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The Origin of Ancient Egypt’s Destruction - (Part 1)

In the light of the fact that modern-day Egypt has gone to the dogs, in more ways than one, and that I’m currently working on an article concerning this issue (between other more important commitments), I’ve decided to first present another article, which is not my own, but which explains exactly how and why the original Egyptian civilization perished.

The greater part of this lengthy article, which I’m presenting in 3 parts, originally appeared many years ago in one of the editions of an American Christian newspaper, known as the “Christian Defense League” (CDL). It was forwarded to me by a close acquaintance of mine, who admitted that new additions were subsequently added to the original writings. Some of the supplementary notes were apparently obtained from commentary made by various persons (unknown), while others were made by my acquaintance. It is my understanding that no copyright exists, hence the reason why I’ve decided to republish the article in its entirety, without providing any credits, exactly as I received it.

Take Note:

The document begins, rather abnormally, with the adverb “However”, which obviously means that something was said beforehand. What exactly the missing text contained, is not known to me.

This was probably the main reason why I never republished the document immediately at the time of receiving it, sometime during October 2011, as it gave the impression that some vital text was missing.

The article uses terminology that is considered “racist” and thus “politically incorrect” in our day. So before condemning the article on that basis, please bear in mind that it was written long-ago, when the use of certain terminology was considered acceptable in certain segments of society, and when it was probably not intended to be read by all and sundry.

Some references to "our country" refers mainly to the U.S.A., but there are also references to South Africa.

Readers who find this particular subject fascinating may also be interested in Arthur Kemp’s latest book, “The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt”. Click here to view the entry on Mr Kemp’s blog.

The article…

However, to see the broader picture of the deterioration of the White civilization, let us go back in time to around 4500 BC and learn something which is not generally known to the average John Citizen:


The first of the Great White civilizations that Abraham Lincoln studied, was the great Egyptian civilization, which actually was the first one known in the history of the world, and which lasted for almost 4000 years.  It came into existence as far back as 4500 BC.  The home of that civilization was the lower Nile river delta.  Bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the West and South by the Sahara Desert, the Egyptians were isolated, and thus, safeguarded for many centuries from negroid and Asiatic inroads, and thus they were able to build their civilization to a very high degree of development.

Now, what was the race of these people that were endowed with the ability to build their civilization to such a high degree?  According to Lincoln, he credited his statements to the foremost authorities on Egyptian history that they were definitely NOT of African Negroid origin.  

The famous anthropologist, A.L. Kroeber, stated that the development of the Egyptian civilization belonged to the Mediterranean branch of the White race. His statement (Kroeber’s) reads as follows: “The laying of the foundations of modern civilization along the Nile and the Euphrates some 7000 years ago belongs to the credit of the White race.”

Those original Egyptians maintained racial purity to a very high degree for the amazing period of 37 centuries, due to their freedom from any direct contact with the Negroid Nubians immediately to the south of them, and from the further removed Negroes of North Central Africa. It was during that very long period of time that the Egyptian civilization reached its peak, extending from 3400 B.C. to 1800 B.C.  

That was the period during which they built their world-famous pyramids and temples, to this very day amazing examples of architecture, evidencing a very high order of mathematical and engineering skills.  Within those centuries their artistic skills and craftsmanship reached a perfection unsurpassed in many instances in the present time. Chemistry and astronomy were equally well-known to them.  Their knowledge of law was extensive and their administrative capacity enabled them to govern themselves and their empire as a well-organised people – exactly as we did until recent decades.  The methods they employed to administer their provinces very closely resembled the State governments established by the Founders of our country.  In every respect they appeared to be founding a civilization that could not be destroyed exactly as our civilization supposedly was until the present plotting to destroy it.

But is was during those many centuries of progress and creative accomplishment and enlightenment that the Egyptians were making the basic errors which were one day to accumulate into a single great factor directly responsible for their decay and destruction.  That single great factor came WITH THE MINGLING OF THE BLACK AND WHITE RACES – exactly the same basic errors we have been making during the past several decades up till now!!!


Approximately in 3400 B.C. the Egyptian civilization began to spread slowly southward up the Nile River, actually the only narrow avenue of connection between Egypt and inner-Africa – and this brought Egypt for the first time into close contact with an alien people, the Negroid inhabitants of the southern fringe area of the early kingdom whose marauding tribes began to raid into Egypt and had to be conquered by the Egyptian armies.  As a result of these conquests, Nubians (Negroes) were brought into the life of Egypt to be used as slave labour, as our Negroes were first brought into our country.  Even in those days the Egyptians considered Negroes fit for nothing but that kind of labour. 

However, as time went by, the Egyptians became desperately in need of soldiery.  Nubians were gradually brought into its (Egypt’s) military service.  However, here I want to stress one very significant point – those Nubian soldiers were SOLD into Egypt’s military service through their Kings and tribal chiefs, exactly as the Hessian soldiery that was brought here to fight against Washington and SOLD into the militant service of England by the Hessian Kings!!!

This Negro soldiery, which the Egyptians called “Mercenaries,” was widely used in the reign of Pepi I, about 3325 B.C., but it actually began in the more remote days of the Old Kingdom around 3700 B.C.  Later, men of the Nubian tribes, the supposedly more intelligent ones, known as the Mazoi, were employed as gendarmes, or police, for one of the Egyptian provinces and soon were commonly found in similar service elsewhere in the realm.

As regards the importation of the Negro slaves into Egypt, according to the history of the matter, Amenhotep (Pharaoh) III warred only towards Ethiopia, mainly for the material gain through the acquisition of highly valuable slaves.  Historian Rawlinson further stresses in this connection that “…the black races have always been especially sought for this purpose and were in great demand in the Egyptian slave markets…”  They had no other real values. Another Egyptian historian, Samuel sharpe, states: “…there are carvings and paintings on the walls of Memmonium at Abydos that record the victories of Rameses II over Negroes and Ethiopians” and how they were brought into Egypt.

As time went by, and the Negro slaves achieved freedom by one means or another, the ancient records show that the character of the population was becoming materially changed.  The steady increase of Negroes was making them an integral part of the civilization as an accompanying admixture with the Egyptians progressing on an ever- widening (and decaying) scale – exactly as in the US today!  

Note – here is another very significant similarity of what happened in ancient Egypt and what is going on in our country today.  When the so-called ‘integrationists’ (plotters) in Egypt carried on their ‘fight’ for the ‘freedom’ of African slaves, their cries were that the Egyptian people were directly responsible for the ‘enslavements’ – that they had raided African villages and carried the inhabitants off into slavery. 

The truth of the matter was that the Egyptian slave traders had made ‘deals’ with the African chiefs, who, for a price, delivered their subjects to those slave traders.  The same conditions applied to the slaves in the USA – the slave traders BOUGHT the Africans from their own chiefs, transported them to America and sold them into slavery.  But our abolitionists and present integrationists are blaming ALL of the American people, accusing us of having kidnapped all those Africans and sold them into slavery to work on the plantations in the South.  In short, the very same thing that happened in ancient Egypt and finally destroyed that civilization is repeating itself in our country – and will destroy OUR civilization.

There is distinct evidence that once those non-Whites became permanently a segment of the Egyptian population (exactly as the Negroes over here have become a segment of our population) no segregation or miscegenation laws were adopted.  There had never been a condition until then. Therefore the White Egyptians were caught by surprise and were totally unprepared for a means to fight it.

Although there is distinct evidence that social segregation of the races was universally practiced in Egypt for many generations, and intermarriage, while not outlawed, was strongly discouraged, at least among the upper classes – the aristocracy of Egypt was not affected until the very last years of civilization. This unmistakably proves that the infusion of Negro blood worked itself up from the very bottom of Egyptian society and spread into the higher strata of the population as the Negroes increased in numbers – exactly as it is happening in our country today!

(Note: Careful comparison of the above-described conditions in Egypt with those that confront the American people today, clearly evidences that highly significant similarity.  In that early Egyptian civilization, as in all civilizations, there were ‘bleeding hearts,’ ‘do-gooders,’ ‘liberals, etc, just as we have them amongst our people today – ‘do-gooders’ who bewailed the plight of the ‘poor Negroes’ who screamed for their freedom; then for their ‘equality,’ etc, etc.  In short, the ‘Negro problem’ crept up on the unsuspecting and unalerted Egyptian people exactly as it has crept up on us.)

From a slave position came freedom for the Negroes, followed by a slow elevation to posts of authority - in the Government, the Armed forces, in commercial pursuits, in sports, in the entertainment fields, etc – exactly as it is taking place here!  It was practically an application of the same ‘directives’ we revealed in Israel Cohen’s book: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century".  

That strongly contributed to the breakdown of prohibitions in Egypt against a sharp separation of the races by bringing all classes of the population in to a closer economic level.  Every contact of their lives was inexorably forcing them into a final blood fusion with the constantly growing Negro population as their (the Egyptians’) own racial consciousness began to dull.


That alarming (and growing) condition gravely concerned certain of the Pharaohs – the writings of that period disclose the powerful measures some of them took to stem the influx of Negroes into the country.  One of the outstanding of those Pharaohs was Sesostris III, 1878-1840 B.C., who was directly responsible for the rigid halting of Negro immigration during his reign.  He rigidly ruled against the influx, either as slaves, or as immigrants.

The following inscription on a stone slab still surviving beside the Nile sets forth his most significant command: “by will of the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sesostris III, this is an order to prevent any Negro from crossing by water or by land, except a Negro who shall come to do trading in Ikan, or with a commission.  Every good thing shall be done with and for them, but without allowing a ship of the Negroes to pass by Heh, the southern boundary, going down stream forever.

The Pharaoh had this very significant proclamation inscribed on stone at several other points on the river, emphasizing his stand to the world against any further admission of African immigration. To enforce that ban he had fortresses erected on each bank of the Nile opposite one another at the Second Cataract, the southern boundary of Egypt.  The ruins of these fortresses still serve as mute evidence of a bygone effort to save a civilization from destruction.

During the Civil War, Lincoln realised that his championship on behalf of the Negroes had created a very grave problem for the American people, especially after he studied the histories of Egypt and other nations, he made that statement to his most trusted associates and he began to think of ways to avert that problem.

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