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Beware of Ubuntu Unity!

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I will not be posting any April Fool’s jokes today, but would like to make use of the occasion to remind folk that almost 18 years ago, during the month of APRIL 1994, South Africa held its first ‘democratic’ elections. It was held from 26 to 29 April, but could just as well have started on the first day of April.

That the entire so-called “Rainbow Nation” was conned by its treacherous leaders and deceitful “western” powers, is old news by now. It is only a small minority who are living comfortably, with their heads stuck in the sand, in homes barricaded by steel gates, high walls, and patrolled by 24-hour armed security, that are still in denial. The rest of us have woken up to the horrors of the New South Africa, although far too many don’t have a clue what to do, who to vote for, or what cause to support.

As far as “causes” are concerned there are far too many of those too, with the vast majority brought to life by the very same “Masters of Darkness” who premeditated Planet Earth’s numerous wars, confusion and chaos. They themselves cultivate and nurture the turmoil, as it is part of their planned process to create their ‘flawless’ New World Order -- (Order out of chaos). It is thus best not to support any cause whatsoever!

The maker(s) of the video embedded below, windsofchangersa, want to take back South Africa, but in reality it’s an attempt to drag everyone down to the same low level of the Barbaric Savage (Ubuntu-Unity?!?) -- See also in this regard, Malema's white boy. They support the Worldwide Revolution Movement, which goes by various names in different parts of the world, but which is commonly known as the “Occupy Movement”. In South Africa it's called, "Occupy South Africa - Operation Ubuntu". The majority of people who support these movements don’t have a clue what they're rebelling about, or in what direction it will lead.

They claim that their prime concerns are the big corporations and global financial system that controls the world in an unstable way that disproportionately benefits a minority and is undermining democracy. Little do they know that it’s all part of a mass scam that shrewdly incorporates the principles of P-R-S (problem-reaction-solution). At the end of the day the people themselves offer the SOLUTION to the problems that were so deviously created by the rulers of this world - (aka “Masters of Darkness”).

The main reason why I’ve embedded this video is because it shows what “Democratic Freedom” really looks like in modern-day South Africa. It’s going to get worse, believe me!



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Ubuntu is the second biggest hoax ever sold the West by South African blacks after Apartheid being a "Crime Against Humanity".

Ubuntu is the second most EXCLUSIVE philosophy in the world after Zionism, but the west seems to believe it is this wondrous inclusive beautiful thing.

Ubuntu works as follows:
In my family I practice Ubuntu to the exclusion of all other families.
In my clan I practice Ubuntu to the exclusion of all other clans.
In my village I practice Ubuntu to the exclusion of all other villages.
In my tribe I practice Ubuntu to the exclusion of all other tribes.
In my nation (race) I practice Ubuntu to the exclusion of all other nations (races).

The key here is the word EXCLUSION. It is never vocalised. It does not have to be. It is implicit.

So when the High Priest of the Trouser Snake Cult talks of Ubuntu he SPECIFICALLY means that BLACKS (because he is black) must show Ubuntu to other blacks. No one else is included and everybody knows this.

It is extremely EXCLUSIVE and is simply limited to the level of the person preaching it. When some traditional leader says "we must show Ubuntu" he means we must show Ubuntu to whichever small group he represents.

This is how it works and this is how it has always worked. Ubuntu is about separatism and elitism and not about universal goodwill at all.

We have seen Ubuntu at work in this country for 350 years. You can keep it!!!

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Hallo Tia

Check out this update on SA from Genocide Watch

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@Anonymous (April 4, 2012 2:47 PM)

Thank you for providing the link. I’ve read the document and share Genocide Watch’s viewpoint that it is a well-balanced (albeit mild) report about the polarized situation in South Africa. However, the report contains a few inaccuracies as far as farm murders stats are concerned, but we know these inaccuracies were propagated by SA’s liberal press and the ANC's Police Farce, so one can hardly blame the author.

Coming from an anonymous author, it is rather disappointing that he/she fails to mention government deception related to the cooking of crime statistics, and how murder dockets (and evidence) simply dissapears in this country.

I’ve noticed from looking at the “properties” of the document that the author is listed as “Liesbeth”. I wonder if this is not Prof. Liesbeth Zegveld from Amsterdam?

Thanks again for the link!

The email's author said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hallo TIA!

I wrote that email to Genocide Watch.

Coincidentally, my dad voiced pretty much the same comments that you did. Just thought I should respond to your comments.

But first, some of the reasons I wrote to GW...

It appeared to me that some people tried to present SA's situation to GW as being worse or better than it is in reality. We are not Zim 2.0 nor Mandelatopia. Regarding politics and polarization, we are moving in the wrong direction. I had to show GW exactly how the ANC ties into all of this. As I've said, the NDR gravitates towards totalitarianism while fanning racial tensions.

Secondly, it seemed that GW's attention regarding SA was focussed solely on Malema, his following and the ANCYL and that the dangers posed by the ANC might have escaped their attention. I had to show them that the ANC themselves also warrents concern.

You say my email is mildly put. I can think of several reasons why my email appears "mild".

Firstly, I strived for a cold hard academic tone with my writing. I tried to be as "sober" and unemotional as possible, as if I were some sort of robot reporting on the situation. I didn't want to put GW in the position where they had to "dig out" the info they needed from emotional descriptions. You get what I'm trying to say, right?

Secondly, I went for a kind of "minimalistic" approach with the info I gave them. I tried to include everything they needed to know, without bogging them down with loads of details. After all, they can't spend ALL of their time studying SA! You can see this minimalism especially under the "other manifestations"-heading in my email.

Thirdly, one of my goals with this email was to focus GW's attention onto the less dramatic and more "obscure" stuff about SA that they need to know. I didn't pay much attention to issues like the ANC's support of "shoot the boer", because GW already knows about these kind of things. I mean, Employment Equity is a little less frightening than a crowd of Malema-fans chanting "shoot the boer", right?

So, to sum up...

I kept my emotions out of my writing as far as reasonably possible,

I tried to present GW with only the nessecary info without bogging them down with mountains of details.

I tried to show GW the risks facing SA other than the "hot spot" that is Malema and his following.

Don't worry, TIA. These people have brains. There isn't need to spell out to them the significance of stuff like the ANC's support for Gadaffi and Mugabe. The people at GW fully realize the significance. Its their job. For example, they specifically stated Malema's support for Mugabe.

Continued below...

The email's author said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Inaccuracies regarding my statements about farmmurders? About the 3000-4000 murder-tally. I couldn't find any source other than Adriana Stuijt for that statistic. And I know you won't like this, but I'm pretty convinced (because of Rooster) that Adriana knowingly fabricated those stats.

As for the other available stats from TAUSA and AgriSA, I fully realize that their stats may be incomplete because they have only the media and their members to rely on for gathering stats. The fact that TAU's stats are lower than those of AgriSA's testifies to this fact. TAU is a smaller organization than AgriSA. Therefore their ability to gather stats is more limited, their stats more incomplete and therefore lower than AgriSA's stats.

But I'm relatively sure that AgriSA's stats are complete enough. This is because they correlate with other stats, like the state's stats (when they still compiled farmmurder-stats). Look at the 2003 farm-attack investigation report for this. The report is on the ISS website.

As for the reliability of crime-stats...I didn't actually have time to really go into this. Basically for now I trust the SAIRR's pronouncements on crime-stats. I don't always agree with them 100%. However, if they are prepared to write so extensively on the ANC-ideology and the implications and manifestations thereof, I am reasonably sure they won't sugar-coat crime-stats.

As for cooking stats to make them lower...I can't make any pronouncements on stats other than murder-rates. And on murder-rates, I can only repeat what Rooster said : that there are plenty of other stats against which you can compare the murder-stats to check for anything fishy. Death-certificate stats, morgue-stats, all those stuff. Just a about a blog-post in which you actually check out these cross-referencing stats? But I do recognise that police-stats ought not to be your first choice for crime-stats. Its really not hard for me to imagine that dockets disappear (or rather, get lost) due to incompetence.

To try to give a straight answer on my stance of the reliability of crime-stats...I fully recognise some of the factors that "adds" to and "subtracts" from the reliability of crime-stats. However, I am hesitent to make any pronouncements on the reliability of crime-stats because I simply don't have all the facts to firmly base my conclusions on. The best I can do currently, until I know better for sure, is to go along with what the SAIRR says.

Continued below...

The email's author said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Something else I should point out to obviously don't have much faith in the objectivity of the mainstream media and other mainstream organizations. But I've been able to present some pretty strong arguments regarding the ANC's true nature by sourcing info from ONLY mainstream references. Even if the mainstream-references are biased to downplay the ANC's dangers, I've been able to source sufficient info from them to raise some eyebrows about the ANC. Don't you agree?

And on the media. For most of the post-1994 years, the media gave the ANC a pretty easy ride. But did you notice that they became more critical of the ANC in recent years? This was since Zuma's ascendency to president despite his glaring corruption, since the Malema-saga and especially since the ANC started to threaten media-freedom.

And another a young guy in my mid-twenties, I'm subject to all kinds of misrepresentations of Apartheid. But the truth has a way of coming out. For example, I've been told the "rooi gevaar" was nothing but propaganda to vilify the ANC with. And then I read from mainstream sources that the ANC-ideology is based in Lenin's theory of imperialism, that the Soviets watched SA closely as a kind of "case-study" for a route to socialism and that the ANC was seemingly intent on moving swiftly to socialism. Sounds to me like the "rooi gevaar" was pretty real. So, have no fear. I scrutinise EVERYTHING I hear and read. And I'm not rainbow-nation-brainwashed. I'm don't have rose-tinted glasses on. You most certainly don't have to spell out to me the mentality that makes a crowd burn and break things if they don't get what they want.

My email is not mild. Its just not emotional. And it doesn't go to great lengths to spell out the significance of the info I gave GW, because they have the brains to understand the significance. And the email is written to give a view of not only the most serious aspects of the genocide-risk in SA, but also the more numerous but less serious aspects.

I don't think genocide is currently imminent in SA, but things are DEFINITELY moving gradually in the wrong direction. To get an idea of how close/far exactly we are to genocide, read on GW's website on present and past genocides in other places. Genuinly horrifying stuff.

I hope there isn't any misunderstanding as to my position on these SA-issues...

The email's author said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Oh yes...and if you're an attentive person, you'll recognise my writings.

And I'm not "Liesbeth". It was a Liesbeth at GW who replied to my email and said they will publish it.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@The email's author said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your viewpoints on this blog. It is reassuring to see that there are still young men, in their mid-twenties, who have their heads screwed on properly… You obviously have a wise father.

You did the right thing to strive for a cold hard academic tone in your writing, otherwise your letter would not have been published on GW.

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