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The Griekwastad NASPERS-PSYOP continues

When I first commented on the tragic Griekwastad murders in a posting dated 8 April 2012 titled, The Strange Case of the Steenkamp Triple Murders, several readers misinterpreted the article. They thought that it was I who was suggesting that Don Steenkamp murdered his family, while in reality the posting said nothing of the sort; it was merely pointing out that it was the Afrikaans media (Naspers) who had planted the idea in their heads.

In the penultimate paragraph of the initial posting I stated: “If forensic trace evidence and other investigations, which point to the involvement of outsiders, do not shed some light on the matter very soon, then I’m afraid Don Steenkamp is going to be the prime suspect in this case…” There’s a big difference between someone who is accountable for committing murder and someone who is considered a prime suspect.

Whether, or not, Don Steenkamp (aged 15 years) is the chief suspect in this case, is NOT the main issue here… In fact, as was pointed out earlier, section 28 the Constitution of South Africa, which defines a child as a person below the age of 18, enshrines certain rights to juvenile justice. One way of respecting these rights is to avoid publishing negative and condemnatory information about the child. This factor, it seems, hasn’t bothered the almighty Naspers group of publications in the least, because they have found in the Steenkamp triple-murder case the ideal opportunity to carry out a ‘Sting Operation’ of immense proportions on the minds of their target audience, i.e. - Afrikaans-speaking Christians . It was this ‘bizarre and unimaginable’ Naspers-objective that the follow-up posting was trying to convey.

The past week has been a rather eventful one for South Africa, particularly with the London 2012 Olympics currently in full swing and with South Africans doing so well in the swimming and rowing events. One would have expected that Rapport, one of South Africa’s leading National newspapers, which, according to focuses exclusively on the Afrikaans-language market of approximately 1 396 000 readers , would have gone to the trouble of dedicating their front-page to the remarkable achievements of South Africa’s sportsmen and sportswomen at the London Olympics. Is this not what readers normally expect from Rapport?

Surprise, surprise!!!
The bold headlines of today’s Rapport newspaper reads: Don erf alles - (English: Don inherits everything) The subtitle reads: Iets ‘groots’ kom in saak, sê NVG (English: Something big is coming in [this] case, says NPA [National prosecuting authority]) Rapport dedicated about two-thirds of prime front-page space to the story. The remaining space featured a picture of Oscar Pistorius, the South African amputee athlete who finished second yesterday in his first-round heat in the men's 400 metres sprint.

Rapport Headlines: 5 August 2012

That a tragic farm-murder and the private life of a 15-year old child (whether he is a suspect, or not) has been so disgracefully exploited by South Africa's national media, is appalling to say the least! Why is there no front-page coverage of other farm killings, where the suspects are known to be racist Marxist blacks, or front-page coverage of the full-blown communism that is looming in South Africa?

On 21 April 2012 the Rapport headlines, again reporting on the Griekwastad case for the umpteenth time, also threatened that an arrest was imminent - Griekwastad: Arrestasie kom. Since 6 April 2012 when these murders took place nothing really significantly newsworthy has been published about the case by Rapport, or by any one of their many sister publications. It’s as if this case is being exploited to the max, to encourage readers to buy the print version of Rapport, and to also keep readers in suspense – eagerly waiting for the next piece of juicy bullshit.

In the meantime – Naspers has managed to execute one of their most successful psychological operations of the year in conjunction, of course, with the daily coverage of other news such as the Boeremag Trial, for example. As a consequence Afrikaners are not only becoming increasingly more liberal (leftwing) in their views, but they are also becoming increasingly more reluctant to place the blame for the ongoing farm killings on racist Marxist blacks, which, surprisingly, is now fast becoming the internationally accepted viewpoint on this sticky ANC problem.

In short - Afrikaners living in South Africa have been conditioned by the media to hate themselves, and their belief systems. This fact was again confirmed this morning when I overheard a customer’s comment while passing the newspaper stand in my local Spar: “Daar’s die klein bliksem weer; kyk who skuldig lyk hy!” (English: There is the little brat again; see how guilty he looks!) In other words, the customer’s emotions and reasoning where influenced by merely glancing at a newspaper’s front-page… He didn’t even have to pick-up or purchase the paper. This is quite scary, if you come to think of it!

Incidentally (just for the record)...

The U.S. Department of Defence defines psychological warfare as:
"The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behaviour of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives." – Source
Media Control
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Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Minderjarige vas vir Griekwastadmoorde

’n Minderjarige familielid van Deon Steenkamp (44), sy vrou, Christel (43), en hul dogter, Marthella (14), wat op Goeie Vrydag in hul plaashuis by Griekwastad vermoor is, is vanoggend gearresteer by sy skool in Bloemfontein.... Sien volledige berig in Rapport

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Minor arrested in Griekwastad family murder

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with a family murder on a Griekwastad farm on Good Friday this year, Northern Cape police said on Tuesday.

Captain Cherelle Ehlers said detectives arrested the boy in Bloemfontein on Tuesday.

Read full news report on

Mike Smith said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Looks like you were right about this all along.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

What is the legal situation if you inherited from the people you have killed and you are found guilty on the murder charges? Anybody knows perhaps?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The maxim de bloedige hand en neemt geen erf (the bloody hand cannot inherit) has been part of our common law since Roman times. The recent case of Danielz NO v De Wet and another, decided by the Cape High Court, confirmed the legal principle that an offender is not allowed or entitled to derive any benefit from their own criminal conduct. - Source

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