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Crime and Violence in Pretoria East

Crime and Violence in Pretoria East

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This posting also presents some information (maps and charts) pertaining to Residential Burglary Statistics specific to the Pretoria-East region falling under the jurisdiction of the Boschkop Police Station – the same area where Silverwoods Estate, the home of Oscar Pistorius, is situated.

The crime-related stories presented on this page were sourced exclusively from the Pretoria-East subdivision of a local website (  The site is basically the online version of the weekly Rekord community newspaper (Print Edition) -- owned by the Caxton Group.

Only two search terms namely “Murder” and “Robbery” were used to generate these results on the looklocal website, so there’s no guarantee that the results are a true reflection of all crimes in the Pretoria-East area, as keywords such as “Housebreaking”, “Theft”, “Fraud” “Drugs”, etc, were not included. The media, however, often use the term “Robbery” when referring to a “Housebreaking”.

Drug-related crimes, for example, are endemic in the suburbs of Pretoria-East. Rekord (print version) recently published the full story. According to police spokesperson, Dave Muller, the police were hard at work, busting drug labs and conducting several operations to rid the area of criminal activities. (See

Bear in mind that the local Rekord newspaper DOES NOT cover all crimes committed in the area. I know this for a fact because I live in the Pretoria-East area, and crimes, which have practically been committed on my doorstep, have NOT been reported in the local media despite the fact that leads were phoned through to them. See Related Posts at the end of this posting for more details.

Note: The crimes listed here were committed in the area during the past 12 months, between February 2013 and March 2012.

Highway off-ramps poses danger at night
04 February 2013
Rekord received a number of calls from concerned readers during the past week, saying that they feared being targeted - especially at night.
Full story – Looklocal

Jogger viciously attacked by students
04 February 2013
A jogger was allegedly attacked by a group of students and beaten unconscious with a brick in the streets of Brooklyn.
Full story – Looklocal

Train domestics to curb crime
14 December 2012
“We have had cases of house robbery where domestic workers opened for suspects claiming to be from the Tshwane metro. They either claim to have to check the drains or electricity. Domestic workers should not trust anybody.”
Full story – Looklocal

Two arrested for house robbery
07 December 2012
Two men were arrested as they allegedly tried to rob a house in Garsfontein, police said on Saturday.
Full story – Looklocal

One person shot in Menlyn Shopping centre shooting
26 November 2012
According to an eyewitness a man walked passed the victim and shot him about four times before he casually walked out of the mall. Security apprended the man before he was arrested by police.
Full story – Looklocal

Pensioner’s killers jailed for life
20 November 2012
Two men were jailed for life after they murdered a 70-year-old German pensioner in her home in Equestria two years ago, police said.
Full story – Looklocal

Boy’s death baffles all
17 November 2012
Tshwarelo Lebembe’s frail little body was found last Thursday in bushes near the gravel yard of Transnet in Silverton where it was dumped after he had apparently been murdered elsewhere. His throat had been slashed.
Full story – Looklocal

Pretoria art museum robbed
11 November 2012
Artwork with an estimated value of R10 million was stolen at the Pretoria art museum in Acadia Park on Sunday morning, police said.
Full story – Looklocal

Police nab four suspects for robbery
06 November 2012
According to police the suspects made their getaway with about R1 million.
Full story – Looklocal

No arrests yet for Elarduspark shooting
06 November 2012
Police were still searching for the robbers who shot and injured a couple in their home in Elarduspark over the weekend.
Full story – Looklocal

Alleged lovers quarrel leaves two cops injured
25 October 2012
Three people including two police officers, were injured in a shooting which appears to have been related to a love triangle.
Full story - Looklocal

Information wanted of shocking video
22 October 2012
Police are urging members of the public to come forward with information relating to a video in which a pupil was stabbed to death at a high school...
Full story – Looklocal

Police are searching for two alleged robbers
14 October 2012
Police are searching for two workers who allegedly assaulted two managers of a dairy shop in Silverton before they fled with an undisclosed amount of money.
Full story – Looklocal

Media spokeswoman murdered
07 October 2012
The 41-year-old Fredah Kobo, media spokeswoman of the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, has been shot and killed by her boyfriend.
Full story – Looklocal

Pavement rage almost costs woman’s life
25 September 2012
A woman is still reeling from shock after she was allegedly verbally abused and then shot at because she had parked on the pavement while dropping off her child at the Garsfontein Primary School.
Full story – Looklocal

Crime statistics a mixed bag
21 September 2012
Statistics released this week indicated a mixed bag as far as crime was concerned in the east of Pretoria.
Full story – Looklocal

Robbers target suburb
21 September 2012
Rietvalleirand is allegedly being targeted by a band of specialised robbers according to a spate of reported robberies.
Full story – Looklocal

Somali national found dead after alleged beating
14 September 2012
The badly beaten up body of a Somali national was found yesterday, after allegedly been assaulted by police and metro police.
Full story – Looklocal

Alleged thieves and drug dealer arrested in east
14 September 2012
Crime in the east on the increase again.
Full story – Looklocal

Police employee followed, robbed and shot
21 August 2012
Four armed men followed a man from a Johannesburg bank and robbed him in front of his home in Pretoria.
Full story – Looklocal

Two mountain bikers attacked near Plastic View
17 August 2012
The two cyclists, Johan van Graan and Barry Whitehead, were riding in the open veld next to the Plastic View informal settlement (near Woodlands) when they were attacked by two men. Fortunately, Warrant Officers Dawid Miller and Henriette Gouws of the Garsfontein police station saw the incident happen and gave chase. They managed to arrest the two men and retrieve the stolen bicycles.
Full story – Looklocal

Tied up naked body found
03 August 2012
Mystery surrounds the alleged murder of a man found naked with his hands tied in an open field next to the N1.
Full story – Looklocal

Robbers target fruit and vegetable store
20 July 2012
While robbers attacked a jewellery shop in Wonderpark shopping centre yesterday, many people were unaware of the business robbery that was taking place in a Menlo Park fruit and vegetable shop in the east of Pretoria. Three suspects entered the Menlo Park Fruit and Veg and ordered all customers and staff to the back of the shop. According to police they were armed. The suspects assaulted a female employee and ordered her to take them to the safe.
Full story – Looklocal

Drug abuse a common sight in Brown Street
13 July 2012
It took Rekord one visit and less than ten seconds to see how dealers and addicts rule Brown Street.
Full story – Looklocal

Suspected robbers arrested
12 July 2012
Garsfontein police yesterday arrested four suspects in connection with a number of home and business robberies.
Full story – Looklocal

‘Blue light’ brigade’s hideout searched
14 June 2012
A gang of criminals suspected of impersonating police officers was arrested on Wednesday when police discovered a massive stash of guns, ammunition and other police equipment at a quiet Equestria townhouse complex. Police believed the arrests were a major breakthrough in their ongoing investigations into so called ‘blue light gangs’ that operate all over the greater Pretoria area. Residents watched in shock and amazement as three men they had known as neighbours were arrested for their alleged involvement in a number of crimes including that of murder and eight attempted murder cases.
Full story – Looklocal

Dumped baby’s mother arrested
14 June 2012
A mother, who had allegedly left the body of her newborn baby in a dustbin in Newlands, was arrested for murder yesterday.
Full story – Looklocal

Sergeant killed for bikes, shoes and cell phone
06 June 2012
Sergeant Bruwer Smit was shot and killed in front of his ten-year-old son near the Zanfontein Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon whilst they were out bike riding.
Full story – Looklocal

Little murdered girl found in freezer
28 May 2012
A nine-year-old girl from Eersterust was allegedly murdered by her stepfather and her body was found stashed in a freezer.
Full story – Looklocal

Man stabbed to death in road rage incident
21 May 2012
A man was stabbed to death after an alleged road rage incident in Sunnyside last week.
Full story – Looklocal

Suspects arrested after high speed chase
14 May 2012
Three suspects were arrested after their vehicle collided with another, whilst being chased by police after an alleged house robbery in Pretoria-East.
Full story – Looklocal

Five suspects arrested after shootout
07 May 2012
Police arrested five suspects after a shootout in the basement parking area of the Arcadia Nedbank Plaza on Friday evening.
Full story – Looklocal

Policeman shoots his girlfriend and then commits suicide
16 April 2012
A police constable from the Moot police station shot and killed his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.
Full story - Looklocal

Waterkloof Glen residents outwit criminals
03 April 2012
Waterkloof Glen residents dug the first hole to install a licence plate recognition camera to take note of suspicious vehicles entering their area.
Full story – Looklocal

Centurion shooting incident claims four lives
28 March 2012
The third victim involved in this morning's shooting at an attorney firm in Zwartkops has died shortly after arriving at hospital.
Full story – Looklocal

Teamwork stops thieves
26 March 2012
The Brooklyn Police arrested one suspect during a house robbery on Saturday in Cameron Street. A neighbour alerted the police of suspicious...
Full story – Looklocal

Mom gunned down outside sons crèche
01 March 2012
A young mother was shot, and killed by two men on a motorcycle moments after dropping off her son at his crèche in Faerie Glen.
(This incident has bearing on the contract killing of Chanelle Henning, mentioned in an older posting on this blog: South Africa – A Giant Mental Asylum?)

Why is the map below coloured pink?

The map was generated on the Crime and Justice Hub on the website of (Institute for Security Studies), who analyze official crime statistics, as provided by the South African Police. The map shows residential burglary statistics in the region surrounding the home of Oscar Pistorius. The location of his residential property in Silverwoods Estate is indicated with a marker in the centre of the map. The map has a pink colour because the statistics for residential burglaries are higher than 300.

Click on the map for a larger view.

Residential Burglary Statistics: 2011/2012
Residential Burglary Statistics: 2011/2012. Map generated by

Silverwoods Estate falls under the jurisdiction of the Boschkop Police Station, which covers the Pretoria-East areas of Silver Lakes, Mooikloof, Shere, and Donkerhoek (see map below). The following chart shows the 2011/2012 residential burglary statistics for the Boschkop precinct.

Click on the chart for a larger view.

Boschkop Residential Burglary Statistics Chart
Residential Burglary Statistics Chart: 2011/2012. Generated by

Area under Boschkop Police jurisdiction
Map showing area under Boschkop Police jurisdiction - Pretoria East

“I am acutely aware of violent crime being committed by intruders entering homes with a view to commit crime, including violent crime. I have received death threats before. I have also been a victim of violence and of burglaries before. For that reason I kept my firearm, a 9 mm Parabellum, underneath my bed when I went to bed at night.” (Oscar Pistorius)

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whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Tia, and the ANC is saying crime in SA is under control an they are actually winning the fight against it. Acording to their stats, crime is down. Any brainfailure will belief it. But when you get the truth as in this post of yours, its cristal clear that they are indeed hiding many things from the public. One just cannot believe this crime spree in just one place! And what about the rest of RSA? It's unbelievable, it is.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@whiteson - Yes, it is unbelievable to think - this is in fact a very small area in relation to the total size of Gauteng, and that the crimes mentioned here do not include Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

The country is a WAR ZONE!

“In South Africa, truth is so often stranger than fiction. The reality can hurt so badly that we don’t want to believe it.” - Mandy Wiener (Daily Maverick)

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Regarding the pink map in this post, showing residential burglaries for 2011/2012:

Some followers of the Tia Mysoa Facebook Page have requested a map covering a larger area, and which shows the other colours as well. The new map has now been uploaded to the Facebook Page, and can be viewed at this link. Alternatively, click here, to view the entire album. The Facebook Album titled, “Crime, Violence, and Other Injustices,” is open for the public. You don’t have to be a Facebook user to access it.

TAKE NOTE: The map only represents Residential Burglaries, and does not include other crimes such as commercial burglaries, robbery, murder, etc.

Readers can generate their own crime maps on the website of

mamasue said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The pink area on the map represents reported crime only! We live in the area covered by the Boschkop police station and had four attempted housebreakings in three months. We no longer bother with SAPS they either have no vehicles or the phone lines are not working due to cable theft. You are probably aware of the case in Faerie Glen in in 2008 when Estie van Rensburg was murdered in the family home by a guard from the security company. Her parents and friends are behind the radio buddy system in use in our neighbourhood. We operate a two way radio system in the suburb which has seen a drastic dip in crime here. Once again the taxpayer is having to make a plan despite paying for the SAPS.

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