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What’s going on in Heilbron?

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All hell seems to have broken loose in the small town of Heilbron in the Free State province of South Africa.

The following was sourced, word for word, from FarmiTracker:

Hell breaks out in Heilbron: ten fires within few days: nursery, homes, cars, library torched: no motives: all properties belong to Afrikaners

Fires were set at ten different places in Heilbron in past 2 days - the police and community are pleading for help on Facebook to help 'fight the hell which has broken out'. Fears are that the arsonists will not be caught: Agri-SA spokesmen said they were still investigating the mystery-fires, and the news media have been unable to get any explanations from the local SAPS: Heilbron Phone: 058-8535245 Fax: 058-8521170.

The Heilbron Herald reports that on Tuesday night a car belonging to the local pharmacist Jolene Herbst was torched; that same night a fire was set at TrenTyre in which a car was burnt out. Early Thursday-morning eight different fires were set: at a guesthouse in Heil Street two vehicles were set alight: an Isuzu bakkie and Honda Ballade were completely burned out. Around the same time a local plant-nursery raised the fire alarm: arsonists threw burning material through a window. Fortunately the building was saved.
A thatched-roof building was also set alight but didn't burn: people often don't realise that old, closely-packed thatch roofs do not contain any oxygen and do not burn nearly as easily as is believed.

Several private homes, a hardware shop, the library and a petrol-station also were torched. All were suspected arson, and no thefts or robbery-attacks were reported in these incidents.
Rumours are that children are often seen running from the sites after fires were started, but nobody has been able to confirm this by catching them. It's also not clear what the motives of these criminals are nor in most cases, what their exact methods are to start the fires with.

The Heilbron police has not responded to requests by Maroela Media to respond to the fires which are terrifying local residents. 

--- End FarmiTracker Report

See also the latest Afrikaans news report in the Volksblad:
Heilbron ‘word deur skurke regeer’


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I think this is a part of the ongoing low intensity war that is being waged on farmers in South Africa by the ANC regime and their black racist friends.

It is very easy in the DRY Highveld to cause MASSIVE amounts of damage to unharvested crops, livestock, dwellings and vehicles through "unsuspected" fire starting.

Last year saw a surge in veld fires that were started by "human causes". There were several arrests made of BLACK arsonists throughout the North West region. There were also a number of racist incidents where BLACK police acted against the WHITE farmers instead of the BLACK arsonists. This tells me most clearly that these fires are most likely an act of war and are being sanctioned at the highest level.

A fire ripping through an unharvested maize field now WILL FORCE THE FARMER OFF THE LAND. He is indebted to the bank to the hilt to be able to plant. If he does not reap a harvest HE WILL LOSE HIS FARM.

Connect the dots flatfoot ;-)... It's not that hard.

A farmer friend of mine now employs a nightly force of 6 armed night guards until the harvest is off with the primary motivation to keep a fire-watch over the crop. If the crop is lost he will lose his farm. The insurance covers the INPUT only. Without profit there is no production/bond/vehicle loan repayments.

This is the life of the farmer in the "New Improved Free Democratic Non-Racial South Africa". Where racist blacks can burn you off your land with impunity.

Free the Boer Republics!!!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon (9:32 PM) - Thanks for your comment! I was beginning to wonder if anybody was taking notice of this posting and the question in the heading.

"With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country."
- Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (April 1986)

I tend to agree with Mike Smith in this regard… It’s the return of the Scorched-Earth policy. See also an earlier posting on this blog: South Africa on Fire!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks for the reply... I must say I regularly "troll" around here. The articles are generally excellent and always show some insight.

I am getting increasingly concerned at the level and the widespread nature of the so-called "service delivery protests".

In Orange Farms earlier this year the police could not get close enough to the rioters to begin exercising control for several hours.

From there the list of townships on fire is endless and covers the entire country.

Some black acquaintances of mine have indicated that they are increasingly concerned with what they term the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY of BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE AND GENOCIDE. Two of them are very well connected with the youth in various townships and are alarmed at the level of "feelings" being expressed at the moment. One has recently been declared persona non grata by the ANC in his area for daring to speak out. He now fears for his life and has not returned to the township in question since then.

Putting this information together with certain events and the extremely militant attitude of the unions at the moment leads me to become more and more inclined to believe that there is something very SINISTER happening in our country at the moment.

While the whole country is focussed on the High Priest of The Trouser Snake Cult's trouser snake, it is on fire around them.

I feel that Heilbron may represent a very alarming "step up" in anti white (especially Boers and Afrikaners) actions... All "apparently" being launched by a "spontaneous" groundswell.

Until now, DIRECT attacks against the Boers/Afrikaners have been limited to robberies and farm death squads.

I'm not sure I like the implications of what is happening in Heilbron at all.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Direct contact - these arsonists have no racist views since they torch things belonging to white people and they are white. The dimwits are just rebels and like being in control. 2's been caught and arrested, and are young males. The rest is still free, still creating havoc. A lot of people is in on this and I know it since it's a small town (very small where everyone knows each other) so there's NO way that the ones who saw them run away wouldn't be able to ID who it was. Every day I sit and worry about my family living there (I grew up there) and pray that they catch those sick young people. The two that were caught is my age; one is 26/27 and the other a few years younger. Their whole lives ahead of them and yet they sit in court and don't tell who else is involved. To what extend would you defend your accomplices if you will get extra time in prison for obstruction of justice? No sane person would. Well, obviously these arsonists aren't... It costs thousands of Rand to put out a fire in a car or building if you include all costs. Oh and while the 2 were in prison (transferred to bigger, higher-security prison last Friday) there were more fires and break-ins (like the previous ones), but the idiot broke into a teacher's house after setting fire to the school wearing a RED jacket and mask. Heilbron is small - a lot of people must know who owns such a jacket as it was described as unique, yet no-one comes forth with information. I think there's a hell of a conspiracy behind all these acts that have yet to be revealed... Just hope by that time it's not too late with lives lost. Written by a true Heilbronner at heart, Heilbron, my hometown, is going up in flames with the devil"s advocates leading the way. Who will help?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon 6:56PM - Thanks for this excellent feedback. It is much appreciated! Please keep us informed when you hear more news. The media is not reporting this news.

A Stuijt said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Please note that the link you've mentioned in that article is no longer operative. However you can view original articles about the Heilbron terror on and other pages. All the files have been transferred to so please correct tha URL address so that the articles can be found again on that particular archive.

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