Monday, November 19, 2012

#^%$* Savages!

Blood Stained Panga

Oelof Grabe, who manages a farm near Bapsfontein - east of Pretoria, has become quite accustomed to thieves regularly raiding his maize-crops, chickens, and chicken-eggs. However, last week Thursday was the first time that thieves targeted his cattle. Six of his prize cows and four calves were stolen and later found ruthlessly butchered in Putfontein, adjacent to the Daveyton Township. Mr Grabe described his emotions to the media (Beeld) as, “extremely heartsore” - (Afr. “baie hartseer”).

Lewende beeste geslag (Beeld)

I believe this was a rather placid description for the feelings of anger racing through Mr Grabe’s mind at the time. “Notwithstanding the financial loss, it is the barbaric cruelty that upsets me the most,” said Mr Garbe.

This sort of savage butchery of cattle and other livestock happens quite often in various parts of South Africa, but the stories are seldom published in the local media. I can only suppose that stories related to the despicable act of Rhino-poaching, and particularly the latest vicious spate in the North West, took precedence over the slaughter of Mr Grabe’s prized cows.

The original news report concerning Mr Grabe’s misfortune appeared online in Beeld late yesterday. At time of posting today (Monday afternoon) it doesn’t seem as if any English media outlets have carried the story yet, hence the reason why I’ve decided to report it here.

Here’s a brief account of the horror:

Oelof Grabe - (Picture Credit: Beeld)
The animals were apparently first herded to the slaughter-grounds at Putfontein (about 20 km’s from the farm), where they were attacked with pangas and knives in the typical K4-style, by first slashing the leg-tendons to prevent them from escaping. They then proceeded to butcher the animals while they were still alive.

The police alerted Mr Grabe that they had found the carcasses in a field in Putfontein. He immediately rushed to the scene where he found about 150 locals (presumably from the adjacent Daveyton Township) busy plundering the meat. According to Mr Grabe they were all equipped with containers and knives, and were busy cutting off pieces of meat. The crowd became angry and started swearing and shouting at the farmer when he attempted to load the carcasses. They wanted to know what right he had to remove the carcasses -- can you believe that?

According to Mr Grabe it was obvious that the animals were brutally massacred, and that the culprits had started chopping off pieces of meat while the animals were still alive. The farmer found one of his calves still alive on the scene, with slash wounds on its leg-tendons and back.

According to police spokesperson, Johannes Jaftha, two men and a woman where arrested on Thursday for possession of ‘alleged stolen’ meat. However, when they appeared in court on Friday they simply claimed that it was ‘by chance’ that they arrived on the scene and started cutting off pieces of meat from the carcasses.

I suppose it was way too much trouble to arrest the entire gang of 150!?!

The value of Mr Grabe’s slaughtered livestock was estimated at R140 000.

Incidentally, a similar incident happened in the same area during October this year… News report here.

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Gossip Girl said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

No respect for anything at all! Utterly disgusting.

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

My blood boils when I see and hear thing of this brutal kind Tia! A prized animal worth thousands is only meat to these savage scum. I can only hope that Oelof can prove it's his. The police are useless scum. That's a foretaste of things coming to us very soon. I must admit it's allready here. Over last weekend thieves plundered our packhouse. They stole everything movable. There's no end to this looting. The biggest dissapointment was the police. The investigating officer, a BLACK, requested I must come and see him. No crimescene visit, no attempt to just try and look for a fingerprint, that I am sure could have been found. Today I visited the ape. At 15H00 he was as drunk as a tramp. How on earth can you trust these scum? My loss is not nearly close to Oelof's. So I can only imagine his frustration and anger... I am sure I will kill these thugs and will sip a whiskey on the rocks without regret. If it's possible, keep us updated with this one.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I really feel for the farmers or any sane person trying to make it work there in a business or farming but a man has to know his limits and you only have one life to live, next time they might hack the farmer too pieces, who knows. Shut it down and go somewhere else where you are appreciated, where they welcome your skills and talents and you can gain as well for the writing is on the wall that it seems to be a sign of desperateness from the masses, it seems they are on the point of starvation, honestly this is not a good situation to be in as a farmer, get out while you can!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

South Africa is a sinking ship, there's a gradual decline but it's definitely there.

If you could immediately go back in time ten years, the difference is clear. In terms of reduced living standards and cost of living.

Before, many white people could still justify staying in SA because of the lifestyle, low cost of living etc.

Now, that is slipping away fast. And the constant threat of violence, murder, rape and political and economic instability is even higher.

With the volatility of the Rand, a person's live investments could be reduced massively in only a few days.

If the Rand is weak, no matter how much you have locally, it will be paper overseas.
This is a very real danger, as many would then truly be trapped.

WITLEEU said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


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