Friday, September 6, 2013

Will the optimists please shut up!

“Stay away from negative people,” has become such an overused adage lately that one can safely call it a cliché. The same goes for 100s of similar so-called ‘inspirational’ slogans -- “Spend more time with positive people!”, or “Be the positivity you want to see in the world!” -- et cetera. We’ve all heard these insipid expressions of wisdom so many times before that it’s enough to drive one silly!

But, how does one stay positive when the lives of so many people living in your immediate surroundings are falling apart due to circumstances beyond their control? The majority of these people were extremely optimistic in the past but are now living in a state of shock - - total disbelief that their lives have changed so unexpectedly. Many have reached the dismal borders of suicidal depression with little hope of returning. Can one blame these people for being pessimistic?

Many online commentators (including this blog - if I may blow my own trumpet) have been spot-on in their analysis of why our democracy is a farce and why the chances of making any progress at all are rather slim. One of my favourite authors, Ilana Mercer, explains South Africa’s farcical democracy quite superbly in her book, Into the Cannibal's Pot. I’m tempted to quote some passages, to reinforce my viewpoint, but would rather urge readers to buy and read the book. You will not regret it!

While I normally do not have a problem with any fellow who is by nature an optimistic chap (we need them too), I have a major problem with the blind liberal optimists among us who have made it their mission to condemn people who have a negative attitude. According to these overzealous optimists it is the people with a negative attitude that is ruining the country. In other words, people with a negative attitude are the new scapegoats. Their most common phrase is, “This country doesn’t need people like you!” It’s just another cliché the optimists never seem to get weary of repeating.

These ‘optimists’ are the same people who have, for the past two decades or more, ceaselessly been spreading the lie that democracy will bring significant improvements in the quality of life and general happiness for ALL South Africans… “We must be patient, we must persevere, and we must just hang in there – and everything will turn out just fine!”  These are the type of senseless phrases (falsehoods) that are dangled before us like carrots on a stick – and which has persuaded many of us (me included) to keep plodding on blindly and to hang in there – waiting for better days, in a country that has long-ago lost its spanners, cogs, wheels – and its sanity.

A last word to all the extreme optimists out there…

There are many of us getting along quite fine here in Southern Africa (we have no other choice), and we’ll probably survive longer than you. We are getting along quite fine under the circumstances - despite the power cuts, strikes, gruesome murders, dirty politics, poverty, corruption and general disorder that is so typical of Africa. We’ve been here for many years and have learned how to deal with it, so stop spreading your lies and stop giving us your pathetic bogus advice. You’re not only deceiving yourselves and confusing genuine issues about faith, love and peace - you’re also giving many people false hope, not to mention - placing people’s lives in jeopardy.


Boertjie said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I think distinction needs to be made between optimists who refuse to acknowledge the negative, and optimists who focus on the positive for the sake of sanity.

I'm the latter. If I didn't "block" out of my mind a lot of negative stuff (including SA's situation), I would've gone bonkers long ago and would probably not be here (and I'm not talking about South Africa).

But that doesn't mean I refuse to acknowledge the problems.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Boertjie - Agree 100%

socrates said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

ditto Boertjie

White Oak said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Boertjie, I think that's being a realist. Knowing what is possible and steering clear of the improbable.

always-a-realist said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Africans have nobody but themselves to blame for the shit that you have landed yourselves in. Having allowed yourselves to be brain-washed by all the Judaic/Christian bullshit put out by the insidious Jew.
Yes the Jew has been behind the destruction of South Africa, the Kaffir is simply the puppet. The satanic Zionists sociopaths not only invented communism, they financed and armed the ANC. You Boere got screwed by the Jew, they have been screwing you since the Anglo Boer War. The British Government was cajoled into fighting the Anglo Boer War by the Jewish Bankers whom run Britain. The purpose being to rob South Africa of its mineral wealth.
Go and read:-
The Boers – Fall guys for the Jewish Bankers and Jewish Gold and Diamond Traders.

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