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Farm murder horror continues - Solidarity

Farm murders: Enough is enough! Immediate action is needed:
Campaign against farm attacks launched shortly!

By Ilze Nieuwoudt

Farm murders in South Africa have reached a crisis point and stern action is needed to tackle the problem and to have it classified as a priority crime, the Solidarity Movement (specifically Solidarity, AfriForum and Kraal Uitgewers) said today. The Movement was reacting to the spate of farm attacks that has terrorised the farming community since the beginning of this year.

In the latest incident, 36-year-old Christo Jansen van Rensburg from the Heilbron area was petrol bombed and set alight by attackers on Tuesday. He survived the attack, but sustained serious burn injuries. In another attack, Dave Foxon (43) was shot in cold blood in front of his pregnant wife and two children on a holiday farm outside Hazyview.

The Solidarity Movement's publishing house, Kraal Uitgewers, in cooperation with Solidarity and AfriForum, will soon be launching a campaign against farm attacks. The campaign will involve, among other things, a project in which all South Africans affected by farm attacks will have an opportunity to tell their stories. Their stories will be documented in a new book that will serve as a memorial for the victims of farm attacks. The organisations will also put pressure on the South African Police Service (SAPS) to classify farm attacks as a priority crime.

"The agricultural community has been living in fear for years and new incidents of farm attacks are reported almost daily," according to Dr Dirk Hermann, Deputy General Secretary of Solidarity. "In the meantime, the police and the government are turning a blind eye to the problem and are trying to pacify the agricultural community with promises of a rural safety plan. A month ago, the SAPS announced the imminent release of a safety plan that would deal with issues such as police visibility in rural areas, service delivery at police stations and the relationship between the police, farming communities and extended rural communities. However, such a plan has not been released yet."

"In the first edition of Kraal Uitgewers' book on farm attacks in South Africa, Land of sorrow, more than 2 600 attacks and murders over the period 1990 to 2010 are listed. These figures do not give the full picture, however, and the truth is even more shocking," Hermann explained. "The book will be updated this year. Everyone's story must be heard. We must not remain silent about the brutality of farm attacks which causes our rural community to live in a permanent state of fear."

The Solidarity Movement has also thrown its weight behind the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa's appeal the SAPS to classify farm attacks as a distinct crime. "For as long as farm attacks are not viewed and classified as a separate type of crime, it will simply not be possible to crack down on the problem. It is true that this type of crime is difficult to classify precisely, but it cannot be denied that attacks of this nature differ from murders and attacks that occur in urban areas," Hermann said.

The following are among the farm attacks that have occurred this year:

Saturday, 14 January: Dries du Toit was attacked and killed during the early hours of the morning on his farm in the Ventersdorp area. His wife and sister were also assaulted during the attack. 

Thursday, 26 January: A 70-year-old farmer, Corrie Potgieter, shot and killed a trespasser who tried to gain entry to his house on his farm in the Karino region, west of Mbombela. One of the three robbers held the farmer's gardener while another unexpectedly pointed a firearm at the farmer. Potgieter shot the robber. When the police arrived at the scene, it was discovered that the robbers had used BB guns in the attack. (This attack was one of several in the district.)

Sunday, 29 January: The body of 77-year-old Hendrik Johannes (Boet) Cilliers was found on his farm approximately 15 km outside Stella in North West. It is believed he died some time during the weekend after he had been severely assaulted, tied to a tree and shot.

Sunday, 5 February: Girlie van Niekerk (62) was assaulted by two intruders. They also tried to strangle her. That attack happened at the Group 14 smallholdings outside Bothaville. 

Sunday, 12 February: Reinetha Venter (59) and her daughter René (27) were attacked on their farm approximately 30 km outside Modjadjiskloof. Reinetha was stabbed at least ten times in her hands with a knife before she and her daughter were tied up. 

Monday, 20 February: David Hall (48) was assaulted and shot dead during an attack on his dairy farm in the Fochville area. His wife, Bernadette (44), was tied up during the attack.

Tuesday, 21 February: Carel Bester (74) was attacked by a robber on his smallholding on the Eindhoek Suiker Estates approximately 13 km outside Empangeni.

Thursday, 10 March: Vic Nel and his wife Hannie were attacked on their farm near Vergeleë in North West, about 10 km from the Botswana border, at around 21:00. Shots were fired at Vic. The couple were tied up with cables and robbed.

Tuesday, 20 March: Tjokkie Venter (34), a farmer in the Harrismith district, was assaulted on the farm Uitvlugt by workers of a farm belonging to the South African National Roads Agency. He was stabbed in the face with a knife and hit on the head with an iron pipe.

Sunday, 25 March: Bouke Tack (57) was shot in the back during an attack on his dairy farm Golden Valley in the Magaliesburg area. The attack left him partially paralysed. His wife Olga (53) and son Marnus (18) were also at home at the time of the attack, but were not injured.

Wednesday, 28 March: The owner of a house on a farm in the Donkerhoek area outside Zeerust shot dead an intruder in the early hours of the morning.   

Tuesday, 3 April: At van der Merwe (68) died after he had been severely assaulted on his farm in the Leeubosch area in the Bloemhof district.

*Friday, 6 April: Deon Steenkamp (44), his wife Christelle (43) and their 14-year-old daughter Marthella were murdered on the farm Naauwhoek outside Griekwastad in the Northern Cape.

Sunday, 8 April: Charlotte Sroneman (64) was stabbed to death in a robbery on the farm Dagbreek outside George in the Southern Cape. Her husband, who was also stabbed, survived the attack.

Tuesday, 10 April: Christo Jansen van Rensburg (36) from the Heilbron district was petrol bombed and set alight by attackers. He survived the attack, but sustained serious burn injuries.

Tuesday, 10 April: Dave Foxon (43), manager of the Umbhaba Lodge near Hazyview, was shot dead in front of his pregnant wife and two children.

Statement issued by Ilze Nieuwoudt, Spokesperson: Kraal Uitgewers, Solidarity, April 12 2012

Sourced from politicsweb

*Take Note:
The Steenkamp murders has developed into a rather controversial and emotional issue, which has shocked  a broad spectrum of South Africa’s European community. See the preceding post and its accompanying comments for more info.


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You know Tia Mysoa we all know that the anc and SAPS do not give a damn about farm murders or any murder of whites in general even in the cities.What concerns me is that Solidarity and Afriforum and most of the white people in this country also allways talk and talk and make promises etc but do buggerall about it, do they, correct me if I am wrong. Whiteys and farmers/boere have become wussies and weak and spinless. I wont hold my breath what Solidarity or Afriforum are going to do about this crisis. We have had 20 tears of it, nou se hulle moet wakker skrik. You were ex SAP and I was ex SADF. Seeing is believing I say.I will do my bit if called upon, not as young and fit as I was in the 70's and 80's but still remember my training and border days well.

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posted on Mike's blog.
Mike - this war and anger around Refugees and Zille has enraged citizens. How DARE she insult our people.
I decided to assess where we are as a nation in 2012.
Our psyche in relation to our values, customs and norms. We are self-righteous about citizens dignity - so we are surely a model country ? We are the watch dogs of our democracy ?

I was shocked at our hypocrisy. We have been desensitized, dehumanized to robotic Pavlovian Dogs who salivate on command. We do not go against the stream and are abject puppets.
We dare not say anything derogatory, negative or in inflammatory, or risk being ostracized. Try to enlighten family and friends as to our political agenda and you are persona non grata.

As a nation - we do not WANT to hear the bad news as "there is nothing we can do about it." I will forgo the Jews and Holocaust syndrome - as we are in a league of our own self-deception. We are complicit in barbaric values.
We are as guilty as the worst criminal.

We are complicit as mute bystanders and condone by silence - the most violent and depraved society behaviour on earth. We are immoral savages as we do not criticize each other.
We read daily horror stories calmly.
The horrific farm murders are too gruesome to contemplate so we ignore it.
That human beings who produce our food are tortured, mutilated to suffer horrendous deaths, is not discussed. DO NOT make waves please.
Newborn babies dumped in garbage bins and rescued still alive - so what. Toddlers dumped into long drops to die slowly is recorded without comment.
Babies of 3 months raped in front of the mother who is beholden for a roof and food. Her reaction "she must just endure it as we have to live." We shake our heads in wonder.
Women abused and used at man's whim is old news. They look for it.
Animals raped to point of mutilation ? Its their culture.
Humans sliced up while alive for muti for savages who are our "compatriots". That is their culture.
Burning humans in tyres and jumping in glee.
Burning a farmer while driving and when he jumps out the car - throw more petrol on him.
Is there a nation as vicious, cruel and inhumane as South Africans ? NO.
Yet we all jump on the PC wagon of what is allowed to be said.

I am ashamed and disgusted with myself at how immune I have become with absence of passionate anger about our government. I surrendered to evil.
In Nat days, I shouted my opinion. Women marched and stood with sashes. People were united in our values and argued and debated where we were heading as lepers of the world.
Little did we know that our future would deaden our passion and compassion for humanity.
We who now stand and watch, say and do nothing - are as guilty and complicit in the barbaric nation we have become.
We are mute puppets on a string.
We are no longer human or humane.
Sue me if you are offended.

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clatedeOne day it will happen that someone will anthrax the main water pipes into major townships since too many are at a breaking point where they have nothing to lose thus forfeiting their own lives . The difference is that they think small and we think big .

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