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Griekwastad Tragedy – UPDATE (Part 1)



Click here for Part 2  -- Part 2 focuses more on the “Forensic Ballistic” aspects of this case.

This posting was inspired by the, yet unsolved, triple-murder tragedy that occurred recently on a farm in the Northern Cape near the town of Griekwastad. The latest gossip-news by Rapport, by mouth of police spokesperson Captain Cherelle Ehlers, has revealed that an arrest is imminent (Griekwastad: Arrestasie kom). Yet, the Naspers-media has published so much rubbish about this case that no one knows what to believe anymore.

Volksblad reported on 13 April 2012 that the outcome of this case is going to surprise people – The Afrikaans headline reads: “Steenkamp-moorde: ‘Uitslag sal verras’. This type of sensationalism, coming from a Naspers newspaper, doesn’t surprise me in the least. In fact, it is a menacing forewarning that their target audience (Afrikaans-speaking Christians) are going to be shocked out of their wits. The suspense has now been further aggravated by the announcement that the SA Police refuse to provide any further details about the case.

I would liked to have presented this article in Afrikaans, because it is mainly the Afrikaans-speaking community and their religion that is being punched in the face by the Naspers bosses and the communists who control them. However, there is a large portion of visitors from overseas countries visiting this blog who are not fully acquainted with the Afrikaans language – besides 99.9 percent of the Afrikaans-speaking folk are fully acquainted with the English language, so I do not foresee any problems in this regard.

When I first posted an article about this tragedy, on Sunday 8 April 2012 - the same day Rapport covered the story on their front-page, I gave it the title: “The Strange Case of the Steenkamp Triple Murders.” At the time I had no idea how “strange” things were going to get, but based on the numerous confusing media reports thus far, it has certainly turned out far “stranger” than I ever imagined.

When I posted my initial article I had absolutely no insider-knowledge of the case, and to this day I still have none. My initial interest in the matter was spurred on by the passion I have for firearms and forensic ballistics, and also my awareness of the upsetting and sensitive issues related to farm murders in South Africa.

About three days after my initial posting I had already formed a reasonably clear picture in my mind of what could possibly have happened on that fateful day. However, considering that the police have not finalized their investigations yet, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be overtly forthright at this point in time, especially if one takes into consideration that there is a 15-year old juvenile involved, whose rights have already been shamelessly violated by the media, and who has already acquired the services of legal representatives to protect his rights.

This blog is not going to add more confusion to the many rumours that already exist. Instead, it’s going to point out very briefly the media-psyops involved, and also provide readers with some lesser-known aspects of the science of Forensic Ballistics, which will be covered in the followup posting - (PART 2).

I’ll not be hammering too much on the psyops-connection in this case as I do realize that it may be somewhat mind-boggling for most readers, and even for those who dared to ignore the warning message at the beginning of this article. However, while we’re on the subject I would like to refer sceptics to a very recent article published on politicsweb called, “How to ruin a newspaper group”. The article is about Gavin O'Reilly stepping down as chief executive of Independent News & Media (INM), and mentions how INM was handpicked by Nelson Mandela, in 1994, to purchase the Argus Group of newspapers… So, please – don’t even try convincing me that the Naspers assembly of chiefs haven’t also been handpicked by the current communist rulers of this country!

If there’s one thing the communists hate the most, it is the religion of Christianity. When they cannot murder, rape, maim, and torture Christians, they will assault their minds by any other vile methods imaginable and unimaginable, which includes following the route of casting doubt and thereby altering the way Christians perceive their own religion.

With the Griekwastad case this is far more than just a psyops, it is more like a Naspers STING OPERATION... I’m not alone when this blog speaks of these matters. There are numerous other bloggers worldwide that have also spoken out about how the Main Stream Media has shrewdly played on the emotions of their readers, with the purpose of ultimately influencing their future behaviour. Who gives them the right to be the guardian of our thoughts?

Here are a few recent examples - sourced from the blog Mike Smith’s Political Commentary:
Here follows the front-page headlines Rapport has published so far:
(This blog’s ‘unimaginable’ brief esoteric interpretations thereof are in brackets.)

First front-page headline 2012-04-08: Seun op sy knieë: 'Hul is almal dood'
Boy on his knees – ‘They’re all dead’ - (This is an implied reference to someone who is praying, on their knees. It was basically a preamble of what is going to follow, namely: A mockery of and an attack on the Christian faith.)

Second front-page headline 2012-04-15: Nagmaal, toe moord
Communion, then murder - (An unambiguous and explicit reference to the traditional Holy act of Communion, followed by the shocking act of murder. It’s nothing but and inferred and scandalous attack on the traditional Church activities of Afrikaner-Christians.)

Third front-page headline 2012-04-22: Griekwastad: Arrestasie kom
Griekwastad: Arrest is imminent - (A cryptic warning and a threat: We will crush you and your religion!)

On 10 April 2012 Beeld journalist, Magda Swart, published an article online: Wanneer alles net te veel raak - (When everything just gets too much). Although nowhere in the article is the Griekwastad case mentioned, there is no doubt that the article was directly related to the tragedy. The opening paragraph asks questions such as: What drives a person to suddenly kill a group of people? Is there a single moment when something breaks inside you, or is there a run-up pattern?

(Wat dryf ’n mens om op ’n dag skielik ’n klomp mense om die lewe te bring? Is daar ’n enkele oomblik dat iets in jou breek, of is daar ’n aanloop? Magda Swart doen verslag…

It is becoming so blatantly obvious that the multi-tentacled Naspers group are planning a massive sting operation, that I simply cannot keep quite about it anymore! Just look at the most recent media gossip on this issue, and how they’re stalking Don Steenkamp’s every move. Forgive me if I don’t provide all the links, but search the pages of "Volksblad", "Die Burger", "Beeld", "Huisgenoot", and "You Magazine", and you’ll see what I mean.

Okay, enough of this shadowy stuff. Let’s move on…

In the forensic-crime field it is considered highly unethical and unprofessional to deliver and opinion until all the evidence has been analysed and interpreted correctly. Some of the forensic procedures are also time-consuming and cumbersome as laboratories have a whole list of protocols to adhere to while the various types of evidence are being analysed. Depending on the type of evidence involved, there may be several different Forensic Analysts working independently in different scientific fields, in the same laboratory. In other words, it is quite understandable that these things can take some time to be finalized.

In their eagerness to create sensational news and increase sales, I’ve noticed that the media have a rather debauched viewpoint when it comes to professional ethics. It seems they’ll do anything to publish sensational stories divulged to them by naïve and gullible people, without confirming the validity of the gossip. They certainly cares less whether the public knows the difference, or not, between the terms “suspect” and “killer”! While it appears that they don’t purposely point fingers, they sure know how to generate subjective images in the minds of their readers.

The photographs and the YouTube videos published by the media, showing the Church Service and focusing explicitly on close-up images of the minor child (the sole survivor), was a disgraceful display of utter disrespect. It also made a total mockery of children's rights in South Africa. 


Picture source:
Visit the following links to report these videos and voice your disapproval:

The incomprehensible reports published in the media, and apparently announced by various police spokespersons, have developed into a jumble of irrational assertions that make no sense. Some of these reports are listed below in chronological (date) order, but bear in mind - there are plenty more -- For example: The church minister’s words, as headlined by Die Burger on 12 April 2012: “Hoe kan een mens so wreed wees, vra leraar” (How can one person be so cruel, asks minister) – How did he know there was only one person involved? Did the media perhaps plant the idea in his head?

The incomprehensible sequence of news reports:
  • Rapport: 2012-04-07 - At this point no suspects have been identified.
  • Volksblad: 2012-04-08 - The police are not looking for a suspect.
  • Rapport: 2012-04-14 - The investigation is not being handled as a farm murder. It looks as if a family tragedy has occurred.
  • Volksblad: 2012-04-16 - The police suspect that a teenage boy may be responsible for the tragedy. -- (See note below)
  • Die Burger: 2012-04-17 -  Headlines: Teenage boy is the only suspect after slaughter - (Afrikaans: slagting??)
  • Rapport: 2012-04-21 - It is not true that the sole surviving family member (a teenage boy) is a suspect. - This is also the same report that carries the headlines: “Griekwastad: Arrestasie kom” – (Arrest is imminent)
  • Huisgenoot and You magazines: 2012-04-26 - Headlines: ANGUISHED SON TELLS UNCLE: I can’t believe they think I did it.

Note: The Volksblad report, dated 2012-04-16, was published almost a week after the post-mortem examinations were finalised, on 10 April 2012... It reveals quiet a mouthful of information pertaining to the science of Forensic Ballistics, and creates the impression that certain observations were made by “experts” who attended the autopsies, and who also re-visited the actual crime scene. With reference to the two firearms that were found on the scene, the report creates the impression that either:
  1. The test-shots fired in both weapons showed a positive match with the ballistic evidence collected at the crime and during the autopsy, or
  2. Assumptions were made by experts purely from visual inspection of the gunshot wounds on the deceased persons.
The report reveals that there was apparently only one shooter. All three victims were shot at close range. Both firearms, the .357 Magnum revolver and the .22-rifle were apparently used.

Here’s a breakdown of what the report suggests may have happened on the scene:

The mother: She was shot first while sitting in front of the computer in the TV-room. She was shot twice, but the fatal shot was presumably caused by a shot fired in the back of her head.

The father: He was the second person to be shot. He was apparently shot three times, with one shot in the head.

The sister: She was shot twice: once in her side and once in the head.

In other words, according to the above scenario, a minimum number of seven (7) shots were fired, by one (1) shooter, using two (2) firearms.

The Volksblad report was compiled by two journalists: Jana van der Merwe and Charné Kemp. It goes without saying that they double-checked their facts before going to print.

What is going on here? Do the police have sufficient evidence to make an arrest, or have they perhaps made a mess of things again?

Click here for Part 2  -- Part 2 focuses more on the “Forensic Ballistic” aspects of this case.


Mike Smith said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Good one TIA. I am also following this closely, but will wait for the final outcome before I say anything. So far you are absolutely right. The media will milk this case for all it is worth. It is like hitting the jackpot.

Just a small note. Are you sure its Volkskas and not Volksblad?

"The Volkskas report was compiled by two journalists..."

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks Mike – Typo’s fixed!

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