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De Klerk never listened to God!

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This posting can be considered a response to commentary made in the previous posting. In the light of the fact that religion and the name “De Klerk” popped up in the dispute, I’d like to share with readers my personal conviction that I seriously doubt De Klerk was listening to God when he took his “next quantum leap” –a phrase used by Allister Sparks in his well-known book titled, “Tomorrow Is Another Country”.

I’m sharing this story because I strongly doubt that most people, who read the book in 1995, did not recognise the fact that De Klerk, his entire cabinet, plus 50 other officials and advisors, were not listening to God when they held their first bush conference bosberaad to resolve calamities of all sorts related to the treacherous process of debating with terrorists. Mind you, at that time most of us weren’t even aware of all the deceit going on behind the scenes!

De Klerk was a religious man, and a member of the Gereformeerde Kerk. The church, in line with its interpretation of Calvinist theology, believe that its members (known as Doppers) may receive a calling roeping from God to perform a specific task at a particular time in particular circumstances. At the inauguration service held in Pretoria De Klerk’s favourite pastor, Reverend Pieter Bingle, used this same theme in his preachings.

Allister Sparks describes the occurrence on pages 76 and 77 of his book, and mentions how deeply affected De Klerk was, and that he truly believed he had received a calling. A mere two pages later Allister Sparks writes about the first big bosberaad, held at an exotic setting deep in the heart of the bushveld near Ellisras. The venue, a game reserve called D’Nyala, became De Klerks Camp David – a strategic hideaway throughout the years to follow.

Bear in mind that this groundbreaking event took place on 3 - 4 December 1989 a mere 7 weeks after the release of several high-ranking terrorists, who were released long before Mandela was. Mandela insisted on their release during his many secret meetings with government agents and officials. The ANC was thus no longer considered a banned organisation, and places like Soweto revelled with non-stop songs, booze, and bonfires. Despite all the jubilation going on in the country the situation was far from stable or placid, hence the reason for a bosberaad.

This is what happened at this first bosberaad:

De Klerk and his entourage arrived in two Hercules transport planes. The head of the establishment, Jan van Breda, described the scene as follows:
“Man it was beautiful. Everything was shining, spick and span. We had candles, champagne, flowers, everything laid out there in the lapa. They arrived at seven on the evening of 3 December and we had arranged dinner for nine o’clock. They had just unpacked their things and were beginning a pre-dinner drink when an almighty thunderstorm hit us. God, man, I have never seen such a storm in my life. The rain came down in buckets, thunder and lightning, the whole works. It flooded everything out, swamped the flowers, drenched the tables – and put out the lights.”
Extract from Tomorrow Is Another Country, by Allister Sparks (Pages 80 – 81)

I rest my case!


whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I agree 100% with you Tia. If he would, then maybe the outcome was different. Pink Frik listened to nobody. He even silenced a police general who told him not to trust the ANC. He is a piece of scum. He's got no vision at all. We are in a pretty bad mess in tis day and time because he ignored all the warnings that the ANC will do what they are doing.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Pensioner says;

You right Tia, if he was such a "God fearing" person, he should have taken the thunder storm as a warning from God that he was dealing with the devil!
Off topic,

When will Mike Smith be blogging again? We miss you Mike

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Unfortunately for Pienk Frikkie, GOD will never give a calling that contradicts His revealed will.

Sometimes, as a test of obedience, He may ask something dodgy, but will intervene when He is satisfied that your entire being is seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness - as He did with Abraham on the eve of the first passover.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It was I that mentioned God and De Klerk in response to a comment referring to God and the justice system. Sorry that I responded so harshly to another anon. To me it was such a silly response and extremely naive of that persons comment. You see most of my life I went to church and sang in choirs when I was a kid, praised the Lord, read the scriptures(Bible) did bible study and did some outreaches etc. I am not saying that I was a wonderful Christian but I am I think a good and fair person, we even set up a tent on the border(grens) and had bible study at night, time permitting.
My point is I was retrenched in 2005 from the banking sector after 20 years service, many whites were retrenched from the bank, I was in cash management, corporate electronic banking and as the years went by the bank head office was becoming darker and darker, no it was not a lighting problem in the offices but the upright walking dark species with peppercorn hair and sloped foreheads and very flat large nostrils started invading the offices and hallways, you can guess what I am talking about.
To cut the story short and not to bore you all with my story as many of us (pale faces) have similar stories to tell, when things at work were getting dark and I could see dark days ahead I used to talk to the Lord God and Jesus and thank him for my job even when things were getting unbearable in corporate. What did God do, had me and 280 others country wide retrenched, I must have sent 45 CV's all over the show no response, I did manage two interviews but my complexion failed me, I know, not being bitter, pure fact, but we know our days for whitey are over in SA, but God as far as I am concerned deserted me and many other men in my position.
So does God exist in the first place, maybe my whole life and existence was a big fat lie, or if he exists then as far as I am concerned he/she/it is by no means a kind, fair, loving God who protects his sheep. The world is evil, yes and the Christian response to everything, "it is the devils fault, Satan" "or it is not God's will" enough said.
The bottom line is we are all rowing upstream in the creek without a paddle, and that is why I responded to anon "We must return to the Justice System of God" What God, what justice system, what justice, I know I will be told, Read Revelation, have studied it in depth, I still don't know what it is all about, and it doesn't make me feel any better, one thing is for sure, if we pale faces want to still live in South Africa then we must ASAP start to pull finger out of our fundamental orifices' and fight back at these anc terrorists if we are to survive here, sorry no easy answer or other solution.

Zampano said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

God certainly did a number on the pale voters that were daft enough to trust a De Klerk and his lying circus after Feb 1990. In 1992 the same morons voted YES for their own demise in the March referendum. Cause and effect...

Boertjie said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hallo TIA

Have you seen the goings-on about farmmurders between the SAIRR and James Myburgh?

See politicsweb and the SAIRR's webpage.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi Boertjie – Yes, I noticed the SAIRR amended the defective report they released on 5 October and published their revised analysis, which can be viewed here.

I haven’t had the time to publish a posting regarding this issue as I’ve been tied up with other work-related tasks. However, between work and personal life I’ve also been busy drafting a series of articles which I intend publishing on this blog soon – unrelated to the farm murders.

Although this blog has always supported the broadcasting of the farm-murder issue, I believe it’s time that the main focus starts shifting towards the systematic genocide of Europeans in general. There are a group of activists out there who are going overboard with the farm-murder issue, and in the process they’re causing more damage than good. I’m not sure if they’re doing this intentionally, but they’re definitely spreading false and embroidered details concerning some of these murders – for example, photographs are being shared on social network sites that have no relation whatsoever with crime scenes in SA. The true facts are gruesome enough! Why they have to resort to overblown underhanded tactics to highlight this issue is anyone’s guess – but I presume it may have something to do with an emotional overeagerness to show the world what is happening in SA. Whatever the case, I cannot associate myself with people or groups who distort the true facts, no matter if they’re initially driven by good intentions.

I do appreciate you commenting on this issue, as it has reminded me to follow-up on the subject, and provide the link to the amended report by the SAIRR. -- Thank you!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

While I’m logged in, I may as well mention that this blog is gradually moving away from ANC-related day-to-day political commentary (I find the subject extremely boring), and will be focusing from now onwards more on subject-matter that aims to keeps the truth alive - for the Love of our African (European) Heritage, which is fast being distorted and obliterated by the current rulers of this country and also the ever-growing number of liberal-thinking Afrikaners. The articles I’m currently drafting have relevance to this issue.

See also the Tia Mysoa Facebook Page (https: secure site) that was recently created, on 10 October - Oom Paul Kruger’s birthday. I would really appreciate it if facebook users would support the new page and spread the word.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It saddens me when God's children blame Him for the mess that we have created; when in fact He is doing SO MUCH to help us fight this injustice. Please see and watch The Nazi bankster crimes and 7/7 Ripple effect 2 on for proof of what I am talking about.
Peace be with you.

always-a-realist said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

De Klerk was in the pocket of the Jew New World Order, IMF and World Bank. Just as the Jew was instrumental in the Russian Revolution and Communism they have been behind the destruction of South Africa. For those of you, both back and white that are under the impression that the coon is running the show, I suggest you look into who owns the banks, major infrastructure, the South African Reserve Bank. The Rothschild's Cabal does. He who controls the money dictates the policy.
I suggest you all go and read the following:

The Boers fall-guys for the Jewish Bankers and Jewish Gold and Diamond Traders

White Luciferians Still Run South Africa

Rothschild Interest in South Africa

Myer Rothschild and the Five Arrows

As to why people have not heard from Mike Smith he is probably on his annual pilgrimage to Israel getting another dose of Kike propaganda brain-washing.
The Zionists are the Enemy within the Gates.

'Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.' (George Orwell)

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ TIA...

I think it is an excellent idea. We would still like to know what the Marxist Bastards (tm) are up to.

Regarding murder rates and rates of crime in general, I am of the opinion that the SAIRR report is a cover-up of the low intensity civil war against farmers and the planned and orchestrated campaign of genocide against whites and farmers in particular.

The data has not been contextualised correctly at all. In a VIOLENT and MURDEROUS country where the murder rate is multiples higher than in some war zones, the correct context would be to compare the murder rates of farmers in particular with the rates in other comparable demographics such as Western Europe, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australis where there is strong demographic correlation.

When you compare 'apples' with 'apples' you find that the rate of crime in this demographic is historically substantially LOWER than the general population and that the murder rates are EXPONENTIALLY LOWER than the general population.

Furthermore the data should be compared historically to what the rates were amongst the white population BEFORE the ANC took power. I think we will find that it was significantly lower than the current rates and consisted of "familie moord", suicide and murder by familiar persons - with the majority attributed to drug and gang related activities, not the base "robbery gone wrong" killings we see prevalent today.

Furthermore, on examining the colour of crime in the comparable demographics outlined we find that blacks and Mohammedan's are responsible for the majority of the "Blood Crimes" committed in those demographics. By extrapolating the "race" of crime the rates of murder within the white community are statistically and historically very low. This, however is a completely politically incorrect viewpoint and does not fit the egalitarian anti white agenda of the global elite.

If you have the time, I would be interested in your findings. My (very) cursory research in this area indicates the following:
1. The overwhelming majority of murders in comparable demographics are committed almost exclusively by a non-white minority.
2. In the majority non-white countries like SA the murder rates are generally much higher because the non-white population globally commits murder at statistically higher rates.
3. The 1.6 times risk of our farming community is exponentially higher than in comparable demographics except for "hot zones" where these demographics border on majority non-white areas/countries. In these areas the risk rates are statistically higher.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Well I guess that shows one should not listen to voices then

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