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The Woolies Debacle

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The trade union Solidarity has launched a huge campaign against Woolworths after the group failed to retract advertisements for posts for which only Black candidates are eligible. The campaign, with the slogan: ‘Woolworse: Making a differentiation’ will be driven by social media and will include thousands of protest messages to Ian Moir, CEO of Woolworths.

Click here to read the open letter to Woolworths from Dirk Hermann, Deputy General Secretary of Solidarity. The link will also provide readers with some more info about the campaign.

Solidarity has also requested their Facebook supporters to have their cameras ready as they plan on taking the campaign to a “new level” – whatever that may mean!

The story went viral when an Internet Marketer and Blogger, by the name of Justin Harrison‚ decided to explore the issue further after being tipped off by a friend on his Facebook page about Woolworth’s racist job postings.

 “…after doing my own investigations, I decided that I needed to take a stand and do something about this. As a post apartheid child, I am neither politically motivated or inspired, however the increasing blatant racist economic policies that are very clearly exclusive of whites is starting to require a voice and some decisive action,” said Justin Harrison. -- I cannot agree more. Well done Justin!

As a matter of interest…
The neighbourhood where I live in Pretoria-East is mainly a White suburb, with a considerable number of unemployed White and Black youths hanging around doing nothing. Yet wherever you go, whether it be the local Spar, Fruit & Veg, Woolworths, the Post Office, the Police Station, the Fuel Station, you name it – you will only find Black people behind the tills and counters, who 9 out of 10 times DO NOT LIVE IN THE AREA!!!  This deplorable scenario has created numerous problems, one of which is traffic congestion at peak hours.

It’s about time this pathetic government of ours, and all the big businesses that support them, get a MASSIVE wakeup call… This whole BEE nonsense has gone too far!

Cheerio Woolies – your sandwiches and other foodstuff are overpriced anyway!


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Open letter to Woolworths from Dirk Hermann, Deputy General Secretary of Solidarity:

“In the first place: You argue in the media that Woolworths is merely complying with affirmative action legislation. Truth is, however, that the Employment Equity Act does not allow such preclusions. Section 15 of the Employment Equity Act clearly states that quotas will not be allowed. Quotas are absolute preclusions. You use demography as absolute criterion in determiningif people may or may not apply for a position.

The Employment Equity Act specifically states that representativity cannot be the only criterion. The Barnard judgment holds that the dignity and right to equality of whites must also be taken into account. By placing a ban on the appointment of whites, you are not in compliance with this.

In the recent affirmative action law suit against the Department of Correctional Services, the judge held that quotas are illegal. You are not allowed to impose an absolute ceiling on a person. Therefore, your action indeed does not fall within the parameters of legislation. If you are honest in your intentions to comply with the Employment Equity Act, then you would withdraw these advertisements and amend the wording to comply with the requirements of the law.
There are rules when it comes to fairness in the implementation of affirmative action, but by your absolute preclusions in application procedures you have exceeded the bounds of fairness.

In the second place: Your action of excluding people based on their race is not morally justifiable. Everything that takes place in the name of affirmative action, is not fair. Even if your argument that you are complying with the Act holds water, the action is still not morally justifiable. There are certain things one may and can do, but should not do. The moral justification of an action is measured by society’s question of whether it should be done.

Incidentally, we have noticed that in the Western Cape only “black Africans” may apply for certain positions. Coloured people, who are included in the designated group, are being excluded in a province in which they form the majority. This is absurd, to say the least. Can you morally justify it?

A white person cannot apply for a position. Hence, even if a suitable black person is not available, a white person cannot be appointed. Even if the white candidate is the best candidate by far, he or she cannot be appointed. Can it be morally justified? When you consider the reaction of a large number of your customers, then you must get the message that they do not regard your action as morally justifiable.

In this case Woolworths is thus dealing with a conflict between its customers’ values and the company’s values. Your customers are saying to you: “We don’t like what you are doing.” In the court that is constituted by public opinion and the opinion off your customers you have been found guilty and penalty lies in the purse of your customers.

In summary: The Woolworths advertisement will not stand up in court, especially not so when heard by public opinion.
Our demand is thus simple: Withdraw the advertisements and amend the wording to allow all to apply for the positions in question.

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Good on you Tia, for taking a stand on this. I'm a big follower of yours and admire what you do.

That place is going to the dogs and far-too-many companies are falling over backwards to appease that totally and utterly useless Commie ANC Govt.

They are systematically, brick-by-brick, dismantling and destroying South Africa and it has got to stop!!

This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for White South Africans to vote with their feet and hit Woolies where it hurts most. Never, ever, spend another cent in their stores again; NEVER EVER!!

Any White seen walking into or out of Woolies' shops, should be viewed as a traitor to his own kind and should be treated as such; ie: With absolute scorn and disdain, because that is exactly what he /she would be - a TRAITOR!!

How dare they discriminate against the very people who put them on the map in the first place !!

Boycott the swines!! They deserve nothing better.


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More than that I cannot agree! May be we must ask the white farmers who supply Woolworse with produce to stop deliveries. Then Woolworse can go and try to get it from their black darlings. We all know that there is not such black supplier in the whole of RSA. Not a single one. Thanks TIA for highlighting this stink move from Woolworse. I, personally know of may who wil never go to shop there again. I also know of some action that going to be launched, and it won't be kaffirlike, it will be classic. I'll keep you in the know when it done. In the meantime, keep us posted, because I personally think that this is by far one of the lowest lowpoints in a long time and people are angry about this.

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I for one love being served by black people..... i dont know what everybody's on about???

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@ConquerGP – Frankly I don’t care who serves me as long as the ‘serving’ is done with competent efficiency. Unfortunately ‘competent efficiency’ is a concept that big businesses in South Africa have been unable to bring to perfection, no matter how convincing their multimillion adverts visualize this myth.

The current anti-Woolies campaign is not only about blatant racial discrimination in our so-called non-racial free democracy, it’s also an expression of deep-seated anger and frustration related to countless other factors. South Africans are waking up to all the hypocrisy and lies… What you are seeing now is only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg… Stay tuned!

The Woolies prejudiced (racialist) career advert is still online:
this role is designated for African Black candidates

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Sms I got from woolies..: Dear Woolies customer, The rumours you're hearing about Woolworths aren't true. Please get the facts at SMS STOP to opt out.

Nope... Not going there anymore..

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@AnonymousMost of the products sold by woolworths is...halal...for moslim consumption,even dont laugh their OUMA bread is halal,ya ouma was a moslim! so Christians and non moslims must pay extra for halal certified food to further islam,this applys to most supermarkets but especially woolworths and pic and pay and all choclate suppliers your necasfe coffee is halal,now moslims being 2% of the population,somethings ..NOT RIGHT..

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Supporters of the Solidarity Movement who recently loaded trolleys full of stuff at Woolies in Rustenburg and left it there have, in my opinion, demonstrated typical mob behaviour. They have nothing to feel proud of! This uncivilized behaviour has created somewhat of catch-22 situation in my own mind as I am, in the light of recent events, no fan of Woolworths either, and will on occasion also support Solidarity (and others) if I believe the cause is truly worthy.

There are other far more civilised ways of showing disapproval, and which are far more effective in bringing about change – for example staying away from Woolies and not purchasing any of their products. My guess is this will never happen though as far too many people are Woolies fanatics.

See the latest posting:
Falling into the trap of Ochlocracy (Mob Rule)

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Hi. Let's stop the hating. It is fair enough to be a critic about the Woolies way of doing things.

I rather see an ill management at woolies trying to put their own agendas at heart here. Never mind the whole BEE/AA, you just cannot risk to employ and promote people because of favourable race.

If 2 candidates of any race are equally skilled and competent, then both should be hired for the good of the company; there's more skills transfer & knowledge through their employment.

That is my fair comment. I do stand with you all against this, but let's not make it a race issue. I'm a black person as well, politically neutral and don't like how the ruling party runs the government or how other employers enforce BEE to save and suit their trade relations.

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