Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reflections of a Blood-Splattered and Cursed Land

Crosses on display on an outcrop of hills, which form part of the Strydpoort mountain range, between Potgietersrus (Mokopane) and Pietersburg (Polokwane). Each cross represents a farm murder.

Although it is deplorably and sickening to think that six farm-related murders have already occurred in South Africa during the first month of 2012, one must bear in mind that the January death-count related to violent crimes, is far higher than this figure. If we had to add to this figure the number of other deaths caused by vehicle accidents, for example, then I’m sure it’s safe to declare that the month of January 2012 was a blood-spattered one.

This posting is going to reveal, once again, the force that is keeping the ANC government in power, and why all efforts to combat this curse will forever fail if we continue doing what we’re doing now.

The recent brutal murder of a 77-year-old man on his farm near Stella, who had lived on his farm, in peace, all his life, was like so many previous murders of this nature - a sadistic cowardly act that could only have been motivated by intense hatred, stirred on by the curse of the devil.

The pathetic quality of police services in the country has come to the fore on several occasions. It came to the fore, in September 2011, when 10 people accused of murder after a 2009 farm attack in the Free State were acquitted by the Regional Court in Ficksburg. It is again coming to the fore in the Eugène Terre'Blanche murder trial. This dilemma, which is so typical of communist-ruled countries, will probably remain a matter of grave concern until the current rulers are removed from their seats of power. And even IF that happens, it will probably take another 20-odd years to repair the damage they caused.

In the meantime we cannot sit around doing nothing… Petitions don’t work, planting white crosses on a hilltop doesn’t work, and neither will pointing fingers at the media or the government for their lack of enthusiasm. It’s all good-and-well to run campaigns so that the whole world can become aware of the plight of our precious farmers, but in the end it does nothing to stop the senseless killings from continuing… The scumbag murderers do not even watch or read the news. I doubt very much whether these cursed savages are even aware that there’s a silent genocide taking place, and that a small part of the community is in uproar about this.

After performing a brief scrutiny of the most recent murders, it once again dawned on me that the conclusions I reached in an older posting, related to the Root Causes, is definitely on the mark. That same evil spell that has caused the shedding of so much innocent blood in the past, is still haunting us.

Although those ancient perpetrators are long dead and gone, the ANC government still holds regular ceremonies to call those spirits from the dead. Time and time again they’ve called up those same ghosts of the past… It is the same mischievous spirit that was so inherent among the original Nguni people, who migrated from the North and who initiated the slaughter of the indigenous Khoi and San by the multitudes. It was the same spirit that drove the black Caesar, Shaka Zulu, and his henchmen to brutally massacre 1000’s, including their own kind; the same spirit which, by the hands of a cowardly and murderous Mzilikazi, plundered, raped, and slaughtered the Sotho and other clans by the dozens, leaving the old Transvaal scattered with fearful inhabitants and haunted by lions, who had grown bold and fat from feeding on human corpses.

Incidentally, the terrifying destruction that Mzilikazi brought upon the old Transvaal, caused people to build the most peculiar homes. It wasn’t uncommon for traders of that time to find the branches of large trees decorated with weird conical dwellings. A certain Mr. Steedman, compiler of an old book of travels, once described this peculiar tree-houses as follows:

“These are used as dormitories, being beyond the reach of the lions, which, since the incursion of the Mantatees, when so many thousands of persons were massacred, have become very numerous in the neighbourhood, and destructive to human life. The branches of these trees are supported by forked sticks or poles, and there are three tiers or platforms on which the huts are constructed…”
Click here to read a vivid and detailed account of Mzilikazi’s exploits, as described by the talented Thomas Bulpin, in chapter 4 of his book: “Lost Trials of the Transvaal”.

Today, the situation is no different… We are still as fearful as ever, and live in a world dominated by keys, locked gates, barricaded walls, security cameras, and alarm sensors of all sorts, in complexes patrolled 24-hours by armed security guards… WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA!

Incidentally, about one week ago I was almost shot by a gun-slinging lunatic, who mistook me for an intruder. The incident happened when I gave a friend of mine a lift to a complex one evening where he had some personal business to attend to.  While I was waiting in the parking lot in my own vehicle, listening to the radio and minding my own business, a resident of the complex (I assume), who reeked of alcohol, suddenly appeared from nowhere and jammed the barrel of a gun in my face. I am now more convinced than ever that the miserable state of affairs in this country is causing people to go bonkers!

One can go on-and-on talking about this destructive force, which our HIS-Story books so pertinently describe, often in a manner that shrewdly conceals the real culprits and places the  blame on others. That same evil spirit was unleashed during the 2nd Boer War, -- through the merciless hands of Kitchener and his henchmen, who brought immeasurable suffering, death, and destruction to the lives of so many innocent woman and children, and a hatred for the English that still lingers on in the minds of way too many.

Then came the Border Wars and the Communist onslaught, wave after wave… until the sudden illusory announcement that it no longer exists. Yet, the evidence is clear for all to see that we’re still being haunted by that same ol’ spirit – the same one that murdered the Biblical Abel…
“He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him…” (John 8:44 KJV) 

It’s a spirit that the ANC government pays tribute to during their satanic rituals, and it’s the same spirit that keeps them in power. It will also be the same power that will place the next round of rulers in control, UNLESS we acknowledge the fact that it’s not such a clever idea after-all to worship many gods, and that certain powers beyond our control can only be defeated by ‘ONE SUPERIOR POWER’ that is far mightier than all those other ‘gods’ and evil spirits put together.

Lastly, before I log off…
An interesting, but disturbing, phenomenon I picked up while reading the news reports, was the role played by the excessive use of alcohol in several murder cases. It also appears to be the main cause of road fatalities in the country. Although I myself enjoy a glass of good red wine on occasion, or a cold beer when I’m hot and thirsty, they don’t call this stuff “SPIRITS” for nothing!

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