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A Major Obstacle to Cultural Identity

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It has been a while now since this blog has last reported on the status of the Boer-Afrikaner struggle for self-determination. I realize that this may have created the impression that the cause is not a worthwhile one to support any longer, but let me assure readers this is definitely not the case.

However, I do have some serious concerns about the growing polarization taking place among the folk of the Boer-Afrikaner nation and how this polarization is destroying their cultural identity.

Although I do not want to elaborate too much on this subject in this specific posting, I do feel it necessary to point out at least one profound obstacle standing in the way of Boer-Afrikaner support groups and their endeavours to protect and promote their unique identity. This same obstacle is boycotting their ability to gather followers in sufficient numbers, and subsequently their claim to self-determination.

The obstacle is called -- “Social Networking Media”

People worldwide have long-ago stopped learning behaviour and knowledge from cultural/religious groups, and South Africa is no exception. Cultural identity is thus being defined by the social network of people imitating and following the social norms as presented by the media. In other words, Social Networking Media has become the foremost producer and protector of abnormal cultural norms, without us even realizing how fake and out of the ordinary this really is. Another name for it is Virtual Culture.

To state that mass culture bombardment has alienated the public from their traditional customs is an understatement! The very values, traditions, and practices that give a specific group a unique cultural identity are being demolished at an alarming rate through the use of technology and a concept called new media, which is a reference to on-demand access to content any time, anywhere, on any digital device.

Most technologies described as "new media" are digital, often having characteristics of being, networkable, dense, compressible, interactive, and… MANIPULATED!!! – (Source: Flew and Humphreys (2005) "Games: Technology, Industry, Culture" in Terry Flew, New Media: an Introduction (second edition), Oxford University Press: South Melbourne.) – Terry Flew’s 3rd edition of New Media: An Introduction (2007) is available at and

Terry Flew argues that the global interactive games industry is at the forefront of many of the most significant innovations in new media. These games, which are developments of "new media," allow for users to establish relationships and experience a sense of belonging that transcends traditional temporal and spatial boundaries, for example, when gamers from different parts of the world log in and interact with one another.

In other words, (and I really hate being the bearer of bad news) but any cultural group who is seeking self-determination within the territorial boundaries of a media-controlled, democrazy, multicultural country like South Africa, will be sitting with a major tacky problem – called, “Social Networking Media.” One can conquer many monsters but this is one monster that is unconquerable! The best advice I can give – is to tame the bloody thing and use it to your advantage.

There is a reason why our forefathers recognised certain technological advances as, “coming from the devil.” There must thus surely be a connection between foresight and forefathers.

Bear in mind – what is mentioned above is but ONE example of an obstacle. Other obstacles (and a few proposals) related to cultural identity and self-determination, were briefly covered in older postings, such as A Future Independent Homeland, and Eating an Elephant for an Independent Homeland.

Oh my, so much for not wanting to elaborate too much on this subject!

The material I actually wanted to share with readers will have to be presented in the next posting, under a separate heading… Stay tuned!

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I tend to disagree. The rise of Social media improves communications within specific cultural groups, helps information spread better and allows for deeper insights on available data. We must not fear the great technological universe facing us out there we should understand the path and make sure we carve the path that works best for us. Our forefather are not all that bright as they have left us with the world that we are in we need to do things different and better.

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I believe the fundamental obstacle to obtaining a seperate state for whites is the fact that the white South Africans do not a singularly focussed need to have such a state. Having said that, neither do the blacks, now that their single uniting cause (apartheid) has been removed, and thus the infighting and self glorification of our "leedahs". The white race in South Africa are doomed (as has happened EVERYWHERE else in Africa) to extinction, unless a single uniting factor can be rallied under. Sadly, the deluded left wing libby factor will prevent this from ever happening. Nowhere in the world can anyone claim "peace and harmony" between white and black, so why should it magically happen in South Africa?


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