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1.7 million crimes a year not reported – SAIRR

More like a War Zone

Longstanding readers of this blog will recall a time when “The Rooster” used to be a regular commentator (and spammer) on this blog, predominantly on articles related to farm attacks and farm murders, but also on several other postings related to South Africa’s high crime rate. At one point in time this foul-mouthed free-thinking liberal twat even threatened to shut down this blog, and nearly succeeded.

The Rooster argued, among other things, that it was impossible for serious crimes such as murder to go unreported.

It’s hard to describe in what kind of world these liberal fools live in, except to say - it’s a rather phony one – behind locked gates and high walls. Of course these free-thinking liberal-types all gleefully rejoiced when Police Minister Mthethwa made an announcement in September last year that the overall decline in crime was 2.6% for the period 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012, and that certain violent crimes such as Attempted Murder, for example, were down by 4.1%. Sexual offences were down by 2.5%. Carjacking showed a decline of 10.8% and cash-in-transit robberies and bank heists also declined… and so forth.

We straight-thinking conservative SA bloggers instinctively knew that these stats could never be a true reflection of reality, but we were powerless to argue otherwise. Thankfully, truth has a way of eventually surfacing – often sooner than expected.

BTW - Minister Nathi Mthethwa is fast tendering for the title: Mampara of the Month. There’s still 2 weeks left till the end of March, so let’s wait and see what happens. What’s the bet they’re going to blame Apartheid again for this…

Over half of crimes go unreported – SAIRR
19 March 2013

Over 3.3 million crimes occur every year but half of them go unreported, according to the latest South Africa Survey, published by the South African Institute of Race Relations in Johannesburg.

In 2011 South African households and individuals experienced at least 3.3 million crimes, according to the data obtained from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). Some 1.7 million, or 52% of total crimes experienced, were not reported to the police in that year.

These figures include 82 000  unreported cases of house robbery and 8 000 unreported car hijackings.

One thousand murder cases went unreported in that year, which is three every day.

‘Expenditure on private security rose from R2bn in the 1990s to an estimated R50 billion in 2011, and incidents of vigilantism continue to occur in South Africa’s less affluent areas. All these facts taken together signify a lack of confidence in the police by some sections of the population,’ said Kerwin Lebone of the Institute’s research department.

Unlike information from the South African Police Service (SAPS), which is based on actual cases reported, the Stats SA data is a sample survey of 31 000  private  households (including workers’ hostels) in all provinces. Mr Lebone said, however,  that  the victim survey was an important document that complemented the annual SAPS statistics as it captures the extent to which people do not report crime.

Source: SAIRR - PDF document, 176Kb


whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I dont bother to report crime to the police anymore Tia. They just don't come out to attend. And I know of some more cases where people, most of the time whites, who dont even try to call the police. Even if you go to a police station, they are so unwilling to help you. So in principle the report is true. And the police use this to say crime in SA is under control.

Boertjie said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hallo Tia!

Ooooh…this post brings back a lot of memories from my stay on Rooster’s blog…more about this in a moment…

1000 murders unreported? That finally provides data which answers an uncertainty I’ve had for quite some time. I quote myself (I wrote under a different screen name):

“As for cooking stats to make them lower...I can't make any pronouncements on stats other than murder-rates. And on murder-rates, I can only repeat what Rooster said : that there are plenty of other stats against which you can compare the murder-stats to check for anything fishy. Death-certificate stats, morgue-stats, all those stuff. Just a suggestion...how about a blog-post in which you actually check out these cross-referencing stats? But I do recognise that police-stats ought not to be your first choice for crime-stats. Its really not hard for me to imagine that dockets disappear (or rather, get lost) due to incompetence.

To try to give a straight answer on my stance of the reliability of crime-stats...I fully recognise some of the factors that "adds" to and "subtracts" from the reliability of crime-stats. However, I am hesitent to make any pronouncements on the reliability of crime-stats because I simply don't have all the facts to firmly base my conclusions on. The best I can do currently, until I know better for sure, is to go along with what the SAIRR says.”

From here :


Guess I now have a definite answer on my question, backed up by research done by a large and respected organization.

As for Rooster and farmmurders… his view around farmmurders have very gradually (and extremely hesitatingly) become more accepting towards the idea that farmmurders might just involve race-based hate-crimes. Quoting Rooster 3 times to illustrate :

20 February 2011

“Am I denying there is a farm murder problem ? No. There is a crime problem in this country.”

From http://shutupwhitey.blogspot.com/2011/02/smart.html

The context of his arguments was Adriana Stuijt’s farmmurder-list’s dishonesty and the implication that farmmurders isn’t in any way unique from crime in general

25 August 2012

“What drives these murders is in part racial. I don't even deny that.”

From http://shutupwhitey.blogspot.com/2012/08/yeah-bitches.html

The context….discussion about farmmurders and Genocide Watch.

3-7 February 2013

“It's not even interesting to debate if farm workers resent and hate white farmers in some cases. And if that plays a part in certain cases as a motive for murder. I'm sure it does.”


“Ok fine..so you think there's some potential for there to be some form of genocide because of racial polarization....”

From http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=1226267430376629917&postID=4835169789759051728

Context….me throwing authoritative and researched stats at Rooster that illustrates how farmers are disproportionately targeted. Rooster couldn’t deny the data and the conclusions derived from it, hence the very unwilling admission that my arguments carry water (“Ok fine” he said). I’d like to suggest you read my arguments I presented Rooster with.

(Yes, I do have a freakishly good memory at times…)

As for Rooster the person…he IS intelligent, BUT his weakness is his absolute lack of emotional self-control, his overconfidence in the validity of his own views and his uncontrolled hate against Apartheid and anything “rightwing”.

He does have the ability to really test one’s anger management-skills to their limits, but despite that, I feel sorry for him because of all that seething bitterness inside him (Its just completely controlling him) and some of the shit he had to endure (for example those wishing him dead because of his brain-disease).

‘nuff said for now

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Boertjie – thanks for your input! To be truly honest, I really don’t miss our old feathered foe at all! The only real reason why I’ve mentioned him in this post is because he still has content on his blog where he ridicules me and my religion personally, and which is searchable on google. He also made a mockery of one of my older postings: The Root Cause of Farm Murders in South Africa.

Oddly enough (while we're on this subject) Mike Smith has posted an article this evening titled Canabalistic and horific farm murders and the media cover-up.

In the opening paragraphs Mike conveys his frustration for the lack of a suitable term to describe these barbaric savages. “This is the lowest parasitic and murderous scum that you can ever imagine,” he says. Well, it was exactly this type I was referring to when I drafted the article about “The Root Cause”. Although I must admit that the older posting is rather long-winded, it does eventually get to the point when it speaks of witchcraft and a spiritual (occult) onslaught on Christians by demented souls of the devil. It was, no doubt, the religious flavour of the article that fluffed Rooster’s feathers somewhat.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@whiteson – When it comes to petty stuff it’s really not worth the effort to travel all the way to a police station only to be treated like a dog when you get there. But – that 1000 MURDER CASES go unreported -- Surely this is a sign that the country has gone to hell!!!

For how long has this been going on? How many natural deaths go unreported? How many dead people are still claiming government pension? How many dead voters are still registered?

Saffer SA said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

So called new South Africa, this want the world wanted. Such a joke and so sad.....

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