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South Africa at War – (Part 2)

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Research conducted by the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) has found that South Africa is the only country in the world where one is more likely to be murdered than to be killed in a road accident. The study was based on information from the road traffic corporation and the police for the 2010/11 financial year. It found that 32 South Africans per 100 000 died as a result of being murdered, while 28 per 100 000 died in road accidents.

SAIRR researcher Kerwin Lebone remarked as follows: “That our murder rate exceeds killings on the roads does not mean that road fatalities are low, only that our high murder rate is even higher than our high road fatality rate.” – News report here.

Soon after the SA Police released their Crime Statistics for 2011/2012, in September this year, this blog published a posting titled South Africa’s Murder Stats – Envisioning the enormity of the horror. The official stats revealed that a total number of 182,935 people were murdered in South Africa during the past 10 years. The posting attempted to visualize the enormity of this horror by comparing it to the maximum capacity of familiar sports stadiums such as Kings Park in Durban, and also the FNB stadium (Soccer City) in Johannesburg - the largest stadium in Africa with a max capacity of 94,736. I was hoping that the article would go viral. My expectations were national virality in South Africa, and not global… However, according to blogger’s stats the posting only reached 466 people, to date :-(

One can make various conclusions from these poor pageview stats; the No.1 conclusion being that I'm a rather useless Internet Marketer. Another plausible conclusion is -- South Africans have become quite accustomed to living in a war zone. Consequently, and in order to keep the little sanity they have left, they would rather assist ol’ Steve Hofmeyr with the sharing of his latest hits, than read and share anything reminiscent of a country gone to hell.

Personally, I’m quite fine with this! We all have the right to exercise whatever passions we please, but when I’m bombarded daily with e-mails and facebook messages from ex-South Africans living abroad, asking me what the hell I’m still doing in this stuffed-up country, and why this blog is not talking about “The War in South Africa”, AND -- What the hell is wrong with YOU people?  – Well, then it sort of compels me to talk about it… So, shall we continue?

(Note: My reasons for staying in South Africa are personal, so I’m not going to talk about that!)

Carl von Clausewitz (1780 – 1831), a Prussian soldier and military theorist who espoused a romantic conception of warfare, provided the following proverbial definition:

“War is thus an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.”

Based on this definition and what we already know about the ANC Marxist-Communists, it would then appear that “the enemy” are the people who refuse to do the will of the ANC, which includes me and about 10 million others. However, Carl von Clausewitz’s definition of war is rather outdated and does not apply to the modern Marxist theory of war.

The Marxist theory is quasi-economic in that it states that all modern wars are caused by competition for resources and markets between great (imperialist) powers, claiming these wars are a natural result of the free market and class system. Part of the theory is that war will only disappear once a world revolution, over-throwing free markets and class systems, has occurred. (Source: The Marxist Theory of Imperialism and its Critics, by E. Germain - August 1955)

There are many implications one can draw from the above theory, which can quite easily end up in the format of a hefty book. One implication is -- the Marxists will never accept responsibility for starting wars, but will always shift the blame on to other factors, whether it be low wages, unfair labour practices, or whatever.

With that said I don’t think it is necessary to spell out the fact that, according to the Marxist theory, we ARE then, most definitely, AT WAR, and will remain in this horrifying predicament until a time when the Marxist-Communists are finally convinced their World Revolution has overthrown all free markets and class systems. It may sound as if this is going to take a very long time to achieve, but then again we can all recall the time when Zuma said: “We will rule until Jesus comes,” or words to that effect. He was being quite serious when he spoke those words, because he knew that the ANC’s Marxist-Communist ideology is backed by the very same forces that have infiltrated the highest structures of the world’s superpowers, and that a Marxist-Communist victory is their supreme and ultimate aim – come hell or high water, even if it takes a lifetime to achieve!

The reality is that the world ‘economic’ revolution is gaining momentum fast, and there are an increasing number of people, especially those who are suffering financially (black, white, and coloured), who are joining their cause. It is happening not only here in South Africa, but in all countries where Marxist-Communist ideologies have taken root… And that includes one of the most powerful nations on earth -- the United States of America.

The words “Marxist” and “Communist” have already varnished from the vocabulary of the liberals, worldwide and also from the ANC’s war-talk. However, there are still many front-organizations who use these terms. One prime example in South Africa is the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front, who together with a string of unions and other activist-groups, have also now begun with earnest endeavours to unify and mobilize the masses for strike action.

Incidentally, the word "zabalaza" means "struggle" in isiZulu and isiXhosa.

The following links to a few external articles concerning America’s predicament should provide some indication why, soon after Obama was re-elected for a second term, so many conservative-thinking political analysts in America started speaking of a country committing suicide:

And so on...

Incidentally, the last-mentioned author, David Kupelian, has also written an excellent and thoroughly researched book I highly recommend South Africans should read. The book’s title is The Marketing of Evil. More info is available here. The hardcover format is also available at

All these dreadful revelations make the heading of this posting look rather… what’s that word again? --- Ah, got it - FRIVOLOUS!

"FRIVOLOUS and without foundation," is how the ANC Chief Whip, Mathole Motshekga, also described the recent court application by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to compel the Speaker of the National Assembly to schedule a motion of no confidence debate on President Jacob Zuma. The issue is already old news, and in my opinion the motion came a bit late, but for the record and also for international readers it is worth emphasizing the fact that eight (8) opposition parties backed the DA when their parliamentary leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko, announced: “under his (Zuma’s) leadership, the justice system has been politicised and weakened; corruption has spiralled out of control; unemployment continues to increase, the economy is weakening; and the right of access to quality education has been violated”. – FRIVOLOUS???

In the context of litigation “frivolous” relates to the practice of starting or carrying on law suits that, due to their lack of legal merit, have little to no chance of being won, which is probably how Motshekga interpreted it.  The word is seldom used in the context of warfare. Google has a few examples, but the term "Frivolous Warfare" is not a common phrase.

On Tia Mysoa, however, it will attain a whole new meaning - bearing in mind that in Afrikaans the term also means “vermaaksugtig”, which essentially translates to “amusing entertainment” - a term which more accurately describes how the ANC and their cronies will probably perceive any evidence that is put forward, and which proves that South Africa is indeed at War. For them the whole sordid business is all a joke… Zuma even laughs openly in the National Assembly, in a sneering and disdainful manner, before proceeding, after correcting his spectacles, to answer questions put forward by his political opponents.

In the meantime we are all being dragged into this war of theirs at our own expense (which doesn’t necessarily always imply finances), with the ultimate aim of forcing ALL OF US to become supporters of the Worldwide Revolution Movement. This blog has provided preliminary evidence of this (and warnings about falling into their trap) in numerous earlier postings. Two recent and most noteworthy postings are:

Thousands of people who have accumulated hard-earned wealth over the years have already cut their losses and packed their bags for greener pastures. South Africa's strike-battered mining sector is busy shutting down, and will soon result in a couple of 1000 more job cuts, which means the ANC will soon gain a few 1000-odd more foot soldiers -- for FREE!  The number of companies who have already withdrawn investments is incalculably massive; many don’t even bother anymore to publicly announce their withdrawal. The few companies left in the country are being forced out of business by escalating ESKOM pricing and other price hikes, at a time when workers are demanding more pay and further strike action if they don't get what they want.

Respected political analyst, John Kane-Berman (CEO of SAIRR), who recently gave an insightful speech, titled, “SA in 2013: Tipping point or turning point” – which can be downloaded here in mp3 format, tried hard to be optimistic about the country’s future, but when you actually listen to his presentation attentively you will quickly realize that much of what he said is based on speculation, and that he himself is not very optimistic... In other words, he was being cautious and was merely trying his best not to stir panic – otherwise he too, like Helen Zille, would stand the risk of being charged with incitement. This is what I meant when I spoke about the prevailing “insanity” in Part 1 of this posting. The moment Zille spoke of “anarchy” and the need for calling in the SANDF, the ANC retaliated with an official charge of incitement… INSANITY!?!

Incidentally, Kane-Berman, like many other intellectuals in this country, and whom the media rely on for qualified political insights, believe the ANC is steadily losing its grip on power, but -- THEY ARE ALL WRONG!!!

In 2013, after their elective conference in Mangaung, there is going to be a renewed and concerted effort to hoodwink ALL South Africans into supporting the Marxist-Communist cause to overthrow all free markets and class systems. Many, of course, wont even realize they're being hoodwinked. This effort of theirs will obviously proceed irrespective of whether they choose Zuma or Kgalema Motlanthe.

My guess is that Zuma will be re-elected, because not only is he a Zulu with a multitude of Impies supporters in Zululand, but also because he cannot afford to lose his presidential privileges now, which are currently protecting him (and others) from being prosecuted for their ‘share’ in the Arms Deal scandal, South Africa's biggest political cover-up. He also has zero experience in national leadership (and never had) – which is exactly why the Communists will want to keep this useful idiot in power, while they proceed to burn the country to the ground.

Continue reading - Part 3


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks for this Tia - you are right in what you're saying. After a few years out of the country you tend to see things differently and realise what is perceived to be 'normal' back home is not right at all. And the people in South Africa do seem to be more concerned about the last news bulletin that Riaan Cruywagen will be reading than the enormity of what lies ahead. With the majority of our family still in SA, we are experiencing a different kind of stress of worry - could be worse seeing that we can actually 'see' what is going on back home. Expat in Oz

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Pensioner says;

Good one Tia. we also have our reasons for staying here in SA; 1. We are too old to consider re-settling in another Country and we would not know where to go.
2. We just do not have the money to go live in retirement elsewhere.

You can believe me though when I say that Mrs. Pensioner and I always look at your blog first before looking anywhere else. We used to look at Mike Smith,s first but he appears to have vanished from the "Blogosphere" and more's the pity.

Max said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi Tia please watch this documentry, what is happening in South Africa is explained here very well.

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

As usual, you did'nt dissapoint Tia, you give concise insight in this huge problem. Pity that so relative few people read it. But, those who do, can only give you complements for your insight. All you say in this posting is true. It's chilling, but very true. We are heading for disaster, question is when will it hit us in full force. It's clear what the ANC and Zuma's intentions are for us. They say on a daily basis. Please you just keep on to keep us informed. The blind and deaf will some or other time see and hear. It's also true that not all of us can leave the country for one or other reason. I, myself choose to stay and when the crunch comes, I will be able to stand my ground. It's a pipedream to believe it won't happen.

Boertjie said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hallo TIA,

If I had to make the choice between staying in SA and leaving... that would be an extremely difficult choice to make for me. Firstly, I can see SA's downward spiral, I can see how it works and I can see where it is going. And it scares me. Secondly, I really, truely love this country. I don't have the time at this very moment to explain exactly why, but I'm sure you'll agree, even with the chaos going on, SA is a very special place.

And the SAIRR... have you also noticed, they are ironically very reluctant to talk about race relations? Nonetheless, I do have great respect for them, even though I don't always agree with them.

As for their view that the ANC is slowly losing power... I agree with them. What worries me is their ideology of wealth-redistribution and "correcting apartheid's injustices" (that preys on and invokes apartheid-victimhood) doesn't seem to be losing support.

Oh, and a final point... ever looked at Barbara Harff's risk-asessment model for genocide?

Look at risk-factors 1,3,6 and 7. In short...

Risk factor 1 - The People's War and the murder of 20000 black ANC-opponents

Risk factor 3 - the NDR ideology

Risk factor 6 - Where shall I start...?

Risk factor 7 - This factor is measured according the Peace & Conflict Instability Ledger's assessments of the risks of political instability. Search for "Peace & Conflict 2012 Executive Summary" for more detail.

Have a nice day, gotta go now

Corry Visser said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Pensioner says;

Great post Tia, much appreciated. I received the Daily Mail blog below from a friend of mine, I hope that the rest of the world is waking up to the fact that the anc is stealing the Country straight into Bankruptcy!

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