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R1m reward out for the killer(s) of Inge Lotz

The murder trial of Inge Lotz is regarded as the most sensational high-profile trial in South Africa of the past two decades. It has also been dubbed by an American expert as “perhaps the worst case of forensic evidence fabrication in history”, thereby attracting the attention of the world's largest association of professional forensic investigators.

Acclaimed author, Antony Altbeker, who sat through the entire trial, wrote a brilliant book on the story,  entitled: Fruit of a poisoned tree - A true story of murder and the miscarriage of Justice.

For ten months during 2007, the State had the wrong accused, but yet in their eagerness to finalize the matter and crucify Inge’s boyfriend Fred van der Vyver in the process, crucial evidence was not only tampered with but also fabricated. It has now come to light that some of the evidence simply ‘disappeared’ after being removed from a judge’s office, making it near impossible to reinvestigate the case and to find the real murderer(s).

Fred van der Vyver was eventually acquitted, but only because his family was prepared to fork out more than R10 million in order to hire some of the world's leading forensic investigators to testify in the matter, and to point out the grave errors and blunders made by the State. In other words, if Fred’s family were not wealthy he would probably have been guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, which makes one wonder how many other innocent people, who are not fortunate to have wealthy families, are sitting behind bars today.

Only a few days ago The New Age newspaper reported the shocking details of a young man who was wrongly accused of murder. A case of mistaken identity was only discovered after the man had spent eight horrific months in jail. During that time the young man was repeatedly raped as a sex slave and forced into gang life within prison. - (Full details here)

And then you’ll still find people who want the death penalty reinstated in South Africa… What??? -  They must be entirely nuts! If there has ever been a good deed done by the useless ANC government it is their firm opposition to the reinstatement of the death penalty… Thank goodness for that!

The father of Inge Lotz is now offering a R1million reward for anyone who could find the real killer(s). I wonder if he knows that two private investigators have already found his daughters killers, as reported here, but that their investigations are once again being hampered by a useless and incompetent Police Farce!

Lotz father offers R1m reward
2012-03-18 09:40
Marlene Malan, Rapport

Cape Town – Exactly seven years after Matie student Inge Lotz, 22, was murdered, her father has offered a reward of R1m for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer of his only child.

Lotz’s boyfriend, Fred van der Vyver, 29, was acquitted of her murder in a drawn-out court case in 2007.

Professor Jan Lotz said he had lost all faith in the police. “The time has come for me to do something about the case myself.”

“Out there is a psychopath who killed my child in the cruellest possible manner. For 10 months we sat in court listening how police messed up the investigation… Somewhere there has to be someone with a piece of information to complete the puzzle.”

“For this I’m willing to pay R1m.”

Lotz said there were many questions regarding the investigation and subsequent court case that bothered him.

“I’m looking for the towel, which the murderer used to wipe up Inge’s blood and clean the bathroom floor. Then I’m looking for the magazine left by the murderer on her lap and opened at an article about someone in her circle of friends.”

He said he was willing to pay for evidence to be sent to an American lab for forensic testing. He said police had told him that evidence had disappeared after being removed from a judge’s office.

Lotz said there was nothing left for him but to search for justice for his child. “Before I die, that is the least I can do for her. No amount of money is too much for this.”

“I will never have peace if I don’t know who committed this terrible crime.”

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See also: The Afrikaans article in Rapport 

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eduard said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Wellcome to Planet of the Apes.
The scientific question: is the negro race man or animal, or is he he the proverbial "uncrowned beast of the field".
He lacks what any member of the human race possesses, he cannot invent nor discover, with no compassion or any self invented skills, he is but a murderer and a thief by nature.

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The Police and Hawks are aware of who the “Suspect” is in the Inge Lotz murder! In fact I have supplied the Police with an “Eye-witness” Affidavit as to the IDENTITY of the MURDERER!

As a Private Investigator as mandated by Mr. Louis van der Vyver to IDENTIFY Inge Lotz’s MURDERER, I conducted the necessary investigation and then IDENTIFIED an Eye-witness to the Murder of Inge Lotz.

Having supplied the said Affidavit to Major General Mark Magadlela, Piet Viljoen was appointed by Magadlela to investigate the “validity” of the Affidavit. Viljoen then arranged that the Eye-witness undergo a Polygraph test, which the said Eye-witness PASSED without ANY DECEPTION SHOWN.

The reason why the Police are NOT taking action against the IDENTIFIED SUSPECT is because there is an ongoing Civil Action against the Minister of Police and to make an arrest now, would possibly be detrimental to the Defendant (Minister of Police) case.

I would like to meet with and exchange views with Jaccie (family member of Juanita Lotz), who earlier suggested that the family had their “suspicions.”

Anthony Altbeker’s book, Fruit of a poisoned tree is a MUST read for anybody as interested in the Court case against Fred.

Daryl Els

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Exactly, spot on, nothing like the truth. Vermin savages.

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The Super sleuth only wanted the CASH

- Not results.......


The outcome is eagerly awaited.


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