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South Africa's Criminal Justice System Stinks!

South Africa - Crime Scene

By Rhoda Kadalie

South Africa's criminal justice system is deeply flawed. In fact it stinks. To get a view close up, just sit in Cape Town's courts for two hours as I did last week and you will suddenly understand why people are robbed and killed daily.

A guy with ten previous convictions and a suspended sentence was given another 9-month suspended sentence and a warning that "that this is your last chance but if you commit another crime, you will sit."

Another serial offender, because of a botched investigation, gets off the hook and makes the sign of the cross as the magistrate dismisses him. Two African foreign nationals cannot be helped because the court translator speaks Swahili, even though that is not their language!

Bail is dished out right left and centre to fill the coffers of the justice department and to keep the already overflowing prisons from overflowing even more. Why not use this money to compensate victims? For magistrates crime prevention and crime control are of least importance.

Getting rid of the problem is the issue and this is made easy if there is no public scrutiny. And so those who rub shoulders with us in our daily lives are criminals on the loose.  Conviction rates are low and recidivism rates high because offenders do not fear the law and thousands of those who commit crime are serial offenders.

So how did I come to be in court? On Wednesday 26th September between 6 and 8pm my laptop and additional computer equipment were stolen from my car parked in the underground secure parking in the Waterfront. There was no forced entry and I discovered this only when I got home.

Back at the police station in Table Bay Harbour, the police accompanied me to the scene of crime, next to the revolving entrance door in the parking lot. Above my car were two surveillance cameras but the police told me they could only view the footage the next day, as the cameras are the property of the Waterfront management. If they had they would have caught the offenders and retrieved my laptop.

The next day, the police viewed the footage and reported that they clearly saw a man and a woman in a taxi, who had obviously followed me, deactivated my alarm and removed the goods from my car.

While the police arrested the suspects the next day, the surveillance cameras in the Waterfront, one of Cape Town's premier tourist destinations, are obviously not manned because if they were they would have caught the suspects red-handed.

Secondly, the police station is not even linked to the Waterfront's security systems. Thirdly, the Waterfront's Security personnel on their bicycles are useless because little gangs operate in the Waterfront regularly preying on tourists.

I have subsequently heard countless stories from businesses in the Waterfront of how they are the perennial victims of crime. They obviously keep quiet about it so as not to scare shoppers from their businesses, but many are clearly unhappy. Surely, as a citizen I pay for security given that parking on that side of the Waterfront is the most expensive.

Although the Waterfront management apologised for the theft they do nothing to compensate, they don't even answer their information line.  The worst thing about my case is that one of the suspects allegedly has several previous cases of theft against her name but was released on bail. The other suspect is still in custody pending a bail application.

But this is not just about my case. It points to a deeper malaise. Most of our murderers and rapists have prior criminal records and it is here where the media fails to hold the criminal justice system accountable.

We remain ignorant because we lack crime reporters as we had in the old days to keep a microscope on the findings of the courts and on the conviction rates. When judges, magistrates, prosecutors, investigating officers and detectives know their work is hidden from public gaze, they too become a law unto themselves and unaccountable as I witnessed in court.

This gross dereliction of duty has tragic consequences. The Claremont mother of a two-year old, Anzunette Du Plessis, aged 33, was brutally killed on Thursday by three men who wanted her belongings. They killed her because they wanted laptops, television sets, and cell phones - often viewed as petty crime. Olwyn Cowley, aged 21, was brutally killed by men who wanted his BMW. One of the suspects had a previous conviction but was out on parole. I rest my case!

This article first appeared in Die Burger. - (See Afrikaans article: Straf nie meer reg uitgedeel)

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PreatorianXVI said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

South Africa's criminal justice system = Justice for criminals and the victims screwed all the way.

There is no Justice, it is an African Country run by Africans for Africans, not for Civilised law abiding People.

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We must return to the Justice System of God. A system where Justice is served and restitution is made at the expense of the criminal NOT THE VICTIM.

In Gods Justice System Blood Crimes are punishable by death, provided they are established by two or three witnesses. If not established by two or three witnesses the killer cannot lose their life but must repay what the elders have decided.

The sentence is carried out at once without appeal and without hesitation.

Other injuries are repaired through the principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The elders decide what the injury is worth and restitution is made. Just like disability insurance where each limb is valued and you are paid out depending on the amount of loss of use of it. It does not mean take the offenders eye out... LOL!

Theft also involves restitution at three or more times the value of the stolen item.

Furthermore the costs of incarceration are provided by the family of the offender or through the labour of the offender themselves. The person remains incarcerated until the debt is paid in full. There is no parole and there is no "early release". ONLY when the debt is paid are you set free.

Justice is done.
Justice is seen to be done.
Restitution is made.

And the wonderful thing about it is this: IT COST THE TAX PAYER AND / OR VICTIM NOTHING AT ALL!!!

Crimes are not punished by time, they are punished by value. Time while you have a "lekker jol", and every need taken care of at someone else's expense is meaningless. Having to pay off the BMW you stole and the costs of your upkeep means something - especially if the work is arduous.

Until prisons become places of punishment once again and stop attempting to be houses of mercy trying vainly to "rehabilitate" the unrepentant, crime will NEVER be solved. Rehabilitation is an internal decision not an external farce.

If life in prison is hard enough and "costly" enough, the decision to rehabilitate and never return is made so much simpler.

Our current system merely provides board and lodging along with degrees in advanced thuggery and diplomas in criminality.

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I agree, anon @ 9.22, but in the meantime criminals must be shot at every oportunity where they commit crime...dead! We as civilians are way too complacent. Shoot the f%kr dead!
I spend a lot of my money on ammo and training. I have vowed to protect my family at all costs. Criminals become repeat offenders when they get away with it every time. When they realise there is a good chance that he's going to open his eyes in hell while committing a crime he will think twice.
Regards Louis

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@ Anonymous "We must return to the Justice System of God"

Ha Ha catch a wake up anon, where have you been the last 18 years since 1994 when De klerk handed over the keys lock, stock and barrel to the that K4 terrorist mandela, if God exists,a big if then he (God) left SA in 1994 when he saw how the dutchmen/boere/afrikaner sold his country out to communist terrorists. Do you think the anc and the majority jungle bunnies are Christian, hey? God has no place in the new improved SA and the police, legal system etc. What a damn stupid comment you make, why do we have to suffer fools daily. Please read this website and Mike Smith's webpage carefully, when he comes back hopefully, there are hundreds of articles that will open your eyes and inform you why things are heading the way they do in effed up SA. Sorry but I just shake my head that there are so many people that make comments as above that you make, I can only shake my head.

blacks wearing wigs said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Justice system deeply flawed, pressume that the farce they call the justice system is justice.

"Justice" according to the black african mind is what we are seeing.

Justice is too lofty a concept for the lowly african mind to grasp.

System collapse is not far off.

The veneer of civility is extremely thin, not much longer untill we go full native like lagos or any other african shit hole.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

De Klerk never listened to God!

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

A very good one Tia. All of us whites, one time or another, will experience the utter incompetance of the police. You will agree if I say pre-1994 SA had a fine Policeforce, a proud one, we were members, proud members. All the commisioners were leaders in the true sense of the word. All the black socalled commisioners were sacked, jailed dishonered. The current one will follow the same way, because she's not fit for that job. It's a waste of time to try and report a crime to the police. They ignore you as white person flat. I also agree, shoot the scum, get rid of them.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anon October 11, 2012 4:48 PM...

My comment simply states that this is the kind of Justice System we need in this country... Not that the heathen would implement it. This is a Justice System that deals with crime as ALL of the consequences are borne by the perpetrator and not the public/victim.

Secondly: There is a God and if you bothered enough to look for Him, He would let you find Him. he has promised that "If you seek Me with all of your heart, I will allow Myself to be found by you". His Spirit will draw you to Him, if you are earnestly looking for Him. You do not need the lies and traditions of the church to block your way to Him. All you need is conviction and earnest desire to find the TRUTH.

What is happening to the whites in this country is because of our WILFUL turning away from God, our pissing on His blessings and His hand in giving us this country that we have promptly turned over to anti-Christ's unfit to rule a brothel.

The so called Old Testament writings are full of prophesies that would come to pass on the Israelite nations (Anglo-Saxons) in the time just before the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

There is nothing we can do about it except be completely repentant and be firmly prepared to fight. If we are, I believe our God will give us the victory... We will NEVER win without turning back to Him as a Boer/Afrikaner/White nation. But... We will still have to go out there and face the bullets.

Some prophesies coming true at the moment:
Lybia, Egypt and Sudan falling to Iran and Muslim influence.
Syria about to fall out of Irans influence and come into an Alliance with Saudi Arabia and other anti-Iranian states.
"Children" ruling over us - flash mobs in the US, child laws etc.
Fools and Children as our "Princes" - just look at Obama, Romney, Cameron, Zuma.
The "pride of strength" will be broken - I defy you to name ONE war that has been decisively won by Anglo Saxon peoples since the end of WWII. NONE! Aden gone, Korea gone, Vietnam gone, All of Africa gone, Iraq gone, Afghanistan gone.
The Empire would be lost - all Britain has left is Gibraltar and The Falklands - soon to go too.
Economic power would be broken - the FED printing money like crazy, the bank rate scandal.
Enterprise would die - factories and call centre all shipped off shore.
Wars and Rumours of Wars.
Nation rising against nation - look at the RACISM here against us, black gang attacking people at random in the US, grooming in the UK, Mohammedan hordes doing as they please everywhere else.

There is a lot more in the Book that is happening RIGHT NOW - I suggest you take heed. We are all about to enter into a time of trial like this earth has never seen before and will never see again.

Perhaps you should look more to God - not what modern churchianity teaches about Him, and find the real answers. They are not here and not at Mikes Blog (which I read daily)... They are in a little book that starts with Genesis and end with Revelation.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Well I am sorry for you guys that have such a hard time.
My experiences are completely different.

I have had excellent service from the SAPS in recovering a stolen vehicle.
As for the justice system and sitting in court -- just like going to the P.O. or the bank -- you need patience.
Strangely enough I do not have problems at other Gov departments.

It ALL depends on understanding the system and using some goodwill and patience.

You have to understand that not all parts of SA are the same.

The >>overVaal<< has always been Sodom & Gomorrah.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I agree with anonymous October 12 10:52AM
The worldwide Jubilee is a start at eforcing God's Laws to stop injustice. Also see

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon - I've just discovered you're comments ended up in Blogger's spam folder. I've un-spammed them... Duplicates have been deleted.

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