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Farm Murders – Emphasis should be on Prevention

AfriForum has again, for the umpteenth time, made demands to the government for farm murders to be declared a priority crime, and that specialized units for rural safety be formed. Until now the ANC government has turned their back on these demands in an attitude that basically says, “Fuck you; it is YOUR problem!”

“We don’t need a rural safety unit; what we need is public participation when it comes to combating crime.” - ANC Government spokesman Lwandile Sicwetsha - (the same words have been spoken by a string of other government officials).

Now how can the public participate in the combating of crime when the criminals are armed to the teeth with AK-47 rifles? Is there not sufficient evidence to show that when members of the public participate in the combating of crime, particularly Whites, then 9 out of 10 times they get locked up? Hell, the government has even locked up some of South Africa's top detectives for simply doing their job too well! Is it not the primary duty of government (and not the public) to protect its citizens?

When a former ANC MP, David Dlali, was murdered near his farm in Matatiele in the Eastern Cape, in June this year, I honestly thought the incident would rattle some cages in the Union Buildings, but apparently it has not. They were quick to express how deeply saddened they were for the loss of such a hardworking and committed servant of the people through a senseless killing (Dlali was a former underground operative of the ANC's armed wing Umkhonto we Sizwe). His killers, who both worked on his farm, were apprehended a day after the murder took place. Police also recovered an AK-47 rife, two magazines and 11 rounds of ammunition, as well as R5000.

Although it is reassuring to see that AfriForum has reorganised and intensified their campaign, it will unfortunately not stop the killings. It’s all good and well to create worldwide awareness and to shout out aloud, “STOP THE MURDERS”, but in the end the emphasis should be on PREVENTION.

What is really needed to stop these killings is a 24-hour armed guard (minimum 2) on each and every farm where security measures are inadequate.

They can start by placing armed guards on farms inhabited by elderly folk, as it seems that these folk are the ones who are normally targeted by the cowardly scum killers.


AfriForum’s latest complete campaign plan can be downloaded from their website, but the main 12 projects entail the following:
  1. Launch awareness campaigns on local and international level.
  2. Involve opinion makers to take a stand against farm murders.
  3. Introduce a research report on farm murders.
  4. Garner support from other organisations.
  5. Investigate a legal strategy.
  6. Act against hate speech.
  7. Prepare for an international campaign.
  8. Hold a national day of protest.
  9. Hold meetings with the Minister of Police and the National Police Commissioner.
  10. Organise local protests against farm murders.
  11. Support local community safety networks.- (Yes!)
  12. Offer assistance to victims.
Website links to AfriForum’s campaign:
Get Involved! - Raak Betrokke!

The latest heartbreaking news…

Trail of blood in Free State farmer's home
2012-09-10 09:06

Bloemfontein - The small town of Trompsburg in the Free State has been shocked by the brutal murders of a farmer and his wife.

Well-known and popular members of the community, Johan Fourie, 71, and his wife Cecile 72, were shot dead on their farm on Sunday, reported Volksblad.

The couple were last seen when they had lunch at their son’s house in town. 

Their bodies were found in the bedroom shortly before 20:00. Both had been shot. The gun safe had been broken open.

An unnamed source said there was a trail of blood in the house, leading from the living room to the bedroom.

A police spokesperson said the attackers appeared to have been waiting for the couple after gaining entry through a bathroom window.

“They were very friendly people who wouldn’t have harmed a fly. The whole town is shocked,” said a Trompsburg resident. 

Police are investigating.

Source: News24

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whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Tia, this goverment has already years ago decided they wil do sweet blue all about this. Afriforum can try, but we all know what the outcome will be. After years in the SAPolice force, and many years in the operational area of SWA and some6yrs in Rhodesia, I thought being armed day and night was finally something of the past. How wrong was I! Today I go nowhere without my sidearm. It's not te be a big shot, it's for me and my family. Even at night when you hear anything you're wide awake and ready. I don't want any surprises. For the farmers, its better to be alert all day long than to be as statstic. One night in march this year me and my wife attended a meeting with the group we are suppliers of. We came home at 22h30. A big surprise awaited us. A black bastard waited in ambush for us on the porch. How I overpowered this piece of trash is still a mistery to me. But I did. Really, I hit an kicked him with everthing I had in me. I even jumped on his empty head, several times. I then called the police. As I said, it was in march, until this day no policeman arrived or contacted me. 03h00 I knew they won't come. So I gave him anther hiding of his life and set the moron free. What must I do with him? I was lucky, unfortunatally others had to pay the highest price. By the way the police are useless. Te policemen trying to make a differance are sistematically taken out, one by one, or as in the case of genl Booysen, the whole unit.

White Oak said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I agree with your suggestion of placing armed guards on each farm. We have thousands of unemployed whites living in appalling conditions in backyards and squatter areas. Farmers can accommodate them by supplying decent living areas and food whilst they can be trained to supply much needed security. Just a thought...

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Whiteson and White Oak...

Good idea. As a Rhodesian I know what to do to secure a farm. It is not cheap but the farmer can write it off as an operating expense.

The first thing he must do is build a safe room. In this room he must put his radio that is connected to his neighbours. Good fences are next. Clearing scrub and brush for a suitable distance around houses, barns, stores and roads is next.

All farmers must make "informal" commandos who will respond immediately to the alert.

Farmers should employ an all white (NOT ONE BLACK EMPLOYEE - not even a tea girl) rural service who does nothing but patrol 24 hours a day in the area accosting anyone who does not belong there, so the locals get to know that NOTHING moves in the area without these guys knowing it. Farmers can also call in suspicious people/vehicles and get them to check them out.

Unemployed whites should be used as security guards. Firstly, they are the farmers brothers. Secondly, they will do it for food and a roof. Thirdly, most of them already know how to work with a firearm.

But... Above all else the farmers themselves should be AWAKE and AWARE continually.

Every labourer that leaves should be replaced by capital intensive machinery or an unemployed white.

Employing the unemployed whites is a double edged sword however because you never know when you are going to get a "Danville Special" who is more of a danger to you and a bigger millstone round your neck than the blacks.

Plus... In the area of the majority of farm murders there are no land claims as that land has been held in Boer hands for over 100 years. Putting more whites into those areas will only strengthen any claim we make to a cultural homeland as we are entitled to by International Law and Treaty. And that, my friends, is a WIN-WIN.

whiteson said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks ANON, note taken of your suggestion. I still remember 1975, Mt Darwin, the perimeters of the farmhouses, the Rhodesians took cordtex placed it in a shallow rurrow and on top crusherstone. The could set it off by the press of e button. They deterred many terrs with that system. How effective it was I cannot say, but at least, they did something for their own protection. Today we face faceless scum who who, in many cases, work for the whiteman. His only desire is to us wiped from the face of the earth.

Boertjie said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Latest update on the article I'm writing to Genocide Watch...

The text-part and proofreading is done. I'm currently inserting the citations and references.

The article is about 15000 words on 40 pages.

And I devote a whole section to recommendations.

Hopefully I can send the article to GW within 2-3 weeks.

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