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The Psychopathic Tendencies of Black South Africans

On 24 February 2012 a rather unusual comment was posted on this blog in response to a posting entitled, “Two Academic Communists Snub Afrikaner Family Seeking Refugee Status”. Whoever wrote the comment, using the name “Blippie”, disclosed the fact that he/she was from another Black African country – in other words, from outside the borders of SA. Although the commentator wasn’t superbly proficient with English sentence construction, spelling and grammar (and neither am I at times), these shortcoming did not prevent the person from getting his/her message across, in crystal clear terms.

The essence of the message confirmed what I and countless others have known for years, and that is… There is something seriously and disturbingly different about Black South Africans!

For purposes of clarity I will repeat, in slightly improved English, the main core of Blippie’s message.  (The original comment’s permalink is here.)
Most of you people on here (a reference to this blog, I suppose) should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m not sure if I should pity the Afrikaners for not having the backbone to stand up for their own race, or if I should worry about the manner in which people live in SA. There are people who are saying that the Afrikaner is getting what they deserve, but I beseech these people to get their facts straight. The young adults and children of today’s SA had nothing to do with Apartheid. Their bad behaviour in the current era amounts to a complete lack of wanting to accept responsibility for their own “bugger ups”. Being a white farmer in South Africa is statistically the most dangerous job in the world. It is even more dangerous than the job of being a soldier in the Middle-East. Thank God I don’t live in SA, but in another BLACK African country. I love it. I'm safe, we are all safe. All this rubbish being spewed around that the murder on whites being non-racial is getting old. You do not have to torture and kill a 78 year old woman with a hot iron, just to take her phone. You could just take it if you were there to rob her. You do not have to drown a 12 year old boy in his bathtub after you hacked to death his father and mother, just to take what little money they had on them. JUST STOP pussy footing around the real issue! In the country I live in the majority of people are dirt poor, much poorer than SA. They also had racial segregation in their past, yet they don’t commit the terrible deeds that are taking place  in SA. They never did. The horrific nature of the crimes taking place in South Africa is proof that there is something far bigger than just racism going on. Maybe if you started looking at other factors, such as DNA defects, and single out the psychopaths among you – then maybe you’ll get somewhere. EVEN BLACK PEOPLE FROM OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES THINK THAT THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS. Go ahead, ask one his opinion. They think those tribes down there are inhuman.

The latest xenophobic news…
Nigeria lashes out at SA 'xenophobia'
2012-03-07 08:12

Abuja - Nigeria lashed out at South Africa on Tuesday, accusing its authorities of targeting Nigerians and alleging "xenophobia" after 125 of its travellers were refused entry over vaccination cards.

Foreign Minister Olugbenga Ashiru said Nigeria would respond to any further action after South Africa on Friday refused entry to Nigerians on suspicions that their yellow fever vaccination cards were fake.

Sales of fake vaccination cards are common at Nigerian borders.

Retaliatory move

South Africa's ambassador was summoned to the Nigerian foreign ministry on Monday, and 28 South Africans were refused entry into Nigeria the same day in an apparent retaliatory move.

Nigerian airline Arik Air also suspended its Lagos-Johannesburg flight for a day in protest.

Ashiru said that, despite "cordial" relations at the leadership level of the two continental powerhouses, immigration authorities and police in South Africa were "fuelling the irritation between our two countries".

"And what you saw played out last week is exactly what I have in mind - that the officials in the immigration department are always unfriendly towards Nigerian travellers, and I say that boldly," Ashiru, a former ambassador to South Africa, told a committee of lawmakers.

"Also the police, they randomly, without any reason, go on a rampage and arrest Nigerians indiscriminately and lock them up. What you see playing out is what we call xenophobia by South Africans against all Africans - not just Nigerians, including even those from their neighbouring countries."


South Africans have in the past vented their anger on foreigners, mostly Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, Nigerians and Somalis, accusing them of taking their jobs and committing crimes.

Xenophobic attacks in May 2008 left 62 people dead and caused thousands to flee their homes.

Ashiru pledged an "appropriate reaction" to any further such moves to refuse entry to Nigerians and sent a signal to South African companies.

"They should not take the friendly business environment we have in Nigeria, whereby companies including South African companies are making more profit in Nigeria than in South Africa, for granted," he said.

South Africa's embassy in Nigeria declined to comment.
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Joe Blog said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I think I have traveled around Africa more than the average South African, I have been to 24 African countries, most more than once (eg over 20 times to Nigeria)and Africans elsewhere have no time or respect for SA Blacks, that is just a fact. You jsut do not get the same levels of agression and violence anywhere else.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Joe Blogg - Totally Agree with you.

Our company does a lot of work in Africa outside of South Africa and the first thing the new client asks us is: "Are you going to send blacks? We don't like them and we think they're useless. Please do the work yourselves or send whites."

They don't want us there either. We must just do our jobs, take the USD and get the "HELL OUT"... Until the next job...

It would seem that South Africa is home to a number of species of particularly vulgar, violent and useless black tribes. North of the Zambezi they want NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!!!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

PS: That is a BLACK MAN asking the question - not some gin-soaked expat!

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