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Job creation the ANC way and the coming revolt

By Mike Smith
11th of February 2013

A year ago I reported on the ANC and especially President Jacob Zuma’s empty promises of creating 500,000 jobs in 2009 and in 2011 how he admitted that the ANC failed in job creation, but then promised 4 million jobs by next year, 2014…

Zuma admitted the ANC failed to create jobs, blamed whites

Like I said, the ANC has not created a single job since they have come to power 19 years ago and they never will. They are Marxist terrorist scum who can only destroy.

They have never and will never create anything in South Africa except for poverty and misery.

But the Lumpenproletariat will gulp up all the junk coming from their beloved ANC masters. Zuma even promised them a place in heaven if they voted for the ANC and carried an ANC card…This is what he said:

"When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don't vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork... who cooks people."

"When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven."

In that article I mentioned how easy it is to create jobs following tried and tested sound economic principles…But that is not what the ANC wants. It does not serve their agenda.

A week ago, following major unrest and violent strikes and demonstrating in the Western Cape, The ANC lifted the minimum wage for farm workers from R69 to R105 per day.

The result…?? The Farmers could not and cannot afford it, so they started laying off workers in their thousands. 2000 job losses in one week…and it is going to get a lot worse. Farms job cuts could grow to 200 000

Agri Western Cape CEO Karl Opperman said up to 50% of the agricultural workforce could be out of work in five years’ time.

That is the unsustainable final act of Socialism. Total destruction of civilization so that they can be like their prophet Karl Marx who wrote in a poem,

“Then I will be able to walk triumphantly, Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom…”

Remember how I wrote a few months ago how the ANC trash is manufacturing a gigantic famine in South Africa?

How the Marxist ANC is manufacturing a Holodomor in South Africa

As I have said in there: Problem is that the Marxists do not want any help or any advice. They are on a different mission. People who do not understand the Marxist agenda will quickly say, “Oh, but they are stupid! Can they not see that the entire nation will starve?”

That is the point. They don’t care about the nation, the poor farm worker or the country.

They only care about themselves. Their agenda is to stay in power forever and a hungry man is easier to control than a well fed one.

Then you ask, “But isn’t it counterproductive to ruin the country and the economy? There is then less tax for the ANC government to steal? Won’t they be committing financial suicide then?”

Quite the contrary! How did Lenin survive? How did Mugabe survive and grow stinking rich? The Marxists ruin the economy and the agriculture in order to control the masses with famine. Then when the entire nation is starving and eating rats or cannibalizing each other, they announce to the world that they made a few mistakes with their policies and now need money to rebuild the country.

The West showers them with money…money that goes straight into the pockets of the Marxists at the top whilst the rest of the people carry on starving. Once they have received enough money, they, like Lenin, return to full blown communism again.

And so they stay in power forever. Like Lenin in the USSR, Mengistu did it in Ethiopia and Mugabe did it in Zimbabwe. Look at how the world showered them with money.

That is the aim of the ANC. They do not care if the people eat shit or themselves.

And don’t hope that things will get better, because it won’t.

As long as these ANC terrorists are in charge of the country, they will plumb new levels of misery. It is just going to get worse by the day.

The ANC always talks about striving for “equality”…they are right, because under them and their Marxist crackpot policies everyone will be equally poor, equally starving and equally dead.

But their plans are not working out so well. The farmers are not stupid. They created a few online advertisements soliciting white labour and were pleasantly surprised at the response. Hundreds of Whites were willing to work for less than the minimum wage on farms.

I wish them luck. I really hope they once and for all show these Marxists bastards that they are superfluous. Nobody needs them and their strikes, intimidation and violence. With white labour and intensive mechanization our farmers can be ten times more efficient than they ever were, just like farmers in France, Germany, Denmark, etc.

White farm workers appointed for less than minimum wage

All I know is that the last time something like this happened it almost resulted in a civil war. Only then the roles were reversed. It was in 1922 when the Randlords (British mine owners) wanted to replace white miners with cheaper blacks. The SA Communist Party was established a year earlier, by whites. In those days the white mineworkers were the communists. The strikes got out of hand and Premier Jan Smuts declared martial law and sent in the military.

You can read about it here: 1922 miner’s strike

This time the Communists are on the other side. Let us see what is going to happen when the farmers replace expensive black labour with cheaper whites.

This article was sourced from the blog: Mike Smith's Political Commentary


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