Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Humiliating South Africa’s Top Detectives

This is a pic of the recent arrest of Captain Crouse from the Port Shepstone office. He drove to Durban to hand himself in and then they handcuffed and paraded him in front of cameras and media, and then released the cuffs when he was out of sight. The same was done with several other policemen who also willingly handed themselves over for arrest.

Sourced from the Facebook Page:  Organised Crime Unit Cato Manor

Captain Crouse was the investigating officer responsible for solving the 2010 sugar cane serial killing case on the South Coast – (news report here). Among several other cases he also solved the murder of Pieter Burgstaller, an Austrian soccer legend, who was shot dead in November 2007 at the exclusive Selborne Hotel Spa and Golf Estate in Pennington.

A total of 30 policemen have now been arrested following investigations by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) and the Hawks. Collectively these men face more than 100 charges including racketeering, murder, attempted murder, theft, unlawful firearm possession, defeating the ends of justice, assault, and goodness knows what else... Yet, the State (ANC Regime) had no problem releasing these ‘dangerous criminals’ back into society on R5000 bail each, which only confirms my suspicion that this whole affair is nothing but a desperate and concerted effort by the Marxist-Communists to disgrace and humiliate the country’s most talented and most dedicated detectives, probably with the hope that these detectives will pack their bags and leave the Police Force for good.

Yes, I know – where there’s smoke there must be a fire, but don’t tell me that all these 30 policemen are criminals, or that all 30 are involved in so-called ‘death squad’ activities as initially alleged by the Sunday Times.

It’s becoming all too obvious that the ANC government is utilizing every available opportunity to drag this country down into a dark pit of hell. That they’ve so shrewdly utilized the media to humiliate South Africa’s top detectives, of whom the majority coincidentally happen to be White, is further proof that the ANC is obsessed with the ethnic factor, and that they are thus intent on crushing minority groups in this country. 

Don’t be fooled by the fact that they occasionally crucify their own kind in the process… It’s all just part of their ploy to conceal their true objectives and also their racist views. In many cases their attempts at crucifixion are all a farce anyway, as the cases of Jackie Selebi and Schabir Shaik so perfectly illustrate. At the end of the day they want this country all for themselves (Africa for the Africans) and nobody else. This is their ultimate objective – even if it means burning this country to the ground!

Let’s hope there’s still money left in the State coffers when the “Not Guilty” verdicts are delivered and when the civil lawsuits get filed!

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whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Tia, thanks for this one. You are correct. I as an ex police officer, retired with rank colonel, cannot believe what and how these scum is busy to humiliate white officers. You don' need to be a seer to understand their agenda. It's obvious. And the sideshows with it! Armed to the teeth taskforcemembers just to arrest a white officer! I dont want to say it, but now I will, fucking scumbags! They are of such character they should have been behind bars. All of them. Now of the point. I hear within a short time from now, there MUST be 50% woman in parlement, that means that we will effectively be governed by a bunch of meide! what a shame! Hell these people. Its rediculous!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I believe it is quite safe to assume that the ex-terrorist and convict, Anwar Dramat, is finally taking his revenge.

Who is Anwar Dramat?
Anwar Dramat (now National Head of the Hawks) was sentenced to 12 years on Robben Island in 1988 for his activities as an ANC “Umkhonto we Sizwe” underground operative. His name also emerged in the hearings of the Truth Commission as a torture victim of security police Captain Jeff Benzien, who applied for amnesty for the murder of Ashley Kriel. Dramat joined the SAPS in 1994 at the age of 26 after serving only 6 years of his sentence.

This cartoon here explains it all.

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Tia, thanks, I must say, so many things are happening right now that I completely forgot the Dramat factor. When you explained it, I only then realized what you said. It,s deffinitally something to be worried about. He is still a terrorist and will always be one. How on earth he got that rank is a mistery, despite the fact that he was favoured by JZ himself. I mean his got NO training, or for that matter an education to be in that posision. Well if you didn't gave us this story, surely some might think that the charges against the said officers could be true. Unfortunatally Mr Bezien didn't do a good job with this piece of low scum. Please, keep us posted. I also hope that the men involved will get a fair hearing. We know what and how these low life scum can lay false accusations.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

High court date has been set for the 5th Feb 2013

Full news report: IOL News

Carte Blanche video

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Blood on their Hands: General Johan Booysen Reveals His Truth

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