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FED UP with Racially Prejudiced Behaviour in South Africa!

I’ve had my fair share of nasty experiences lately at public institutions where the overwhelming majority of employees happen to be incompetent Black Africans. Since being discharged from the Steve Biko Hospital (old HF Verwoerd) in May this year, I’ve had to return every second week for blood tests. This week, by pure fate, I also ended up transporting an acquaintance of mine to the Kalafong Hospital (Hospital of horrors) situated on the western outskirts of Pretoria in the Black suburb of Attridgeville.

I am totally convinced that all the nasty incidents I experienced lately – every single one of them – happened purely because my skin colour is white. There is no question about it, so don’t even try challenging me on that fact!

My last visit to the Steve Biko Hospital was on Tuesday this week. I arrived there at 06:15 and finally left the place at 16:00 – an all-day affair, just for a simple I.N.R. Warfarin blood test! - (read more about the test here.)

At the Steve Biko Hospital the procedure works as follows:
  1. You first report at the registration department on the 6th floor where you hand in your admission card. You then wait until your name is called.
  2. You then wait at another facility on the same floor where they draw a sample of blood.
  3. From there it’s off to the cardiology department on the same floor, where you wait, and wait, and wait, until a doctor sees you.

My troubles started at the very beginning, at the registration department… When 'a name' was finally called, which sounded like mine – but I wasn’t sure (as most Black Africans have difficulty pronouncing it correctly), I went to the front to make enquiries.

After being treated like trash and spoken to as if I were a five year-old, I decided to report the black woman’s rude behaviour to the hospital's complaints manager. His name “Steve Makoena” and his contact number were clearly displayed on the walls of the building – close to the huge glossy Batho Pele posters, which some of the staff have obviously never read.

Steve, whose office sits on the 9th floor, was a no-nonsense kind of guy, with that typical Bheki Cele appearance and attitude. After I had officially lodged the complaint on paper, it only took him 5 minutes to “sort our those bitches at registration” (his words).

It was only near the end of the day that I realized how my actions (of lodging a complaint) had added fuel to the fire. There is no doubt in my mind that I was deliberately boycotted at every possible opportunity… My hospital file went missing, hospital staff pushed latecomers ahead of me in the queues, and the general attitude towards me was clearly intended to annoy and provoke me.

The Kalafong incident is another story altogether… In that place of horrors the hatred towards the Whiteman is so intense that “atrocious and frightful racially prejudiced behaviour” hardly describes the intensity thereof.

For example: In the labour ward White husbands are only allowed to see their wives and newborn babes during visiting hours, while Black husbands can come and go as they please. White kids, who are dying to see their newly born brothers or sisters, are not allowed in the wards and must wait outside, while Black kids are allowed in, unsupervised… They’re also allowed to run up and down the corridors screaming their heads off!

Whites with cameras are not allowed on the hospital grounds, while Blacks can take as many pictures as they want with their fancy cellphones. When Whites contravene any of these unwritten rules the nurses will not hesitate to call the security guards. The aggressive guards usually arrive in packs of four or more, armed to the teeth… believe me, I know! Certain parking areas inside the complex are restricted for “Blacks Only”. It’s another unwritten rule, but the security guards at the gate will inform you in the most callous manner possible that, “you whites must park outside!”

At first, I had no intention of sharing my latest personal experiences on this blog, as I’ve accepted the fact that people who treat others with disrespect and contempt either have a problem with their self-image or suffer from an unhealthy malfunction of some sort. I’ve used this approach for some time now to control my own emotions whenever I’m provoked.

But despite my efforts of remaining cool, calm and collected -- I must admit that  it does get a bit too much at times. When one bad incident follows the next in rapid succession like it happened this week, then its hard not to entertain thoughts of retribution. Once those thoughts are brought under check it is normally followed by thoughts of packing bags and escaping to more tranquil places.


The real incentive for sharing my story on this blog came after someone brought the following news under my attention:

It’s another story (one of many) that draws attention to the fact why it is dangerous to have unstable and stupid people serving multicultural societies, and why it's best to keep people with different cultures and upbringing separate from one another.

The story concerns a White lady, Hestia Kotze, who was harassed, assaulted, and illegally arrested by a Black traffic cop while she was on route to visit her dying father in hospital. Although the incident was reported in Beeld on Tuesday this week, the mainstream English media, such as News24 for example, have, to date, not said a word about the incident yet.

The following English version of the story was sourced from

Cop Assaults Woman racing to dying father
Posted by abongile - Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Hestia Kotze
Picture sourced from Beeld

A Klerksdorp woman trying to reach her dying father to say goodbye was allegedly assaulted by a traffic officer on route to the hospital, according to a report in Beeld newspaper on Wednesday, June 06, 2012.

Beeld newspaper reported Hestia Kotze’s father Koot de Beer died as she pleaded on her knees, in handcuffs, while a traffic officer allegedly manhandled her, swore at her and sprayed pepper spray in her face.

“I was doing no more than 120km. I moved into the other lane, and gestured to him, saying it was an emergency and I needed his help. My headlights and emergency lights were flashing,” she said.

The officer followed Kotze to the hospital, allegedly apprehended her outside the entrance and threw her onto the ground. Witnesses said he shoved Kotze against a fence, swore at her, pushed his knee into her back and squirted pepper spray in her face.

Kotze was taken to the local police station, where she was granted bail and charges against her were dropped by the Potchefstroom Magistrate’s Court, but she said she would pursue a civil claim against the officer.

- TimesLive/Sapa

Stay tuned and stay safe!


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

What kind of “fate” would force a white man to go to Kalefong?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon (8:33 AM) - The reason why I used the word “fate” was because I wanted to avoid telling a long drawn-out story, which included giving reasons why and how I ended up there in the first place. But while you’re asking, and while I have some time on my hands…

The man’s wife was initially admitted to “The Wilgers” hospital in Lynwood Rd, Pretoria East, but then complications arose. She was then, for reasons unknown to me, transferred to the Pretoria West hospital, but when no doctor pitched up to assist her she was transported per ambulance to the nearest facility where they have doctors on 24-hour standby. The nearest hospital happened to be Kalefong, where an emergency caesarean was performed.

The husband was in a state of shock and also had no idea where Kalefong was, so he asked me to drive him there. The Black nurses refused the man entrance to the ward as it wasn’t visiting time yet, so we stood around waiting, as it was pointless driving 30 km’s back home.

Later, when the baby was finally delivered, the couple asked me if I didn’t mind taking some photographs of the baby at the hospital. I was confronted by an arrogant nurse the very moment she saw me with a camera in the ward. The camera is smaller than most of the fashionable cellphones people carry around.

She first wanted to confiscate the camera but I just laughed at her and pointed to other people (Blacks) standing around taking pictures with their cellphones. I was then asked to leave the ward and stand outside the building, which I was too glad to do as I couldn’t bear the stench of the place anyway. I had hardly been waiting 2 minutes outside the ward when a whole gang of Black security guards pitched up, wearing black uniforms, with handcuffs, batons – the works! All hell broke loose while the bastards ‘interrogated’ me and tried searching for the camera, which by then I had well hidden in a concealed pocket inside my jacket.

I believe my butt was saved when a heavily built white fellow appeared on the scene about a minute later. The guards then vanished into the blackness of the night… And that is more-or-less the end of the story – in short.

Any more questions?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I’ve misspelled the name… It should read “Kalafong” and not “Kalefong”. The error in the posting has now been fixed. Unfortunately there’s no way to fix comments that have already been posted. Apologies for the typo!

And just for the record…
I think it is only fair to mention that the lady who was admitted to Kalafong, and who had the caesarean performed there, was quite happy with the treatment she received. She was seen by White doctors only. The baby, a healthy beautiful girl, was delivered without any complications. Both mother and baby were discharged yesterday afternoon, 7 June 2012.

Adrem said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Good of you to publish your experience in those places of horror, I admire you for your patience in dealing with these incompetent, arrogant and terrorizing goons who appear to be beyond reproach.

It is imperative that such events are made public for everyone to read how wants to know. The Liberals will ignore it and so will the MSM, but it is the steady drop dripping that will eventually hollow the stone.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

As a comparison to the experience you have had...My wife suffers from Lupus, and her cocktail of drugs necessitate a 6 monthly checkup. This involves X-rays, blood tests, lung function test, urine test and a quick once over. We usually arrive at 8:30 and having a breakfast after the whole affair at 10:00. And all this done with smiles and a polite demeanor. This is how SA was pre 94, and how it should be. Pack your bags old son, come to New Zealand. I did the whole thing quite late in life and very happy that I did. Oh yes, the charge (since I am still a saffer) $3 for the script, no charge for the rest.

Karolien van der Watt said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

So sad to hear about all your negative experiences. One of my students was admitted to Kalafong Ward 5 for an Appendectomy. I feared for her, but may fears were proven to be totally unnecessary. The staff: reception, nursing staff and doctors has all been caring and helpful. Thank you for caring for my student Kalafong.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi Karolien, thanks for leaving a comment. Please note the date of this posting (June 2012). Things may have changed for the better since then.

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