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The Origin of Ancient Egypt’s Destruction - (Part 2)

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At this point let me call attention to statements issued by late Martin ‘Lucifer’ King, Adam Clayton and other Negro ‘leaders’ that before very long, as soon as the Negroes achieve full voting rights and powers, a Negro would be elected to the Presidency of the United States.  Now, let me show you how history is repeating itself.

As long as the far-seeing Pharaoh Sesostris III lived, the alien invasion of the Negroes was halted.  But apparently it was already too late to prevent the downfall of the Egyptian civilization, for shortly after the death of Sesostris, the Egyptian state collapsed.  Commenting on this in his book, ‘THE BURDEN OF EGYPT,’ historian John A. Wilson expressed belief that an intrusion of new forces (Negroes and their supporters) had much to do with the overturning of the Egyptian civilization.  He stated: “There is evidence that restless movements were penetrating Africa, upsetting the orderly prosperity of the past.  In Africa there was the slow and filtered northward pressure of Negroes.”

History is repeating itself – not only Africa, but Asia is seething with the same restless movements, only more violent-encouraged by the One-World Masterminds!

Those tragic and disastrous events in Egypt bore out the prophetic warnings of Sesostris concerning the Negro immigration.  He had clearly perceived that, although Egypt had the surface appearance of strength, the foundations of the country were slowly but surely being undermined and corroded under this outland/alien invasion of thoroughly disruptive stock. 

Now, appraise the present state of OUR country. Then study the seethings in Asia – how ‘leaders’ in Washington and the United Nations created the ‘all new’ nations in Africa and how all White influences have been destroyed in all those lands of the savages.  Study how Holland, France, England and other nations have been forced to surrender their colonies.  Study how the United Nations has destroyed the nation sovereignties of Rhodesia, South Africa and other White nations.  And bear in mind that the ‘leaders’ in Washington have collaborated with the UN in creating all those ‘new’ African nations composed of savages.  Then study how all the new ‘laws’ are directed toward the growth and power for the Negroes, and you will find that we are facing the very same fate Sesostris predicted for Egypt.  The prophetic warnings of all loyal and far-seeing South Africans and Americans are being disregarded by the people, simply because the Jewish-controlled ‘leaders’ in Washington, and the equally Jewish-controlled Mass Communications Media are deliberately keeping the warnings from reaching the people and thereby deluding them into sitting idly by, while the same kind of disaster is being spread throughout our nation.

Directly in line with that, it is extremely interesting to note that after the death of Sesostris, Egypt fell under the yoke of the Hyksos, an Afro-Asian people of Northern and Eastern affinities.  During that foreign domination, the low state of Egypt may be judged from a copy of a royal Egyptian document, telling of a conference in the Egyptian Court of Kamose, then the ruler of Thebes, who rebelled against the tribute he was forced to pay the Hyksos king.  Kamose, in discussion with his nobles, said: “Let me understand what this strength of ours is for.  One Prince is in Avaris, another is in Ethopia, and here I sit in association with an Asiatic and a Negro!”

Certainly, this documented conference is further conclusive evidence that the Egyptians not only considered themselves a totally different race than the Negroes, but that they were also superior to them, and that the Negroes in their midst were directly responsible for the downfall of Egypt. 

Though they (the Egyptians) had by then fallen to a very low estate, there was still sufficient racial fibre left within them to finally defeat the Hyksos and drive them out of Egypt.  But this was only a temporary respite from the final capitulation of Egyptian might which could not be indefinitely forestalled once the process of disintegration had begun, and their final death throes came as a result of the continuously greatly increased Negro immigration into Egypt.

The Pharaohs who succeeded Sesostris did not have the prudence and/or foresight to recognise the peril of the mounting Negro population in Egypt until too late for successful resistance.  The final result came in 680 B.C. when a Negro (TAHRKA) became the Pharaoh of Egypt – the first negro monarch of that nation.  At that stage in their history the Egyptians had become so mongrelized that the decay of their civilization became complete.  Their Art was gone; their Medical and architectural ability had disappeared.  Progress in all fields had ceased and all long known skills and sciences had completely vanished.  Their religion, formerly on a high plane, requiring earthly morality as a test toward the immortality of the soul, had disintegrated into mere animal worship – just as animal worship persists – and has persisted – in practically all of Africa to this very day.

 The very fibre of the Egyptian people had been corroded.  Their generation force was spent – lost in a welter of foreign (Negro) elements interbred into the population.

Is that what the ‘leaders’ in Washington and South Africa, the Jews and the National Council of Churches are plotting for our peoples?

Unquestionably, the lack of immigration limitations brought about and caused the decline and fall of the Egyptian civilization.  Equally unquestionably, the internal decay of Egypt came as a direct result of the free and unrestricted influx of dissimilar people (particularly Negroes). 

That contact with those highly alien populations, although checked for short periods of time, was permitted to slowly increase until it finally engulfed the entire nation…

Is that what the traitors in Washington and South Africa are planning for our two countries with their unlimited integration plot?

The most significant feature about the tragic destruction of that early Egyptian civilization is that it was no accomplished by war from outside, or by invasion of foreign armies, but by so-called ‘peaceful’ invasions of alien masses, principally Negroes who first arrived there as slaves, then as ‘peaceful’ immigrants. They came crowding into that homeland and devoured the core of its strength from within.  As Lincoln said: “If America is finally destroyed, it will be done from WITHIN and not from without.”  WHAT A PROPHECY!

Thus it was the invasions by the Negroes, whether as slaves or otherwise, that destroyed Egypt and her civilization.  Many noted historians contend that even if Egypt had been overrun by conquering armies at a time when her population was still composed of those racial elements that were responsible for her birth and development, her civilization would not have been impaired.  

They insist that with those original human resources still available and undiluted by Negro blood, she not only would have been able to emerge intact from such wars, but would have repelled all invaders from her midst and finally regained the majesty and power of her civilization.

Which brings is back to the state of our country and our people: the most tragic fallacy that lulled the Egyptian people to sleep was the popular feeling that a comparatively small population importation would be harmless, and that Egypt could not be materially affected.  They were kept unaware that the integrationists in their midst, unknown to the people, were continuously seeking to increase the growth of mongrelization  and were frenziedly encouraging that misconception of ‘no harm in immigration,’ in the hope that the complacency of the people would continue beyond the stage where a finally aroused people , suddenly alerted to their peril, could do anything to avert it.  That was how Egypt was destroyed.  And that is how the integrationists among our people (the illuminati, the CFR, communists, liberals, the foreign bankers and their stooges) are operating today to destroy our civilization and our culture and traditions!!!

Just as ‘Seer’ van Rensburg foresaw all these things in his time, so Dr. Verwoerd also foresaw the devastating results of such integration, and for this he had to die, resulting in a gradual, ever-increasing slide into the morass of integration – first the repealing of the immorality act.  Once the communists gained a foothold in our country, the rest was easy – we all know of that fateful day in 1990 when the leftwing organisations were unbanned.  Today we see the results…

Our country is like a man with boils, sitting on a dung-heap of confusion and dismay.  De Klerk, by handing us to the communists on a silver platter, gave us a grievous bayonet wound in the stomach, but this new ‘democracy’ has dismembered us entirely.

Now, some seventeen years later a dazed nation stands watching as promises of a better future dissolve in the sizzling acids of disillusion.  The bell that tolled a ‘peaceful transition’ on 27 April 1994, now knells the death of a once relatively peaceful and prosperous nation.  This circus philosophy that national well-being can be achieved by writing God out of the constitution, replacing skilled personnel with unskilled and inexperienced ‘affirmative action’ appointees, and blaming all the ills besetting the country on ‘apartheid’, has now come to an end and the clowns who believed in it, lie dazed and bleeding on the sawdust floor.

Now we find ourselves in a tragic travail of runaway crime, government mismanagement and corruption costing the (mainly white) taxpayers literally untold billions, and it has become obvious that many innocent people are getting hurt as a result.  Production in factories and mines is being reduced, or they are being shut down altogether; workers are being paid off while the unions incessantly toyi-toyi, strike and continually ‘demand’ while none of those workers are prepared to increase productivity.  Hunger and cold are taking their toll; our farmers are systematically being murdered; children are underfed and the despair of unemployed fathers is increasing.  Instead of promised houses and prosperity, unsightly ‘Mandela-, Hani- and Slovovilles’ of tin, plastic and board are mushrooming in every town and city as people hope to get work.  Hordes of idle street children multiply by the day because the parents cannot, or will not accept responsibility for them.

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