Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strange stories from Africa

Although weird things happen all over the world, and you only have to spend a few minutes browsing YouTube to see this, I’m 100 percent convinced that Africa is the leader as far as weird peculiarities and abnormalities are concerned.

Every so often I get the feeling that my friends and acquaintances - living in more ‘civilized’ countries overseas, think I’m talking nonsense when I share my African experiences with them. Their shock and disbelief is particularly obvious when you’re communicating via Skype with a webcam, but it’s also evident without the webcam… “No, no, no - that gang-rape you’re talking about, where the victim’s intestines were pulled out, happened in New Delhi, India!” In the end, when a google search on their end places a firm conviction in their minds that the brutal rape happened in India and not South Africa, I’m left with no option but to send them the link to the South African media report - (see link here).

The recent brutal gang-rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl in Bredasdorp is truly shocking and deplorable. The horrific brutality of this crime only serves to corroborate this blog’s viewpoint that we are indeed living among some seriously sick savages, a fact that has been dealt with in numerous older postings, for example:

(Listed from the latest to the oldest)

Anyhow - I’m pretty much fed-up with sharing my space with savages and crazy dysfunctional people, and then reading about their barbaric behaviour in the local media. I suppose this is the reason why many of my friends and acquaintances thought it best to pack their bags and leave in the first place! Maybe I shouldn’t mention the horror stories when I speak to them - maybe they don’t want to hear it.

Maybe I should rather stick to stories that are a little less sadistic and violent – stories that don’t normally hit the headlines, but which are still peculiar to Africa and which have absolutely no connection with the Tokoloshe… Like the following stories, for example:

Miracle Money
Cartoon sourced from:

Zimbabwe central bank chief meets 'miracle money' prophets
Zimbabwe's central bank chief on Wednesday met two prophets who claim they are able to produce "miracle money" and stuff it in people's bank accounts and pockets.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono had previously been critical of the prophets, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel, saying the two could be breaking monetary laws with their miracle money crusade.

Gono had initially been critical of the pair, but eyebrows have been raised on why he was suddenly warming up to them.

Makandiwa and Angel claim they have prophetic powers that produce gold, diamonds and money, which is mysteriously stashed in banks and pockets.
Full Story: The Africa Report

Dreadlock theft on the rise
Picture Credit: Facebook Page (Africa, this is why I live here)
Thieves in South Africa have taken to snipping off unsuspecting peoples' dreadlocks, lured by a rich demand and steep rewards. Shoulder-length dreadlocks are sold for between R200 and R700, while longer ones cost as much as R2500. The thefts, said hair stylists, were probably connected to the rising demand for natural dreadlocks as extensions

Zimbabwean Mutsa Madonko was one such victim of hair theft. On vacation in Johannesburg, he had been partying at a local nightclub when he passed out briefly, according to the Times Live. Minutes later, when friends found him, Madonko was missing the dreadlocks that had taken him 10 years to grow. Thieves had chopped off his locks – but left him his wallet and cellphone.

According to a police spokesman, Captain John Maluleka, many victims are too embarrassed to report the theft of their hair.
Full Story: Times Live

Fake police cars for hire
Fake police cars for hire

The stolen civilian Golf GTI (pictured above) with fake police markings was recovered by Ladysmith police during a shoot-out with the suspects. The car had SAPS Flying Squad emblems, police siren, blue lights, two-way radio and police aerials.
Full Story: Daily News

Woman arrested for allegedly raping young man
A shocking incident happened in Tshakhuma last Monday, when a 56-year-old woman allegedly raped a 20-year-old mentally ill man.
Full Story: Limpopo Mirror

First great white shark conviction ‘a victory’
South Africa’s first conviction in a case involving a great white shark should serve as a lesson to those who ill-treat protected species, the department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries has said.

Leon Bekker was sentenced in the Mossel Bay Magistrates’ Court last week after he had caught, landed and disturbed a great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias – a protected species – in the Mossel Bay area.

He was sentenced to a fine of R120 000 or 12 months imprisonment. His sentence was suspended for 5 years.
Full Story: City Press

NPA probes sangoma’s teen marriage

The apparent marriage of a 13-year-old Limpopo girl to a 57-year-old traditional healer is being probed, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said on Monday. -- And on Tuesday -- Cops widen sangoma, teen marriage probe... “We have widened the investigation and it still continues... there could be more people (savages) who might be charged in the case,” spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said.
Full Story: iOL News

Not even dogs are safe in Africa!

Gardener 'raped' employer's dog
A 54-year-old Pretoria gardener has been denied bail after he allegedly raped his employer's Dachshund bitch and then jumped over a wall and ran away. A prosecutor told a Pretoria court that should the man be given bail, it was possible that he would once again have contact with the dog with which he had had “sexual intercourse”.
Full Story: News24

Man kills, skins 4 dogs
A Pretoria North man has been arrested after he allegedly killed four dogs, skinned them and apparently put them in a freezer and in a chest under his bed.
Full Story: News24

This Is Africa - Ja well, no fine - Don't ask me why I live here!


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