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Good Luck to the Boycott Naspers Movement!

Boycott Naspers

I cannot recall how many times in the past this blog has brought attention to the fact that the all-powerful Naspers media group are becoming progressively more active and shrewder when it comes to playing on the emotions of their readers, with the purpose of ultimately influencing the future behaviour of the masses -- commonly known as Psychological Warfare.

As stated before on this blog - Naspers will report on matters of crime and government corruption, and their reporting may on occasion appear to be anti-ANC. They are, however, extremely cautious when reporting on matters that have a direct bearing on the true character of South Africa’s Marxist-Communist rulers, and the deceivers who brought them to power.

They will also do everything in their power to deny that there is a massive racial (Black African) component to violent crime in South Africa, as elaborated upon in Ilana Mercer’s excellent book Into the Cannibal’s Pot, which also speaks convincingly of the Mini-Genocide of Whites taking place in South Africa. (It is “Mini” compared to the Rwandan Genocide – but it remains GENOCIDE – from whatever angle you examine this dreadful reality).

Is it not odd that you will find no sluggishness on the part of Naspers when it comes to reporting news on crimes sporadically committed by White people? Are they perhaps trying to tell their readers to shut up and stop moaning about Volksmoord (Genocide), because we’re all equal? - Of course they are!

Naspers follows the exact same shrewd (skelm) approach when reporting on matters of Christianity. Their reporting in this regard follows the same approach applied by the international mainstream media, which has a tendency to either show contempt for the Christian faith, or a tendency to create confusion and disorder in the minds of their readers. This they do with the full realization that the vast majority of people you buy their glossy magazines and newspapers are in fact Christian.

The scoundrels at Naspers will also not hesitate to abuse their power to vilify or belittle anybody who opposes their views or who resists their evil agendas. It is for this reason why TIA MYSOA is not too concerned about increasing the viewer-stats on the blog or the Facebook Page, for you can be sure it will be zapped the very moment it becomes too popular for their liking -- like they did with the Boycott Naspers twitter account, which was suspended before it even got started!?!

The good news is that a growing number of Afrikaners are finally awakening to the reality that crappy publications, such as Rapport for example, are only useful for firelighters, wiping the grease off braai grids, or for placing on the floor when a quick paint job is needed.

The "Boycott Naspers" movement on Facebook

Rapport’s recent demonization campaign (one of many over the years) against the popular Afrikaans singer, Steve Hofmeyr, in reprisal to his article titled My Tribe is Dying like Flies, has sparked off a "Boycott Naspers" movement on Facebook.

The Facebook Group was established on Monday 1 June 2013. The membership numbers jumped to over 7,000 in less than a week, and on Friday morning, 12 July, it was at 16,605 – by Friday midday it was 17,000+. These fast-growing figures are a good indication that South Africans are becoming increasingly fed-up with Naspers and the liberal-minded communist-supported lies they’re circulating to the masses.

It is a closed Afrikaans group, but if you’re a Facebook user you can apply to join.

On the negative side…
While campaigns of this nature will surely generate debate and create awareness of who the real traitors and antagonists are, my gut feeling is that they have a slim chance of achieving anything constructive -- if the concept of "Unity makes strength" (Dutch: Eendracht maakt macht) is not fully comprehended by my Afrikaans brothers and sisters.

We cannot ignore the fact that Naspers is Africa’s largest media company with large stakes in several other countries - including India, China and Russia (BRICS COUNTRIES). In addition to their extensive list of magazines and newspapers they also deliver their content in a variety of other forms – through various channels such as, television, internet and mobile services.

Any crusade that attempts to boycott Naspers will thus have to take into consideration the magnitude of their operations, and also be prepared for sly attacks from fast-budding rival groups in South Africa - who collectively make up the demonic (brainwashed) liberal Afrikaans mob - a real irritating bunch of cowards who often hide behind the veil of what they call, “Afrikaans satire and humour.”

I’ve just noticed - A new Twitter account is up-and-running:

Good luck to them, and may this new venture grow from strength to strength!

See also: Brand Rapport! Die Boikot-Naspersbeweging kry momentum, by Dan Roodt (

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grrrr I am English sa on that site at hold no bars in wanting and telling napsters what those asses are!!!!!!!!!! no hiding here !!!!!!!!!!!!!useless raciest fucks !!!!!!!!that fuck whites over yet their company was built on the whites

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What do you say now mike?
22,000 and counting....

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