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Police Brutality – Not Unusual in a Country Gone Mad!

I’ve noticed that there is a video clip being circulated on several online news sites and blogs, showing clear and undisputable evidence of police brutality in Vaalwater, South Africa. I might as well do my part as well, and show the entire world what a wonderful democrazy country South Africa has become…

Please note that this video has been age restricted, based on YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

YouTube’s direct link for this video is here, just in case there are complications with the embedded one.

This posting will also reveal some background info related to the video, particularly for readers who are not living in South Africa.

First of all, understand that these type of brutal attacks by the ‘liberated’ members of South Africa’s new democratic Police Force happens all the time. It was a mere twist of fate that this specific incident was discreetly filmed, with a cellphone. Normally, if the police discover that someone (whether a journalist, or not) is filming their actions on a scene, all hell breaks loose. It is for this reason that journalists and cameramen in this country are extremely wary of the SA Police Force and its members, and why the police have so-called “official spokespersons” who provide the necessary info to the media.

Incidentally, all hell would have also broken loose in the country if the police officer in this video happened to have another skin colour, besides black.

The incident occurred on 24 November 2011, outside a tavern (another name for k4 booze-and-music den, aka shebeen) in Vaalwater, Limpopo. The brutal assault was secretly filmed by a bystander, but the video footage has only just been made public.

The person being assaulted was a 19-year old, grade 10 ‘juvenile delinquent’ at Meetsetshehla Secondary School in Vaalwater. He was visiting the tavern at the time. Rumours are that he was intoxicated. According to a report in the Sowetan an ambulance was waiting for Mokau at the Vaalwater police station, from where he was taken to hospital and discharged the next day. Mokau then went straight to the police station where he opened a case of assault against the officer.

Although the excessive force used by the police officer can never be condoned, it must be noted that the police, particularly in rural areas where social services are non-existent, often play multiple roles that go beyond their call of duty (and also beyond their expertise). It would thus not surprise me in the least if this was not the first time Mokau stirred-up some trouble at the local tavern. The point I want to make, however, is that although it may appear that the citizens of South Africa (including myself) are unperturbed by this kind of barbaric behaviour and to a certain extent immune to it, it does not mean that their sanity remains unaffected by this type of madness… Absolutely not!

Another point I want to make is that while violent and barbaric behaviour of this nature are being committed all the time by certain hooligans employed by South Africa’s new Police Force, the top management of the police ALWAYS make public announcements stating that they see these actions in a serious light, and that the culprits are under ‘investigation’… And that’s where it stops! The media hardly ever follow-up on these stories, to determine if top management were really sincere, or not… But this is the sort of thing one can expect in a country where a constant atmosphere of emergency prevails… In other words, in a country gone mad!

In this case the officer also continued with his duties as normal, even though their was a criminal charge pending against him. He even served as Commander of the Vaalwater police station while his case was pending.

I often find it extremely difficult to describe in words what it feels like to live among people with a mentality of this nature. In an earlier posting I called it a “Kaffir Mentality", with a follow-up posting called, “The Kaffir Mentality Strikes - again!”, which resulted in my inbox being swamped with threats of closure and accusations of racism.

The bottom line…
This beautiful country called, “The Rainbow Nation” has more than sufficient space and resources to accommodate ALL its diverse cultures in clearly defined separate developments, yet we were all conned into believing that democracy will work, and that by throwing us all together into one huge melting pot it would speed up the process of “unity”. Nobody – not one single politician involved in the sordid affair asked me if I also desired a reunion with the savage blacks, whom I managed to placidly avoid all my life. Now the buggers have not only infiltrated every nook and cranny of our once peaceful and safe neighbourhoods, but have also taken up prominent positions in public facilities, thereby triggering off, among other things, the massive collapse of service delivery we are now experiencing.

Special thanks to for their update on this story.

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Police brutality is unusual to gone mad people. Police officer can also consider doing the physical thing to suspects if they force to scape.

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