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A few words on “OUR History”, by Willem Ratte

An older article on this blog, posted during October 2010, introduced readers to a former 32nd-battallion officer known as, Willem Ratte, a man our liberal satanic media has overeagerly tried to label as a racist, violent, rightwing lunatic, and criminal. The previous article was published at a time when Willem Ratte and a few so-called “accomplices” were again UNLAWFULLY arrested on trumped-up charges on 30 September 2010.

The media made quite a public exhibition of Willem Ratte’s arrest, detention, and also the State’s fabricated charges at the time. While the 63-old veteran soldier’s health slowly deteriorated while he was being detained, mainly as a result of his initial refusal to apply for bail and also his decision to go on a protest hunger-strike, the skunks in the ANC government’s Police Farce fabricated some more charges related to possession of child-pornography, possession of dagga, and goodness knows what other lies they could formulate – all designed to ruin the man’s professional and Christian image in the eyes of those who did not know him all that well. It worked like a bomb, because almost overnight members of the public, who were not all that well-acquainted with the man, wanted nothing to do with him. A facebook fan-page, “Friends of Willem Ratte”, for example, eventually closed down due to a lack of support. When his name casually popped up during a conversation, people fled the scene like scarred rats.

According to a report in PRAAG, Ratte’s wife Zanzi and others who tried to visit him in prison were denied access. Zanzi was unable to bring electrolyte drinks to her husband to help him through his hunger strike, although the prison allowed others to have fast food brought in.

As his hunger strike entered its 25th day, the State once-again made an effort to cast their spell of satanic wizardry by stating that they were ready to continue with the case, ON CONDTION that Ratte applied for bail. Ratte's attorney, however, insisted that there was no need to apply for bail as he had not committed any crime. (See new report here)

The media went into deadly silent mode when all the fabricated charges against Willem Ratte and others were eventually withdrawn, on 23 September 2011. Although a charge of obstruction of justice was laid against the crooked investigating officers involved in his illegal arrest and detention, and briefly reported by News24.com, there have, since then, been no follow-up press reports.

More details related to the fabricated charges and other info. can be read on nolstuijt.wordpress.com. See also the article published on The Right Perspective.

Willem Ratte is a silent and humble man, but when he does say something you can rest assured he knows what he’s talking about. If this country only had about another 10,000 men of his distinction and calibre you can rest assured that the ANC scum-rulers would have been history by now!

And talking of “history”, allow me to share a short letter recently written Willem Ratte:

OUR History
by Willem Ratte
(Sourced from a facebook entry on 13 March 2012)

History. OUR history. We stood and fought on these borders, in the prime of our lives, basically alone. Against terrorism supported, in one way or the other, by communist world powers determined to bring us down and wipe us out. We were never defeated on the battlefield. On the contrary, in South West Africa we, as the strongest power on the continent, hammered and chased Swapo and their backers far into Angola. Out of the jaws of victory, with the enemy's main ally the Soviet Union broken up, our own government snatched defeat by bringing in UNTAG and its rigged election. To be followed by the final betrayal and sell-out of South Africa itself in 1994. By what must surely rank in history as the most pathetic, disgusting leaders any nation had the misfortune to ever have. Leaving us, the common soldiers and our people, as more than a million pieces of forgotten flotsam drifting on a sea of memories, nostalgia, grief, bitterness and, often, despair and hopelessness.

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Our Commandant is the next target of this vile racist regime of murderers and baby-killers, perpetrators of genocide and purveyors of poverty and destitution because he STANDS UP for his people.

They got rid of Eugene and now they want to get the next "extreme right" threat.

Those close to Ratte had better keep awake on his behalf. Two eyes are not enough...

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