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South Africa - A Seriously Sick Democracy

The Tripartite Alliance

Dear readers, I realize that postings on this blog have been rather inactive lately. I can provide 100 and 10 reasons, but none of them will truly justify my idleness… So, I may as well be honest from the start and openly declare that I’ve been too damn angry, amazed, and disgusted to write anything.

The country has been in a state of Absolute National Chaos (ANC) for a long time now. The disorder and violence has in fact been far worse than in the bad ol’ apartheid days. The chaos intensified considerably since the Marikana incident, and eventually spread to every gold and platinum mine in the country. The last few waves of illegal strikes in the mining sector had hardly reached the shoreline, when the next round of onslaughts started in the Western Cape, which came as no surprise really as it is the only territory in the country where the ANC does not dominate the political landscape. They will thus do anything to get it back – and if they cannot, they’ll eventually burn it to the ground, which is what these SAVAGES do best.

Civil disobedience, unrest and protests are a common phenomenon that you’ll find happening in many countries all over the world, but there are a few factors that clearly distinguish South African protests from the ‘normal’ universal type of civil disapproval:

In South Africa it is blatantly obvious that the chaos is intentionally designed and executed by an egotistical and arrogant ruling ANC government. In fact they’re so damn arrogant – they’ve even announced their intentions ahead of time, with the full belief that nothing and nobody would ever dare stop them – or at least, that is the impression they create anyway!

Another factor that distinguishes South African protests from the rest of the world is the ongoing repetition and violent nature thereof. It has lead to South Africa being dubbed with yet another capital label – namely: The Protest Capital of the World.

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The media has tried justifying this ongoing lawlessness by calling it “The Rebellion of the Poor”, and have in fact already shown empathy in this regard in their biased reporting. Seldom (almost never) do we see or hear media reports identifying these protests with the National Democratic Revolution, which is what the ANC government has called it. 

The ANC Comrade and arch Communist, Zwelinzima Vavi, has previously described the situation as a "Ring of Fire" that could result in a Tunisia style revolution. “A ticking time bomb” is another phrase we often hear spoken by the Communists in government. Whether it is meant to be a threat or a warning, or both, is debatable. However, there’s no question that “the bomb” they speak of are the uneducated masses who have put them in power, and whom they value in a similar fashion a child treasures modelling clay. The fuse is, without a shred of doubt, the government itself.

Scrutiny of the latest unrest and chaos in De Doorns and other regions of the Western Cape Winelands clearly reveal government manipulation and control in the dealings, and also the ANC’s acceptance of Black African foreigners into the country, mainly Zimbabweans. Besides COSATU, the perpetual organizer of chaos and mayhem in South Africa, a few other ringleader-culprits are named in a recent statement issued by Agri Wes-Cape CEO, Carl Opperman. The relevant paragraph reads as follows:

“The initial crowd that gathered seemed leaderless and no-one took ownership of the chaos that erupted or the list of grievances that the workers apparently were protesting about. After Agri Wes-Cape called the faceless leaders to come to the fore so that we could have discussions with them about the grievances, it was interesting to notice that Bawsi, Cosatu, Woman on Farms Project and PASSOP came forward all claiming to speak on behalf of the protesters.”
Click here to read the full statement.

None of the organisations mentioned are fully representative of the workforce in the area, and neither have any of them approached farming bodies for discussions before the unrest took place.

BAWSI is The Black Association of the Wine and Spirit Industry, who describe themselves on their website as, “A Rural, Working Class and Revolutionary Movement” –

In short, BAWSI is of the opinion that the South African Wine and Spirit Industry is too White. The other relatively unknown revolutionary group, PASSOP, is a fast-expanding organisation devoted to fighting for the rights of asylum-seekers, refugees and immigrants in South Africa. PASSOP is an acronym for People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty. In the Afrikaans language the acronym has a threatening connotation, which means “BEWARE!” – (Afr. spelling: pas op!).  The organization was founded in 2007 by a group of Zimbabweans in response to increased tensions between Zimbabwean foreign nationals fleeing Mugabe’s increasingly repressive regime and South African citizens who blamed them for crime and unemployment. PASSOP has since become a leading advocate for refugees and immigrants in their demands for human rights in South Africa. Their website:

These groups speak of human rights, but do not blink an eye when farm workers are threatened and intimidated, or when the very same vineyards that guarantee an income are destroyed by fire.

Dear readers, I can go on and on writing about all the stuff that deeply grieves me, but what is it going to achieve in the end? That the ANC has now used its majority in the National Assembly to block a debate on a MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE in President Jacob Zuma, who does not deserve to carry the title of president - and never did, puts the cherry on the cake.

ANC blocks debate on motion of no confidence in Zuma

There are many other factors I can mention, but this one single factor is all I need to confirm my viewpoint that democracy in South Africa is dying a slow and painful death. Although it has miraculously managed to reach its teenage years, it was born with a terminal illness for which there is no cure. The antibiotics needed to keep it alive are running out fast!

And lastly…. Concerning Blade Nzimande’s absurd suggestion to outlaw insults against the president, there’s a new book out written by Adriaan Basson, which ol’ Blade should maybe consider reading. The book is called, “Zuma Exposed”. It is selling now for only R132-00 at


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

So, I may as well be honest from the start and openly declare that I’ve been too damn angry, amazed, and disgusted to write anything.

I know exactly how you feel my friend, I know. Things are going from bad to worse, but we did expect that, did'nt we, Mike also allways said that. It seems that Mike Smith feels the same as well or he is having a mighty long break, or he has emigrated, or something has happened to him, which I hope not. Hou moed, ja right, easier said than done hey MYSOA.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

"Nail" meet "Head". "Head... Nail".

Spot On.

I recently penned a similar article for

Keep the faith.

The Good News that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand far outweighs the immediate and obvious chaos occurring globally.

Gossip Girl said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I feel the same way. I struggle to find something to write about that doesn't make me want to throw my pc across the room.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Just wondering where Mike is... another one bites the dust?

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Tia, spot on again. I was so angry that I had to take time to try and respond reasonably. What can one comment on? Who will listen? We are over the cliff allready. We will just wait for the shattering impact to follow. This one was a real eye opener and I have to say you have the "feeling" to convey it very good. Many ought to read this piece of truth.

WITLEEU said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The ANC will not rest until it crushed- ( or burned)- the last white bastion in South-Africa to the ground. The 3rd civil war is close at hand. The Boers are getting very restless and are busy preparing for a final show-down.


for updated news about the Western Cape situation.

Regards Brothers and sisters.

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