means "mother of melodies" and it is the respectful name by which Black people back then referred to Kruger. Source: University of Pretoria: Mamelodi Library

The name has remained unchanged to this very day and so has the street in Pretoria CBD named in his honour as Paul Kruger Street. Back in Kruger’s days the various races of Southern Africa had far more respect for one another than we have today. The swearword “RACIST” – created by our modern-day liberals did not exist back in those days. See also: The Racist Oom Paul.

This incessant onslaught and unashamed distortion of our European-African Heritage needs to STOP!

You may curse this ‘renowned’ idiot, Anthony Bored-Again, in the comment section.


Gossip Girl said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

No need to curse him TIA - he's a spineless liberal with all the arrogance that being an American could ever give him. Not to mention the fact he is more than likely a shameless hypocrite as well - unless the Brits that settled in the States were all Greek god material.

No need to really pay him any mind - small minded people say controversial things to get a little recognition.

And the producers undoubtedly loved the increased ratings.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

He is a jew so he can go F**ck himself.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Not as dramatic as it sounds he trashes most things in the countries he visits. Its his thing. Don't get the jocks in a knot, 99.99999% of the world does not care anyway. And he was talking about a guy that thought the earth was flat ---- not so?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I would like to punch this yankees lights out, what did them americans do to the native people of north america, take africans from the continent and make them slave, invade other countries to steal their resources, what a lying hypocrite! But on the other hand it is fashionable to knock Afrikaans speaking whites down and when they retaliate, everyone has a shit fit. What is this world coming too?


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I understand the grumpiness but this guy knocks everyone its not only South Africans or Afikaaners. If you follow his programs you will note that is what he does. Last night he called his fellow compatriots "douche bags". So easy with the persecution complex, outside of SA very few people even know what an Afrikaaner is never mind have the presence of mind to hate one. I live in America and less than 5 people that I have met in the last year know that there is an Afrikaans language. SA a is a non entity outside of Africa (the ANC and its failed economic policies have ensured that).

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I am an American and it pains me to see a great country like yours becoming a Detroit, all because of the end of Aparthied. Bourdain is a CNN liberal who is saddled with an anti-white bias. Notice he said the former white areas were "abandoned". The industrious Boers and English would be welcome here in the US, better than the lazy criminals we imported 300 years ago.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The Litvaks emigrated from communist Lithuania after they were no longer the communist leaders of the nation they wrecked. Half-a-million arrived in South Africa and were welcomed. How did they repay the kind, white, Christians of South Africa? Genocide.

It was the Litvaks, the Lithuanian Jews, who orchestrated the Genocide of the White Christian Southt Africans. Joe Slovo chanted "Kill the white farmer! Kill the Boer!" In two generations they destroyed the Litvaks the white Christians that took them in. They plundered a nation that took whites 300 years to build in 30 years.

Anthony Bourdain is a Jew. Jews throughout the world hates whites, Christians, and never stops attacking them while taking their money and taxes. Jews have been using mass non-white, non-Christian immigration to destroy every white and Christian nation like they did in South Africa. He's no different from Joe Slovo.

ruma parvian said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

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Mark Anderson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hey,I personally find his gorgeous smile, beautiful dark skin, ultra masculine speaking voice, and the Afro-French accent totally irresistible & sexy. How does a man with such a commanding presence manage to keep such gentle spirit? His fans would love to see him as a strong leading man as he was in "Beauty Shop," but in a more dramatic role. Tyler Perry, Oprah, Hollywood, someone...put this talented brother to work and allow him the opportunity for more diverse roles!Thank you so much!!!!

Rachel Page said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

He was rude.

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