Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baroness Thatcher – A Courageous Warrior

Margaret Thatcher
Picture source: The Daily Telegraph
The news of Margaret Thatcher’s death has certainly aroused a mixed bag of reactions. While tributes to the ‘Iron Lady’ are flooding in from across the globe, widespread condemnation of her legacy is rampant - particularly on social media sites, where several groups exist solely for the purpose of expressing satisfaction at Lady Thatcher's death.

Now, I’m quite fine with people expressing their views, no matter how disgusting, unacceptable, or undisciplined it may seem from my (conservative) viewpoint. I’m also beginning to make peace with the fact that there are some really peculiar people out there - whom I hope to never come into direct contact with, as long as I live.

While I do find it somewhat unsettling that this immoral species of creature are increasing in numbers, it doesn’t surprise me in the least, because my Rule Book predicts it’s going to get worse. If people think Aunt Maggie tormented them and made their lives a misery, they must think again. A time is coming when society will not even bother with the burial of the dead. They will rejoice, make merry, and shall send gifts to one another while the dead rot in the streets.

(The story about the two dead witnesses is in Revelation chapter 11, but needs some explaining to fully understand. It was covered earlier in a series of articles on the sister blog - Tia4CHRIST, written in Afrikaans.)

Street parties broke out in several locations in the UK, within hours of the news of Lady Thatcher’s death, on April 8. In Glasgow, more than 300 people gathered in the city centre after organising the event on Twitter. Campaigners shouted from loudspeakers, "Maggie, Maggie, Maggie" as the crowd replied "dead, dead, dead".

Long-running website isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk was amended to simply state the word 'YES', while asking: "How are you celebrating?"

And a Facebook campaign has been launched to take Judy Garland's song 'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead' to number one in the music charts.

Members of organisations including the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Socialist Working Party, the International Socialist Group, were joined by members of the public in Glasgow's George Square.

Read the full story: Margaret Thatcher Death Celebrated by Critics

Click here to see how some papers covered Margaret Thatcher's death.

The point is this:
If we look at the current world events, and how the socialists, communists, and other confused peoples are reacting to the death of one of Britain’s most remarkable leaders, it should be obvious that we’re not moving towards peace and goodwill, but rather towards the hostile and uncivilized end-time events described in Revelations chapter 11.

The last five verses (15 – 19) in the chapter describe the end of our Current Age – when Jesus comes – with a great ball of fire (Luke 12:49), and the beginning of a New Era, for some. How many years it’s still going to take to get there is impossible to predict, but it’s going to happen - that’s for sure!

Baroness Thatcher fought courageously, and with much diplomacy, against the cowardly forces of darkness on Planet Earth, during one of the most tumultuous periods in history. Her legacy looms large and she is, without any doubt, worthy of a Christian funeral with full military honours.

The funeral service will take place on April 17.

May she rest in peace!


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Tia, indeed was she a respected and honored PM. Maybe the best one the UK ever had. I know many, even in RSA paint her as not so good. Especially with the elections in Rhodesia in 1980. If the critics try to look up what really happened, maybe they will see the truth. She was a person with insight and courageous aswell. May she RIP.

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