Monday, January 30, 2012

Looming Poverty created by an Incompetent Government

Although some of my personal sufferings and afflictions have already siphoned off in a few postings on this blog, I am by nature not the type who usually talks openly about these things. Besides the fact that it can sometimes be humiliating to share, with total strangers, the reasons why you’re having sleepless nights, “PRIDE” is another reason why many of us prefer not to advertise the fact we are on the verge of  "dead broke", and have no idea when, or from where, the next source of income will be coming.

Call me whatever names you want, but I simply cannot find long-term consolation in the fact that numerous others are also suffering financially. I’ve seen way too many poverty-stricken people in this democrazy country, who simply don’t want to lift a finger to improve their situation. Granted, there may be a few sitting at the bottom of the pit of hopelessness and despair, and who don’t have the energy to get up and carry on with their lives; there are also a considerable number who prefer to keep their lives in a state of perpetual poverty, as long as there’s enough energy left to beg, steal and borrow from others. Of course, other entities also exist, who are not poverty stricken, like the ANC government for example, who beg, steal, and borrow – simply because they can!

Not a day goes by in this stuffed-up country that I do not meet ordinary hard-working folk, who are battling like hell to keep their heads above water. Many of these people are personal acquaintances of mine, and not merely facebook pals. It is disturbing to see how the numbers who fall in this category are growing by the day - people with kids at school or university and who, not too long ago, where living reasonably comfortable lives... in other words - just making it every month!

Due mainly to my own stubborn pride and reluctance to share my personal circumstances with every Tom, Dick and Harry, many of these people have asked me to help them out. They seldom ask for money, but usually request that I promote their services, or help sell their products, which I’ve often done (for pasella) if my resources and time allows it. If I really do know the person well enough and helping out is going to cost me money, I’ll tell them straight: – “Hey buddy, welcome to the Rock Bottom Club!”

Occasionally, I’ll charge a small fee depending on how intricate or time-consuming the task is, and how much of my own money I’ve spent completing the job. However, if they don’t pay (and this happens quite often) – even after they’ve received the “Final Legal Warning” per registered mail, I’ll simply flush them from memory and pray that we never cross paths again. Taking all these people to court, in a country where the system is already bursting at its seams, is only going to waste more precious time and money!
While the number of poor people are on the rise, other factors such as stress, exhaustion, and health problems are also taking its toll, because as I’ve stated in an older (2009) posting, we are all Prisoners of War.


The fact that I’m subscribed via e-mail, to a leading and most innovative investment service provider does not make me rich. (Forgive me for not mentioning the name, as I’m done with free advertising. It is NOT any one of the familiar Banks or big Investment Groups!) The only reason why I’m subscribed is to keep track of risk-factors that may influence the very small retirement-investment I have.

This morning the regular e-mail subscription was accompanied by an additional message, which said:

I hope you don’t mind me mailing the following story to you, but this came across my desk this morning and I think this is a matter of national interest. I have no idea who the author is, but it is good enough to be shared. Here goes:

(The e-mail came with the subject heading: “Our beloved incompetent government”. TAKE NOTE: I’m not in total agreement with the author's views about the Arab Awakening, as I'm quite sure it was an event sponsored by the devil himself... The rest, however, is definitely worthwhile sharing):

“I think, and I am sure that many of you are the same, that the tolls are a disgrace, both the extortionate toll fees themselves and also the widely published fact that we are expected to pay up to R18 BILLION over the next 10 years just to collect the toll fees. I wanted to share the clarity of thought in this mail and agree that I will not be installing anything on my car.

They are not going to have easy access to my bank account – they say they want a debit order – forget it. Send me a bill (by registered mail) every time.

Together we can make this whole thing fail – as it should. Let the toll gates stay there, not working, as monuments to people power. Let’s call this the start of the SA Awakening, look what the normal people are achieving in North Africa with the Arab Awakening.

I hope this goes around at least a billion times.

Taxes and Open Road Toll Fees

People should not install the transponders but still use the highways and force the government to issue accounts and summonses to all motorists until such time they drop the prices. The government will be forced to send out millions of accounts every month and they don’t have the manpower to do it. This is the best and easiest way to boycott the system.

What is the government going to do about motorists from other neighboring countries that don’t have these transponders? South Africans are too complacent and its time we fight back.

WE have paid for these roads. Now they are also proposing a 1% tax to fund the SABC.

Circulate this to all your friends!!!!!!!!

Has anyone thought just how much tax we are already paying?
  • 35% on your salary
  • 14% on everything you buy (bar fresh produce) and services rendered.
  • Carbon tax if you buy a new car (besides the 14% VAT you have to pay)
  • Tax on the fuel you put in your car to run it.
  • Toll on our roads –
For some it is going to come to a whopper of 10% of your salary (If you earn R10 000.00 a R1 000 would go toward tolling if you migrate between PTA and JHB every day.) – Bully to try and pacify me with the idea that I can claim it back from my income tax!!! I have to fork out the money first. Going on holiday to DBN? Remember to save up your R1000.00 for tolling.

To say the least – For every R10.00 you earn, the government is already taking approx R6.00 and still they want more. Are you happy with the R4.00 you are getting?


When are we going to get up and do something about it? Where is all the money going to? It is definitely not being spent on what it should be – our hospitals are in a state of disrepair, our schools in shambles, our roads full of potholes, our water contaminated, sewers not working, left in the dark because Eskom failed to do their upgrades, the poor are poorer still, municipalities on the brink of collapse, and so the list goes on.

Heard about the youth day celebration that cost R100 million?

Mmmm… did you pay for it?

Oh yes sir/madam you did! R100 million that could have paid for a couple of things our country needed more.

And to put the numbers in perspective:

The next time you hear an SA politician use the word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about whether you wanted the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money.

A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into some perspective in one of its press releases:
  • A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
  • A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
  • A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
  • A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.
  • A billion Rand ago was only 27 hours and 12 minutes at the rate our SA government is spending it. (a billion rand a day??!!) 
  • Building Permit Tax
  • Cigarette Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Fishing License Tax
  • Food License Tax
  • Fuel License Tax
  • Petrol/Diesel Tax
  • Hunting License Tax
  • Luxury Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Service charge taxes
  • Capital gains Tax
  • Social Security Tax
  • Securities Transfer Tax
  • Road Usage Tax
  • Local Tax
  • Vehicle License Registration Tax
  • Vehicle Sales Tax
  • Worker’s Compensation Tax


Hardly any of these taxes existed 20 years ago…

And our nation was one of the most prosperous in Africa.

We had absolutely no national debt…

We had the largest middle class in Africa and Mum stayed home to raise the kids.

What happened?


The Government is ‘running’ the country INTO THE GROUND – on YOUR and MY ‘billions’!!!

I hope this letter goes around at least a billion times….”

Well folks, there you have it!


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