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Cato Manor: KZN Hawks boss arrested

Major-General Johan Booysen
KZN Hawks head, Major-General Johan Booysen (SABC)
This posting is a follow-up to an earlier post titled The Cato Manor Witch-Hunt, which relates to the June 2012 arrest of 20 police officers, who were all formerly attached to Durban’s disbanded Cato Manor Organised Crime Unit.

General Johan Booysen, former head of the Organised Crime Unit and now KwaZulu/Natal’s provincial head of the Hawks, was not arrested during the earlier farcical raids. In fact, at that time Hawks spokesman McIntosh Polela said: "Major-General Booysen is not part of the investigation.” – Source

The previous posting conveyed my disgust for the underhanded manner in which the 20 men were arrested by a team led by their Hawks colleagues. (When the unit was disbanded earlier in February 2012 several of its members were incorporated into the Hawks.) It is thus no wonder that the media later described the affair as a “public relations nightmare.”  I also expressed my disgust that the media had humiliated these crime-fighters with the demeaning terms, “Death Squad” or “Hit Squad” long before they had even appeared in a court of law.

Among the 20 people arrested in June 2012 there were 2 men, who were not part of the Durban Organised Crime Unit but members of the National Intervention Unit. The charges against these 2 men, Dumisani Nzama and Sivuyile Ngodwa, were withdrawn, and they were released amidst rumours that they had turned State witness. The remaining 18 were released on bail of R5000 each. They face 14 charges of murder, 14 of unlawful possession of ammunition, 14 of unlawful possession of firearms, and four of house breaking.  Also on the provisional indictment are 14 counts of defeating the ends of justice, and 14 of unlawful possession of weapons and ammunition. Source

In my humble opinion this whole affair is a travesty of justice (a typical Communist-government witch-hunt), but the truth will eventually surface. It’s just a pity that these fine men are being publicly humiliated like this, and that their families have to also suffer.

General Booysen, a fine gentleman and an excellent cop, and also an old police acquaintance of mine, has now also been arrested together with 11 others. They were detained in Durban yesterday, but as usual the procedures for bail-application were delayed for some unknown reason (probably just for the hell-of-it). I presume they will be applying for bail today (Thursday).

IPID spokesperson Moses Dlamini said, “If they wish to apply for bail they are welcome to do so." Dlamini also mentioned that the 12 suspects would join the 18 initial accused in court on Friday.

Collectively they face more than 100 charges including racketeering, murder, attempted murder, theft, unlawful firearm possession, defeating the ends of justice and assault... It all sounds terribly serious, does it not? -- Yet, the State (ANC Regime) has no problem releasing these ‘dangerous criminals’ back into society. What a circus!

Full news report here.

Demmit – but this country has gone to hell - I cannot keep up with all this chaos!

Organised Crime Cartoon


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Ja, it makes one wonder. As an ex-cop myself I also knew genl Booysen. As you said a fine person himself but in fact a finer cop. We must remember this socalled government wil do anything in their power to degrade a successfull white person. Thats not new or news to us. But as you said the public smear campaign is the only thing they(public) will remember, despite the coming case which still has to be proved against them. I predict the state will get something to prove their guilt. In the meantime, all I can say is NOBODY can trust those ANC scum. If you re white they will get you. I think in this case it's like that. Thank God I went on medical pension, I know it's more than 1000 horrors to work with these monkeys in tis point in time. Please keep us posted, because the media is just another handy tool for the ANC bastards.

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Case postponed to 29 October 2012 - The men are all out on bail.

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The following news report was sourced from The Mercury:

Booysen refuses offer to hide face

By Tania Broughton
August 24 2012 at 06:49pm

Moments before provincial Hawks head Johan Booysen stepped, handcuffed, into the media glare on Wednesday evening, he was asked if he wanted to cover his face with his jacket. He refused.

“I have never covered my face and I never will,” he said yesterday in an interview with The Mercury shortly after being released on bail of R5 000.

With a police career spanning 36 years, the general had just spent a night behind bars after being arrested on a racketeering charge relating to the alleged “death squad” killings of the now-disbanded Cato Manor serious and violent crime unit.

Booysen is listed as accused number one on the indictment detailing more than 100 charges, which was to be officially served on him and 29 other police officers when they appeared together in the Durban Regional Court for the first time yesterday.

He described his night at the Durban North police cells as “degrading and unnecessary”.

“I am a policeman. I have been through the mill. But last night was not pleasant. I didn’t have a sheet so I slept on newspapers,” he said.

Of his arrest, he said he had seen it coming.

“Since December it has been clear to me that I was the main target in this investigation. The reasons for this will come out at the trial.

“I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but the forces at work made it inevitable.

“My conscience is clear and I have done nothing illegal. I am determined to prove this in court.”

He intended going back to his office at police headquarters yesterday to work and, he said, he had motivated the others to do the same.

Unlike in the first swoop in June in which 18 policemen were arrested, the State did not oppose bail at yesterday’s hearing before magistrate Delia Turner.

With Booysen in the dock were Bongani Zondi, Eugene van Tonder, Ernest Nkubane, Nico Crouse, Thomas Dlamuka, Sandile Mfene, Sibongile Sikhulume, Vincent Auerbach, Shane Smith, Asogram Pillay and Mukesh Panday.

It was confirmed that Booysen had handed over his passport to the investigating officer and he agreed to hand over his state-issued cellphone today.


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High court date has been set for the 5th Feb 2013

Full news report: IOL News

Carte Blanche video

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Blood on their Hands: General Johan Booysen Reveals His Truth

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