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Cape Winelands burn, while Zuma declares the country "stable"

At time of posting this is the latest available video footage concerning the ongoing violence and chaos in the Cape Winelands:

Following a spate of violent service delivery protests in Cape Town during July-August this year, the DA lodged an official complaint under the Intimidation Act. Evidence was also submitted to show that the violence and intimidation was well-organised and orchestrated by opponents of the DA administration in Cape Town.

The ANC Youth League acknowledged that they indeed threatening to make Cape Town “ungovernable” and immediately sought legal advice on hearing that criminal charges were lodged with the police. However, they repeated their threats to bring the Western Cape to its knees.  The ANCYL chairperson in Cape Town, Khaya Yozi, announced, at a press briefing on 23 August 2012:  “On Monday our people will stop being slaves in this economy, they must be part of making the province ungovernable.”

At that point in time the violent protests had already resulted in the tragic deaths of four people, numerous injuries and the destruction of public property worth millions. The phrase, “we will make the city and the province ungovernable,” was repeated countless times, while simultaneously accusing the DA of bringing unfounded and baseless allegations. Bear in mind that the call for chaos and disorder in the Western Cape started in the year 2010 already, sparked off by the so-called toilet saga.

News reports:

Yesterday in the National Assembly, amidst the chaos and mahem currently going on in the Western Cape Winelands, Zuma was forced to reply to questions pertaining to the high levels of unrest and civil disobedience in the country. In response to one question asked by ACDP leader, Kenneth Meshoe, Zuma denied all knowledge of efforts to make the Western Cape "ungovernable". A portion of his direct reply was: “I don’t know what it means exactly – absolutely – unless you explain to me – unless you unpack it to me what it means… If you unpack it to me I will be able to make a very intelligent comment to you.” – Yeah, well no fine! 

The following video documents Zuma’s full response and clearly illustrates the pompous and disdainful attitude of this man when confronted with thorny issues:

Okay – sure enough, there was no way he was going to admit outright that rogue elements within government are involved in the current chaos, but the conniving manner he simply shrugs off a most valid question (particularly in the light of the current turmoil in the Western Cape) is further proof that, after all these years, this country is still dealing with scumbag ANC terrorists. They are “the terminal illness for which there is no cure,” spoken of in the previous posting. It will forever boggle my mind that despite numerous warnings by intelligence officers prior to 1994 that we are dealing here with terrorists who could not be trusted, the country was still handed over to them on a platter.

Zuma once again showed his true colours yesterday in the National Assembly during a 2-hour session of question time. He came out growling, snarling, and sneering in strong defence of his Nkandla residence… and completely bamboozled everyone in parliament when he said: "My residence in Nkandla has been paid for by the Zuma family. All the buildings and every room we use in that residence, was built by ourselves as family and not by government."

Zuma’s full 20-minute, extremely intimidating, response can be viewed here on YouTube, or click here to read an online media report. A statement issued by The Presidency, regarding the Nkandla matter, can also be viewed here.

The fact of the matter is that the communists (SACP) have already been caught out lying through their teeth (clutching at straws) when they tried justifying the Nkandla improvements and construction as “Rural Development” –- apparently one of the five priorities that were identified after the Polokwane conference as needing urgent attention.

The Nkandla upgrade has ZERO to do with rural development! One of the best counterarguments regarding this issue was provided by a community activist, by the name of Floyd Shivambu, whose leftist political outlook ironically happens to be Marxist/Leninist. Click here to read what this fellow has to say about Nkandla.

In the meantime… the Cape Winelands continue to burn, while Zuma and his cronies are probably sipping Chivas Regal at Nkandla - laughing their heads off - firmly believing the falsehood that the country is stable.

What a joke!


Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Readers who are missing Mike Smith’s articles, as much as I also miss them, may appreciate an older posting on this blog also related to the ANC’s onslaught in the Western Cape. The posting was published in March this year and is titled, The ANC-Planned Violence in Grabouw and other places. Check out the comment section where I respond to a remark made by our old friend. Bear in mind that at the time several SA blogs were being reported for violating Blogger terms and conditions, and that Mike’s was one of them.

Take care, and stay safe!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Mike wrote in an article on Marikana about the real reason for the unrest. He made a statement (will search for it) about the real reason for the unrest. He said (i am subject to correction)that if the Communist/SACP faction was losing that South Africa should look out for increasing unrest and violence as this was the only why they know. Seems he was right and we know which way this is going to play out.

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

A very good one Tia. There is no doubt what this scum intents to do in the Western Cape. I hear, I do not say, that Fransman was promised the premiership, and Ehrenreich the mayoral post. So why not go for it then. Nothing to loose. They will go for it, even if the whole W Cape goes down the drain with it. They are power hungry far beyond normal belief. The MSM outlets don't bother to give you any balanced news. They just dont say a word. Friends in that region say the situation is far worse the we know. In the meantime Cosatu is determined to win back the Cape. Friens also confirm that many strikers were "imported" for these actions. On top of that, brainfailure Zuma says there is no problem in W Cape. What bullsh*t !!

Boertjie said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hallo Tia

The rising instability is not just seen in the violent strike action.

Service delivery protests... 10 major protests in 2004, over 100 in 2010, and the first half of 2012 had 113 protests.

Sasria (South African Special Risks Insurance Association) says strike-related claims have risen to the point that theymake out 70% of sasria claims.

Anthea Jeffrey of the SAIRR notes that the people's war-strategy of sowing anarchy has made a comeback over the past few years.

Black youth unemployment over 50%.

Sorry I can't provide links to the cited info right quite a rush at the moment.

Stay safe

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I despise this Zooma baboon more than any other idiot in the anc guvmunt. Thanks for some really good articles in the absence of MS. You dont have to stand back for him one bit.

Regards Louis

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ TIA...

I found a MASSIVE FACTUAL ERROR in your post. You say that "there was no way he was going to admit outright that rogue elements within government"...

As far as I am aware the ANC regime consists of nothing but "rogue elements".

Please fix!!!


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