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Stirring the Hornet’s Nest on Land Debate

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I do realize that this posting is rather late, but unfortunately I’ve had other concerns, far more important than blogging, to attend to. I am pleased though that fellow blogger, Mike Smith, has been keeping us up-to-date on this issue, since the time Pieter Mulder stepped on the hornet’s nest earlier this month. I’ve also provided the links to Mike's most recent articles regarding this contentious issue at the end of this posting.

Although the general theme of this posting will focus on the South African land issue, some paragraphs will also contain reflections of other thoughts that have been on my mind lately.

Now that a prominent figure has stepped on the hornet’s nest, it’s also a good time to start exposing the communist-backed lies regarding this debate… Hats off to Pieter Mulder for informing Zuma that his figures on land ownership are questionable, and to hell with the blatant intimidation and the obnoxious responses from Zuma and his cronies in the African National Congress (ANC) and also from the Democratic Alliance (DA), South Africa’s so-called “opposition party”.

See for example:

It is now becoming increasingly obvious that the DA and the ANC are bed-mates. The two parties may as well merge into one! The DA’s allegiance with Communist-Socialist elements comes a long way, but it is only now falling wholly into favour with the satanic NWO-agenda whose aim is to create a world populated by an addicted mass of fearful and obedient sheeple.

I’ve underlined the word “addicted” in the above paragraph for that is how they intend creating their future world filled with an abundance of peace, security and prosperity… Not by natural processes, but by a delicate process of mind control using every means possible, including reminding us about the "sins of apartheid" - until we get sick of hearing it. This is why it’s so easy for the DA to make policy statements that speak of giving citizens control over their own lives, because addicted people have absolutely no control over their own lives, although they think they do.

The DA’s socialist mindset was confirmed last year when their rising star, Lindiwe Mazibuko, spoke on the land issue stating that, “the government’s aims may be similar to those of the DA. We may therefore deduce that our two biggest political parties have already espoused socialism for the countryside, but are divided as to how the mines, the banks and industry should be dealt with.” –
Sourced from here.

Despite all the lala-land talk of unity and peace for ALL, both the ANC and the DA have expressed rather dangerous racially prejudiced views lately. While the Ruling Roosters have done so quite arrogantly and openly, the DA has been more subtle.

Take for example the DA’s spokesperson, Mmusi Maimane, when he made the ridiculous statement that Mr Mulder is, “… denying our history.” I for one, do not believe that he was referring to all the many diverse and scattered tribes of South Africa when he uttered those words… No, he was acting in the exact same fashion Zuma and his cronies do when they speak of these things! Their minds are clearly focused on the so-called “suffering and dispossession” of one race of people only. They thus care less about the rest and their suffering, which makes their constant chatter about UNITY FOR ALL rather insincere, don’t you think?

The demonic liberal mob have, for years now, been hammering on-and-on about how Blacks have endured suffering as a result of colonialism, the 1913 Land Act, apartheid, capitalism, and goodness knows what else they can blame for their own failures and inadequacies.

However, the biggest lie of them all is that White’s stole their land from them, and if this BIG LIE is not remedied soon, then I’m afraid the savage Malema-type hatred we’ve seen in this country will continue to exist - and in all probability escalate, especially in rural areas where the Black masses, who were all born in a FREE democracy BTW, have already been indoctrinated from school level by an education system the ANC has truly and solidly transformed into a mess.

In this sense the ANC government and their liberal cronies are directly to blame for the bloodshed that has taken place and for the bloodshed that’s still coming, for it is they who have distorted and conveniently ignored the numerous vital historical truths, which could have been included in current school textbooks in an accurate, expressively colourful and civilized manner, IF only they had the foresight to see the future benefits thereof. But they stuffed up horribly and the whole business has now become an extremely sensitive and contentious issue.

It is also obvious that Maimane and other government collaborators have relied heavily on liberal commentary of the 1913 Land Act – evidently provided by dubious sources such as, Readers Digest : Illustrated History of South Africa, Sol Plaatjie’s writings, and other bedtime stories.

The truth is that the 1913 Land Act provided much needed order and structure at a time when vagabonds of all sorts were threatening the peace. No one speaks of this vital portion of history, and no one dares mention how the Act actually FACILITATED the acquisition of land by blacks, or that there was a time in history when the Supreme Court rendered the Act’s application void for a few years.

Incidentally, Wikipedia, under the heading “Political Irony” mentions how John Tengo Jabavu, a prominent "educated African" welcomed the Act, whilst Europeans such as, Merriman and Schriener, opposed the Act. Is there a government official out there that can explain this irony?

The provisions of the original Native Lands Act of 1913, which can be viewed here, clearly speaks of the purchase, leasing, ownership and occupation of Land by “Natives” and “other Persons”. Furthermore, the word "native" was defined in the Act as meaning, “any person, male or female, who is a member of an aboriginal race or tribe of Africa; and shall further include any company or other body of persons, corporate or unincorporate, if the persons who have a controlling interest therein are natives.”

Incidentally, I also noticed that Mike Smith correctly pointed out that the “Afrikaner” was also a “native” meaning an inhabitant of Africa, as their language and their culture originated in Africa. Even if they (and coloured peoples) were thus not considered a “native” they at least fell into the category of “other persons”, as prescribed by the Act.

The History of southern Africa has been distorted and recited by the ‘power of the pen’ on so many occasions in the past, that it’s no wonder the folks of today are somewhat perplexed.

The sad part of it all is that leading journalists and historians of our time see their obedience to the ways of the liberal political correct worldview as a matter of career-survival. The inborn human trait that guides people to seek acceptance from the majority has also lead to the telling of little white lies every odd now and then.

This rather gutless approach has created a perplexing phenomenon that I do not have a name for. Let’s call it “the copycat syndrome” for now, because it boils down to the fact that writers and researchers duplicate the lies of others that have gone before them. In other words, the repetition of lies and/or misinformation has created the flawed impression that it MUST be true, because so-and-so also mentioned it!
-- How does that saying go? “If you tell a lie often enough…”

Yet, despite the fact that there seems to be an ever-increasing number of modern-day liberal-minded writers and researchers with little or no backbone to actually dispute the lies written in our history books, there are intellectuals, mainly from the old school - with years of experience, who have documented the facts accurately and truthfully. Professor Hermann Giliomee is one of these fine gentleman…
More about him further down in this posting.
Regular visitors to this blog should know by now who I’m referring to when I speak of “HIS” story. For those who don’t know – it is the Devil’s little helpers on Planet Earth, the same lot who have kept tyrants such as Robert Mugabe in power for so long.

(Click here to read about the clues pertaining to Zimbabwe’s role in world terrorism. Is it not amazing how these truths are now finally being revealed? American readers, who still have unresolved concerns regarding the 9/11disaster, will also find the article most informative.)

Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest an into cyberspace, as it explains why people like Mugabe have been kept in power… Shall we move on?

A lot has been happening behind the scenes lately since Pieter Mulder sharply poked the hornet's nest of land ownership in Parliament this month, and when he suggested that black "Bantu-speaking" people had no historical claim to 40% of the country.

With Mulder also being in the ANC Cabinet as deputy agriculture minister, one can be sure he checked and double-checked his facts before presenting them. Yet, his remarks provoked an angry buzz from the ruling party baboons, which rose in pitch when he then explained: "There is sufficient proof that there were no Bantu-speaking people in the Western Cape and north western Cape." These areas formed 40% of South Africa’s land surface, he told MPs.

Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s lack of intelligence came to the fore moments after Mulder had finished speaking, when she leapt to her feet and demanded to know whether it was Parliamentary for a member "to blatantly distort history." -- What a bloody idiot she (and others) must feel, particularly now that the top historian in the country, Professor Hermann Giliomee,  has confirmed that -- MULDER'S FACTS WERE CORRECT

HERMANN GILIOMEE was a professor in Political Science at the University of Cape Town from 1982 to 1998.

He was a fellow of Yale University, the University of Cambridge and the Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars in Washington. From 1995 to 1997 he was president of the South African Institute of Race Relations.  He is currently Extraordinary Professor of History at the Stellenbosch University.

Giliomee often writes about South African history and contemporary politics. Fifteen books have seen the light under his name. Among others: The Shaping of South African Society, 1652-1840, and The Awkward Embrace: One-Party Domination and Democracy. His The Afrikaners: a Biography was a top-seller in Afrikaans and English and was also published by Virginia University Press in the USA and Christopher Hurst & Co in the United Kingdom. His most recent book is Nog altyd hier gewees: die storie van ’n Stellenbosse gemeenskap. --

As promised at the beginning of this posting, here are the other relevant links to Mike Smith’s articles:

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