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The ANC-Planned Violence in Grabouw and other places

“Ehhh… We have not got enough school books… COMRADES – Let’s burn the ones we have!!! WHOOOO-HOOO!!!”
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The recent violence and disorder that took place in Grabouw in the Western Cape, organised by the Elgin Grabouw Civic Organisation (EGCO), was strongly condemned in a media statement  by Donald Grant, Western Cape minister of education.
“Their actions this morning and over the past week have exposed the organisation for what they really are - an organisation protecting and promoting their own personal political interests above that of the children and the community of Grabouw.”
(Minister Donald Grant)
The above description is a most fitting description for the ANC Government as a whole. It could just as well have read: Their actions over the past 18 years have exposed the organisation for what they really are - an organisation protecting and promoting their own personal political interests above that of the children and the community of South Africa.

Hell people, when are we going to remove this pathetic lot from their high-almighty seats of power?

Thousands of Grabouw residents, including pupils, square up to riot police outside Umyezo Wama Apile Combined School in Hillside, Grabouw, saying they were tired of overcrowded classrooms and having no chairs and desks to work at. Picture: COURTNEY AFRICA

Minister Donald Grant’s media statement, dated 19 March 2012, can be viewed on politicsweb.

He mentions how the EGCO organisation continued to disrupt schools, businesses and the general community under the guise that they were protecting the rights of learners at Umyezo Wama Apile school. This, despite a resolution having been found over a week ago and a commitment by the Western Cape government to have a new school up and running, by 10 April.

Three schools, Kathleen Murray High School, Pineview Primary School and Groenberg Secondary, were closed in order to protect the safety of learners. At Groenberg Secondary, three classrooms were vandalised and protesters attempted to set alight a storeroom containing textbooks. There were also reports that parents took it upon themselves to protect the school and subsequently prevented further damage.

Other schools in the area experienced either low turnout of educators or learners because of parents' safety concerns or because people were unable to access these schools because of disruption on the roads. The N2 highway at Grabouw was closed after protesters disrupted the flow of traffic. Damage to other private property and businesses were also reported. An SABC crew was pelted with stones while broadcasting from the scene for the morning radio news. Stun grenades and rubber bullets were used to disperse the crowd. The estimates are that about 2000 people marched to the Groenberg high school. (See news report here)

A Crusade in a Far Bigger War

According to the Democratic Alliance (DA) Provincial Leader for the Western Cape, Theuns Botha, as reported in an Afrikaans article in The Burger – “ANC het geweld op dorp beplan(The ANC planned the violence in the town), the violent Grabouw-uprisings is a crusade in a far bigger war. I cannot agree more with his sentiments and would like to add that all the other uprisings that have occurred in the past, as well as those that are still going to happen, are also part-and-parcel of a far bigger war, with the ANC being mere puppets in the game… (the next puppets will be the DA!)

At this point in time it appears that ANC is trying to destabilize DA-controlled constituencies using every devious means possible, but in reality their main objective is to bring the entire country and its citizens to its knees, while concealing the fact that it is they who are responsible. This is basically the reason why South African politics is so difficult to interpret, and why the general public are so perplexed that they rather prefer to entertain their ‘sedated’ minds with non-political activities, such as sport, TV-soapies, parties, music and other forms of entertainment. -- (Why do the Protocols of Zion come to mind?)

Helen Zille is of the opinion that the whole deceitful business has something to do with a shrewd ANC project called, “Project Reclaim”… A project which the ANC has repeatedly stated does not exist… (Yeah sure!)  See also: 66 bankrupt municipalities face mob-anger on the censorbugbear blog.

Riots in Phola near Ogies in Mpumalanga
BUT – while the ANC will forever deny any involvement in dastardly acts of satanic deception they will continue to blame-and-frame their opponents, while simultaneously exploiting the masses of sheeple, who seldom watch TV or read the news, to act as their foot-soldiers in their intricate warfare. I’ve said this time and again, maybe not in direct and explicit terms, – but the only way to throw a spanner in the works of the ANC is to convert all their damn foot-soldiers to Christianity. It’s the only sure way to open the eyes of these sheeple so that they’ll never vote for the ANC ever again!  - (There, now I’ve said it in most inexplicit and imprecise terms!)

Incidentally, a recent speech by Adv. Gesie van Deventer, the executive mayor of the  Drakenstein Municipality in the Western Cape, which was previously under ANC control, reveals how the ANC scum-criminals plundered the treasury. The DA inherited the administration in financial meltdown. See: Anatomy of a municipality under ANC control, by Gesie van Deventer.


Mike Smith said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Convert the ANC? Convert a Marxist? Will never happen. There is only one solution: A bullet to the brain!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Mike

I was going to say something sarcastic in the line of, “yeah sure – that should solve the problem instantly!” …or, something related to Blogger’s terms and conditions, but I know that is a rather touchy subject, which you may not find funny at all!

But let’s get serious…

Firstly, you’re quite correct… No one will ever succeed in converting the ANC, not in a 100 years! The posting does not say that… The posting talks about throwing “a spanner in the works of the ANC.” In other words, changing the mindset of the masses they’re abusing.

Why is the ANC-controlled media intent on destroying the “Christian” image?
Why are Christians being forced to share their space and resources with other cultures and religions? Look at the mess it has caused in our public schools, that were formerly decent Christian establishments.

Changing the mindset of the masses is exactly what people like Dr Peter Hammond has been trying to achieve, and in fact already succeeded! The set standards and principles of Christianity are mere tools to be used in the transformation process.

A Christian mindset will stimulate people to help themselves and each other, rather than make demands to government. A Christian mindset will not be fearful of ANC tyrants and bullies when voting-time comes. A Christian mindset will stand united and know when to defend themselves and fight if the need arises. I can go on and on… but I’m quite sure you know all this, and that you are also aware of the fact that the destruction of Christian morals and values is one of the main reasons why this country is in the mess it is.

I thus presume that your comment was a brief and casual reflection of what we all dream about, knowing full well that it can never be done - not in a country swarming with traitors and confused liberals.

Take care my friend, and thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi Guys, I have read both of your comments and I see and appreciate Mike's argument, however "wishfull thinking" and yes no religion or even Jesus can or will change the mind and soul of Lucifer's spawn namely ANC terrorists/communists and their followers, never. That old storey, "Free Will"
But Tia-Mysoa, how long have the Christian churches in SA been trying to educate and teach them Christian values since the missionary days hundreds of years ago, the Calvanistic afrikaners havent got it right yet either, they are the ones that sold us out in the first place, not so! If I knew the answer to our situation I would gladly share it with all like minded people like ourselves and form a club or army again, but I do not have as yet the answer, yes, it does not help us much, does it. We must keep hanging in there. "If there is a Lord, Oh where is he, and when will he return and destroy all the filth and evil on this planet.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


There’s no doubt that this is contentious topic, but in the end it’s really not that complex at all… It is the contemporary Worldview that has made it complicated!

First of all understand that I have a repulsion for the long-standing customary establishment called “The Church”. The “Church” was infiltrated years ago by false prophets, undercover agents and shrewd vipers of all sorts. I’m particularly vigilant of the so-called “Reformed” churches, and any establishment that was previously affiliated with Catholic establishments, or any church (no matter what they call themselves) which follow manmade rules and traditions.

Click here for short posting on the meaning of “Church” – on the sister blog.

So… when you speak of Christian churches in SA and the damage they have caused it’s relatively simple to deduce that the devil was in the dealings. The fact of the matter is -- the damage caused among the vulnerable black communities of SA, during the apartheid days, were far worse than in white communities, as a relatively unknown religious order of the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, worked on ground level among them, under cover of promoting social justice through evangelistic missionary work. These evil bastards had no allegiance whatsoever with Christianity, and shrewdly placed the blame on apartheid. The fact that Robert Mugabe, for example, was raised in a Roman Catholic Jesuit school, should give you some indication of the wickedness of these false prophets.

Although I don’t like using the term “True Christians” as there’s not enough space here to explain what it means, Christians are basically an assembly of likeminded folk who share common beliefs and practices. They seek to base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone, and seek to be New Testament congregations as originally established by the authority of Christ, and no one else! There are numerous autonomous congregations (assemblies) of this sort in South Africa, and it’s booming in places like Soweto, hence the reason why there haven’t been any major uprisings in Soweto lately – and also why, if you happen to be a “pastor” or “preacher”, the media will be watching your every move – like vultures!

The “club” or “army” you speak of already exists in the form of numerous cell-groups across the country. They gather in private homes, a quite spot under the shade of a tree, on the beach, any place were it’s quiet and safe. Some bigger cell-groups congregate in hired space or in a building which they’ve given a name, but the building is NOT a “Church”. The snobs who attend their fancy churches scoff at these people. Some Afrikaners scornfully call it a “Boskerk”, yet these people are far more active in a variety of successful missions, which they seldom boast about, than the scoffers will ever dream of. Among them you will not find one single neglected kid, a starving soul, drug-addicts, or people who will toy-toy for more pay or burn down schools because the textbooks were delivered late, etc..

You may also enjoy reading an older posting initially presented by Dr. Peter Hammond – The Day of the Covenant – (see the section entitled, “Warnings from the Missionaries”)

See Dr Hammond’s website for more articles:

Thanks for visiting!

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