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The Izinyoka Snakes – Is there a connection to Farm Murders?

It has come to my notice that the culprits accused of committing the recent murders in the farming district of Trompsburg have been identified as members of the Izinyoka. Johan Fourie (71) and Cecile Fourie (72) were killed with an axe and a spade in their house on their farm Knoppe on Sunday. According to residents of Madikgetla, a township at Trompsburg, the Izinyoka are also responsible for the murders of Jan en Johanna Greyling in 2006 and the attack on Phillip Henning in 2007. Both Beeld and Praag reported on this issue.

If there’s any truth in these reports then it means that a highly organised group, of national proportions, are behind some of the farm murders and perhaps also other atrocities currently going on in the country, who knows? What's more – there are already indications that the motive for the Trompsburg murders, like numerous other murders, was not robbery... Roof nie motief vir Trompsburg-moorde - (

Izinyoka - Origins
Izinyoka is the isiXhosa/isiZulu word meaning ‘snakes’.  In 2003 South Africa’s electricity supplier, Eskom, launched a campaign to reduce electricity theft and increase public awareness thereof. In a series of adverts run on television, radio and in print, cable thieves and people who made illegal connections were branded "Izinyoka". The adverts played on the traditional fear of snakes as evil with the hope that it would label the villains as socially undesirable, but in the end it had an opposite effect, as the producers never took into consideration that they were dealing here with Black Africans (see Serpent Worship below).  In the typical style of David Icke, TV adverts depicted the villains as evil semi-human reptilians with scales, hypnotic yellow eyes that glowed in the dark, and a darting reptilian tongue – the works!

Click here to view one of these creepy one-minute adverts on YouTube.

The government-sponsored campaign, like so many other 'campaigns' of theirs, turned out to be an absolute waste of time and money. In November 2009, the BBC’s Jonah Fisher revealed that more than half of Soweto’s residents received electricity for free. This was partly due to the actions of a group called the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee (SECC) who believed that it is the people’s right to have free power. The so-called ‘Izinyoka’ were thus never perceived as villains, and were instead bestowed the title of “volunteer technician” – that was after they had mastered the art of hotwiring a few shacks. See the article: House calls with pliers - (Mail & Guardian).

The success of Soweto’s mass mobilisation effort (to steal electricity and oppose the privatization of pre-paid meters) spread to all Black and ‘poor’ communities in Gauteng and finally to the rest of South Africa. The campaign became known as ‘Operation Khanyisa’ (Operation Turn On).

It does not matter from what perspective one looks at this electrifying national dilemma… In the end the act of stealing electricity (or cables) remains a crime that has evolved into fully-fledged Organised Crime. It’s so organized that Eskom and the government are powerless to stop it. Instead of bringing the villains to book they have simply increased electricity tariffs to cover their losses. The whole business is so organized that the SECC’s office is right across the road from the Eskom branch office on Chris Hani Street. Eskom even has regular meetings with these criminals.

According to a report in The New Age, the Izinyoka were even called by residents, using social media, to put a stop to the e-toll system… 'Izinyoka' called to help stop e-tolling.  It was Cosatu, who form part of the ANC Tripartite Alliance (in case you forgot,) who launched a massive campaign to make e-tolling unworkable, remember!?!

Now there are rumours going around that members of the Izinyoka are possibly involved in farm murders, which by implication means that at least some of these murders are being ‘organised’ by a group whose motives can only be vengeance.

Have a look at the following photograph of the alleged killers in the Trompsburg case. Do they look like poverty-stricken hungry people?

Trompsburg murders - Alleged killers in court
Alleged killers - Trompsburg murders
From left to right: Moeketsi Hlassa (27), Mvumvu Nkululeko (26) and Phinias Mothibi (28).
Picture Credit:
As sly as a serpent…
The man on the extreme right, Phinias Mothibi, was employed as a worker on the farm. He casually made his appearance on the scene, on Monday AFTER the gruesome murders were committed, to ask for half a bag of mielie meel. According to Nico Kruger, son of the Fouries, the man even politely offered his help… Can you believe that?!?

This is a perfect example of what we are dealing with in this country…. S-N-A-K-E-S!

In an older posting, The Root Cause of Farm Murders in South Africa, I came to the conclusion that farm murders are a spiritual onslaught by demented souls of the devil. What right mind would want to slaughter the hands that feed them? The posting also placed some emphasis on Witchcraft, but the subject of Serpent Worship was not mentioned.

Serpent Worship
Besides the expectation of getting free electricity through the illegal actions of villains, the subject of serpent worship could perhaps also have played a role in the failure of the aforementioned Eskom campaign, because serpent worship is still entrenched, albeit in varying degrees of reverence, in African mythology and religion.  Although "worship" in the context of African beliefs and practices is a rather vague and inconsistent term, the serpent nevertheless remains a powerful cultural symbol in many African cultures.

The full text of "Serpent worship in Africa", by Wilfrid Dyson Hambly can be read online here. The pdf-version can be downloaded here – (4.6MB)

The following map, sourced from the pdf-version of Hambly’s book, shows the distribution of serpent beliefs in Africa. The map also indicates the location of principle African tribes and localities, roughly as it was in the year 1931 (I presume):

Map - Serpent Worship in Africa by Wilfrid D. Hambly
Plate Source: Serpent Worship in Africa by Wilfrid D. Hambly, Field Museum of Natural History, Publication 289, Anthropological Series Vol. XXI, No. 1, Chicago U.S.A. 1931
(Click on the image for a larger view)

The Izinyoka Snakes – Is there a connection to farm murders? Of course there is… You must be blind if you cannot see it!

LATE BREAKING NEWS ::::: Another Farm Murder!

Volksblad have just reported (while compiling this posting) that another elderly farmer, Badie Badenhorst (91), who lived alone on his farm Tolpoort near Venterstad, was murdered late yesterday afternoon. Details are still sketchy at time of posting.

This is truly getting out of hand now!


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UPDATE – Venterstad Farm Murder
Volksblad reported this morning that the attacker of Badie Badenhorst shot himself (committed suicide) moments after he killed the elderly farmer. He shot himself with a .22 pistol he stole from Mr Badenhorst. The farmer lived alone on the farm after his wife died in 2008. This was the second farm attack on Badenhorst. The farm is situated about 120km from Trompsburg where the Fouries were recently murdered. More details in Volksblad.

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Look at the arrogance of the bastard on the left. No shame or humiliation for killing a elderly person. Just pure hatred. Every single white person in SA should be up in arms about the killing of white farmers and the barbarism of it all. However sticking your head in the sand seems to make it go away. Sad

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Related News:
One person was electrocuted at a Roodepoort sub-station on Monday, causing a fire which left the area (14 suburbs) without electricity after an incident of cable theft, Johannesburg City Power said. The fire at the sub-station also knocked out traffic lights, resulting in Monday-morning traffic jams.

Spokesperson Sol Masolo said the body of a person (Izinyoka???) who had been electrocuted was found in the Roodepoort sub-station…. See full report on News24.

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Mike Smith's blog seems to be down.

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I knew it, he was making things too transparent for those in charge. The breakdown, of what the real struggle is and always have been. Minerals and riches of South Africa and the totally unscrupulous way of obtaining them. Here is hoping he will surface somewhere else.

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Yep Mike is down, hope its just a rest like earlier this year!

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Also looking for Mike ...

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Rosh Hashanah hangover?

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I think too that perhaps the origins of the "snakes" association might have been from the numerous illegal cables - attached to electricity power sources/light poles - feeding direct to homes and businesses.

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I found this blog whilst searching for Mike.
Great blog BTW - Good articles - will be back.

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