Monday, July 8, 2013

Fort Klapperkop Museum and SADF Memorial (Video and Pics)

It has been a very long time since I last visited this place, but I'm glad I did.

Klapperkop was the third of four forts built around Pretoria by the South African Republic (ZAR) after the Jameson Raid. It was built in 1897 at a cost of £45,000 and was occupied on the 18th January 1898. The fort’s Creuzot Guns (Long Toms) were removed during the war of 1899 – 1902 for use by the Republican (Boer) Forces in Natal and the Transvaal. (Source: Inscription on a plaque at the Klapperkop heritage site.)

It is said: "Never a shot in anger was fired from this fort."

Note: The above video includes soundtracks from three different artists. In other words - it matches third party content and may thus not be viewable in certain countries, despite the fact that no copyright infringement was intended.

A shorter (55 sec) higher definition video, with the original soundtrack, can be viewed here.

The South African Defence Force (SADF) Memorial was unveiled at Fort Klapperkop on 31 May 1979. It includes a statue of a soldier holding a R1 rifle - erected in sacred memory of all members of the SADF who gave their lives in the service of The Republic of South Africa. The names of individuals who lost their lives are honoured with an inscription on a number of marble plaques mounted around the statue. More photographs, including close-up pics of all the name plaques, can be viewed here.

South African Defence Force Memorial at Fort Klapperkop, Pretoria
Picture sourced from: Wikimedia Commons

The rest of the photographs are my own (Tia Mysoa)

Click on pics for a larger view


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Pensioner says;

We visited Fort Klapperkop more than 40 years ago. Good to see how well and clean it still looks today!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi, thanks for the vid on the fort. One of the last things I did before we left SA was to take my kids there. It brought back some bitter sweet memories.

A Stuijt said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Wonderful photos and visit to Fort Klapperkop, Pretoria Just disappointed there were no Boer Republic flags flown there, just that current lappie which has nothing whatsoever to do with the people who built this fort nor the people whose deaths were commemorated there.

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