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Mike Smith’s last two deleted posts

The sudden disappearance of Mike’s blog –, is somewhat of a tragedy for Tia Mysoa. Not only do numerous articles published here have links referring to some of Mike’s best articles, but this blog also relies a great deal on the traffic that Mikes’ blog was sending to these pages.

Nevertheless, I’m sure Mike’s writings will resurface somewhere else in cyberspace soon. In the meantime I’d like to bring to reader’s attention the fact that there is such a thing called a “Google Cache”. It’s a feature that sets Google apart from other search engines. As that thingy - called a “Googlebot” indexes web pages into the central database, it also saves the HTML portion.

I was therefore able to retrieve the cached version of Mike Smith’s original “Pandora’s Apartheid Box” series as indexed on This Page.

And… while we’re waiting for Mike to resurface, I’ve decided to publish the last two articles that appeared on his blog, before it was deleted - for those who perhaps missed the postings. Both articles spoke the undeniable ferocious truth and are backed-up by relevant links to external news sites…  Shall we see now if this blog is also going to be deleted, or not?


Be warned also that the reader-stats to this page will be monitored with a hawks eye!

The New (improved) South African rainbow miracle - Girl’s intestines ripped out through vagina in crazed exorcism

By Mike Smith
17th of March 2012

Ah yes. I would love to see the cultural relativists and racial egalitarians explain this one away. In fact I would love to see black South Africans explaining this behaviour to me, because I just cannot even start to fathom this kind of primitive savage mentality.

I cannot even start to imagine how someone can do this to an animal. What more to say to a human being...!!!

Funny that when you tell foreigners from Europe about what the truth is about Africans, then they seem to laugh at you. They think you are making up things...yet these reports are from the main stream media in SA...the cases that actually make it into the media. Most of what happens in the rural areas and townships of SA are going unreported.

You, know...As a white person from South Africa, one always asks, "If they are this cruel and can do this to their own kind, imagine what they will do to us if they get the chance?"

Maybe after reading this report, people will begin to understand why we had Apartheid in SA. Why we wanted to separate ourselves as far from these savages as possible. – (Sourced from the cached version)

The article links to an IOL news report - Girl dies after exorcism attempt

  Township dog feeds on dead baby’s leg

By Mike Smith
16th of March 2012

There are many sickening practices amongst the blacks of South Africa but one of the worst is them throwing their newborn babies away on rubbish dumps or in pit toilets.

These babies are then found by stray dogs that feed on the corpses. Its just disgusting what happens in the black townships. I am sorry but I just cannot see how anybody can excuse this kind of savage behaviour and even remotely try to think that races are all the same.

These incidents are not isolated. It frequently happens and is even reported in the MSM. These are only a fraction of the events happening that make it to the papers. Thousand never do.

The article links to an IOL news report - Dog feeds on dead infant

It also links to nine (9) other external sources… Click here to see them on the cached version.


Mike Smith said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

We're back

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I almost had a heart attack!!!!! O_O

Jason the boer said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Mikes new home, welcome back Mike

Jason the boer said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Mikes new home, welcome back Mike

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


I knew it wouldn’t take you too long;-) Welcome back!

Macaw said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Great news Mike. Welcome back. Heck, my coffee was not even cold :)

Max said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The truth shall set you free.

Please check out this series on SA history by a Godly man who tells the truth. I find todays churches still have not woken up to the truth or they are deliberately hiding it. It makes me so frustrated listening to the liberal crap they still preach.

Please market to all you know - by Dr Peter Hammond - and pass on to people like Mike Smith as well. There are 9 clips.

Special note - I like the change in Mike's attitude to God thanks to you.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


Thanks for leaving your comment and for providing the YouTube link.

I regularly publish Dr Hammond’s articles on the sister blog TIA 4 CHRIST. As for the videos… My DataBundle is currently on prepaid, and watching videos tends to whittle away MegaBytes at an alarming rate. I have, for various reasons not switched over to a contract with an ADSL line. I do however have access to unlimited GB’s, but not from my home computer.

I started my own YouTube Channel – not too long ago (see link in sidebar) and will most definitely market Dr Hammonds videos from there, and also on the blogs once I’ve viewed them all first – from an Internet connection that’s NOT on prepaid.

Although I’ve not been in contact with Mike Smith lately, and do not know him personally (i.o.w.. I do not know who he is, except that he’s residing in Germany somewhere), I do know from previous correspondence with him, that he is fully aware that a hidden evil entity is working behind the scenes of world affairs. That evil entity is, without any doubt, the same entity, which the New Testament writings describes as “antichrist”! -- In other words, God’s Enemy in this current age we live in. By the end of this age we are all going to be deceived by this crafty enemy, except for God’s Elect. Many churches believe their members are all “Elect”, but they are WRONG! This is one of the reason why I, and probably people like Mike as well, have an aversion for anything involving “The Church”.

You may be interested in reading an older article of mine, compiled in Afrikaans and published here on the sister blog.

Take care Max, and thanks again for visiting!

Adrem said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Uff - thank you TIA for throwing out the lifebelt and as one can see the truth remains, albeit being continuously bombarded, always unsinkable!

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