Friday, August 17, 2012

Who planned the Marikana massacre?

Lonmin Mine Police Shooting
Picture Credit: Taurai Maduna - Eyewitness News

The latest news reports reveal that 34 people were killed and 78 others injured at Thursday’s shooting incident at Lonmin's Marikana platinum mine in the North West province. This places the official death toll currently at 44 if the 10 deaths caused by earlier violent protests are added.  A few international news agencies have described the incident as, “the worst death toll in police action since the end of apartheid in 1994.” (Example here)

The obvious root-cause of Thursday’s bloodbath in Marikana is the ongoing voracious turf-wars between the dominant, government-backed, National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the newer Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), who also want a piece of the big African pie.

Besides greed, which is the main underlying factor why the ANC will forever (until Jesus comes) throw a spanner in the works of any opposition that dares tread on their territory, even if it means employing the most vile gangsters of the underworld, there are a few other indicators worth mentioning that point to the fact that the Lonmin massacre was, in all probability, deliberately planned by clandestine elements whose true identities will probably never come to light. The management of Lonmin Platinum Mine came essentially to the same conclusion a day before the massacre - (read here).

Whoever placed the absurd belief in the heads of these protesters that a monthly salary of R4000 could magically triple overnight to R12500 knew quite well what the consequences of such an absurd notion would produce, for they understood perfectly well the workings of the Black African mind. They also understood perfectly well that it doesn’t take too much effort to awaken the age-old inborn violent and boisterous nature of Black Africans.  The worldview that we are all equal and that such nasty stereotypes cannot (and must not) be pinned on a specific race, group or culture, thus works agreeably towards camouflaging the motives and identities of the true culprits behind Thursday’s massacre.

These same culprits, whoever they are, also knew that fright and panic will routinely kick-in the very moment when the panga -wielding hordes started gathering in their 1000’s to chant their war songs.

And speaking of fright and panic…

Shame – the CEO of Lonmin mine, Ian Farmer, caught such a big skrik (fright) that he was diagnosed with a serious illness and admitted to hospital… Did he perhaps fall seriously ill the moment he witnessed the scene as depicted in the following video, which was recorded by Beeld the day before the massacre took place?

Money (the R12500) was the carrot-bait that lured the sheeple-masses to a hilltop, which effectively made them sitting ducks. With two dead police officers added to the equation (and one in hospital in a critical condition), plus their missing firearms, plus a strong armed police presence on the scene, the recipe for a looming disaster was superbly concocted.

While there most certainly were policemen with twitching trigger-fingers eagerly waiting to take vengeance on their deceased and wounded companions, there surely was also a covert crowd sitting comfy somewhere, probably sipping Chivas Regal, silently praying to their ancestors for the negotiations between the protestors and the police to fail.

There will definitely be much talk about the Lonmin massacre in the weeks to come, with the media placing considerable emphasis on the legitimacy of police actions. Journalists and other bright sparks of all sorts will be running around in circles trying to gather and reveal juicy evidence of how many fleeing protestors were shot in the back, how many were shot in the head while lying down, and how many unarmed protestors died of multiple gunshot wounds, and so forth. In the end we will only read what the almighty ANC Regime and their masters in Londen will want us to read…  A definite certainty is the fact that no Judicial Commission of Inquiry or any official probe will ever uncover who was really behind the tragedy, definitely not while the ANC remain the supreme puppets in charge of South Africa's internal affairs.

Oh, I almost forgot… This is what happened to the price of platinum on 16 August 2012, the day of the massacre:

Platinum Price - 16 August 2012
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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It is the "masters in London" who is the greatest threat to this country. The jewish Rothschilds and their ilk who is responsible for this cuntry's problems. Why don't these turd world savages blame Oppenheimer and company and stop blaming the whites. The whites don't own any mines, banks, cartels and oil conglomerates. Maybe they should start boycotting Nestle, Kellogs, Coca-Cola and all the products made by jewcartels.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

And just for the record….

I am 100 percent behind the police on this issue… They followed the correct procedures according to the book, but in the end they were left with no choice but to defend themselves. The troublemakers should be thankful their fatalities were not higher.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

And here comes the proof of the crowd shooting at the police:

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Tia... Although I agree with your sentiments and the fact that if you murder policemen and then 'attack' them, you need to get what is coming to you, the police are NOT completely "innocent" in precipitating this incident.

They had been there for days, in a deteriorating operational situation and were essentially, judging from the nine clips I have watched, caught COMPLETELY off guard with NO operational plan.

The situation here is not unlike that faced by the police at Sharpeville. Their own had been killed immediately prior, the operational situation was deteriorating fast, and the mob swooped... However, Sharpeville had NO warning. These guys had three or more days of warning.

It seemed to me that the police were as undisciplined as the mob and were completely out of their depth.

Surely riot control 101 is still taught at the academy.

What I saw in those clips did not inspire a belly full of confidence in the "thin blue line"... In fact it inspired quite the opposite. I think the unordered barrage of return fire from the police after receiving three or four NON EFFECTIVE shots was the reaction of complete panic and absolute disorder.

A calm ordered shot from a sniper/designated rifleman would have defused the situation immediately and removed the threat.

I realise visibility was not good with the smoke and dust and angle of light, but I am now even more convinced that the once proud police force has become nothing but a rabble with guns and power...

I have personally been on the line in townships in the 80's and have dealt with large and violent crowds. The police made the same mistake here as they made then... Applying too little, and the wrong type of, coercive force applied in the wrong place in order to stamp their will on the assembly.

While I agree that sharp-point ammunition should ALWAYS be the policeman's avenue of last resort, sometimes a well placed shot does a lot more than fruitless hours of water cannons and tear gas and rubber bullets. That just pisses people off!!!

What I am trying to say, is within the limitations of their mandate, this kind of aggravated situation will ALWAYS occur. They simply are NOT ALLOWED to use the force required to defuse this kind of mob with the minimum of bloodshed. T-I-A. Sometimes it requires a tough call to widow someone.

Three days prior, had a well placed bullet or two taken out the ring leaders of the mob, this event in all likelihood would never have occurred.

I was further shocked at the firearm proficiency and fire discipline I witnessed. How did they get proficiency certificates as required by the FCA? This was not an ambush contact in Ovamboland against a well trained and even more well armed SWAPO force. This was a couple of okes with pistols and pangas who had smoked too much bad dagga and were feeling brave, and who could be seen creeping up for minutes before the "attack"...

I think something has fundamentally changed in how the peasants are going to view their protectors, and that is frightening. We are going to see violence explode in this country...

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon (1:50 PM)

Let’s face it, the Police Farce we have today cannot be compared to the fine Force we had before Jackie Selebi came along to stuff it all up! Although manpower shortages were always a problem back in those bygone days, the calibre of men - as far as discipline and competency is concerned, were far superior to today’s bunch of gun-toting clowns in uniform, most of whom who cannot even shoot straight no matter how hard they try… (a common phenomenon among the dark-skinned species of this planet – which in this case may have been a blessing in disguise, otherwise the fatalities would have been far higher!)

However, there are still a significant amount, albeit few in numbers, of competent policemen in the Police Force of today (and I’m not saying they’re all white!)… It is due to this small number of able and dedicated cops that the current Force is still in ‘operation’, and it was they who I was referring to in my previous comment when I said, “I am 100 percent behind the police on this issue…”

I was not there when the shooting started – so it’s rather difficult to deliver an opinion based solely on video-footage. But, while I was compiling this posting my intuition told me that the media was going to follow the politically correct avenue, and blame the police… They always do!

Thanks for visiting and for sharing your viewpoint on this blog!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Ian Farmer, the CEO, suddenly becomes ill. One thing for sure, these jews never do the dirty work themselves. And they love to change their names. Bronstein becomes Lenin, Dschugasvilli becomes Stalin, Rothstein becomes Redstone and the list is endless.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks for the feedback on my post.

An interesting comment on Mikes blog seems to indicate they were herded into the kill zone.

The clips I saw did not indicate this, unless I am missing something. IMHO it seemed as if this group deliberately crept up on the police. If they were indeed herded, it points to very sinister happenings behind the scenes.

As to discipline and the hard core... Of all the clips I have watched the only white policeman who fired was the guy with the shotgun closest to the rioters who was in clear and present danger... More from the crap fire control of his comrades than from the mob.

LOL!!! @ "most of whom who cannot even shoot straight no matter how hard they try... (a common phenomenon among the dark-skinned species of this planet)". Yeah, while the highly trained forces of 32BN and others of the old SADF could shoot strait, it did take a hell of a lot more training and practice to keep their 'eye' in. Also - I spent almost two years in Angola with EO training FAA... Eish!!!

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