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The Global Muslim Brotherhood

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

If there is any truth in the saying, “a leopard never changes its spots,” then I’m afraid the years ahead will, most certainly, see the destruction of ‘reborn’ Middle Eastern societies. The implementation of 'democratic freedom' in these societies will undoubtedly provide no relief whosoever, but once the process is put into practice, the majority of the populace will forever remain oblivious to the fact that they’ve played right into the hands of satan's agents. The fact that their democracy is still young will evidently also be put forward as one of the reasons why crime, corruption, and social disorder will be rampant for the next 20-odd years. 

In the interim, the old paradigm, “Problem-Reaction-Solution” will continue without hindrance, and without the majority sheeple knowing who is really behind the vicious sequence. 

This posting will attempt to illustrate how one of the old agents of the ‘rulers of this world’ (aka satan) - the primary instigators of “Islamic” terrorism, since time immemorial, are rapidly worming their way into government seats of power. 


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Robert Dreyfuss, a freelance investigative journalist, was Middle East Intelligence director of the Executive Intelligence Review. His 1981 book, Hostage to Khomeini, commissioned by Lyndon LaRouche, discusses how various officials in the Carter administration believed that an Islamic Iran could export the Islamic revolution to the Soviet Muslims and cause a break-up of the Soviet Union. This did indeed happen with a rise in an Islamic insurgency inside the Soviet Union which led to its breakup. 

The following passage is a direct quote from the book, Hostage to Khomeini – pg 100: 
“The real story of the Muslim Brotherhood is more fantastic than the mere imagination of the authors of espionage novels could create. It functions as a conspiracy; its members exchange coded greetings and secret passwords; although no formal membership list exists, its members are organized into hierarchical cells or “lodges” like the European freemason societies and orders. The Muslim Brotherhood does not respect national frontiers; it spans the entire Islamic world. Some of its members are government officials, diplomats, and military men; others are street gangsters and fanatics. While the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are at home in plush-carpeted panelled board rooms of top financial institutions, at the lower levels the Muslim Brotherhood is a paramilitary army of thugs and assassins. At its highest level, the Muslim Brotherhood is not Muslim. Nor is it Christian, Jewish, or part of any religion. In the innermost council are men who change their religion as easily as other men might change their shirts.” 
TAKE NOTE of the last part in the above excerpt: "IT IS NOT MUSLIM, NOR IS IT CHRISTIAN, JEWISH, OR PART OF ANY RELIGION!" People who thus blame religion for all the world's problems, don't have a cooking clue what they're talking about... It's the EXTREMISTS and aspiring pretenders (traitors) amongst us that are a thorn in the flesh!

In another book, The Devil's Game, Robert Dreyfuss describes the roots of the Muslim Brotherhood and its connections with the CIA and western intelligence services. He describes how the CIA and the West used the Muslim brotherhood in an attempt to overthrow President Nasser of Egypt because he nationalized the Suez and kicked out many US and European companies out of Egypt. The book describes how the Israelis also had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and how they used a lesser enemy to attempt to destroy President Assad of Syria in the 1982 Muslim brotherhood uprising in Homs and Hama. The book provides many references and the author interviewed many witnesses. Similarly he describes how the CIA and British intelligence overthrew Premier Mossadegh of Iran because he nationalized Iran's oil removing the British from a major prize. It is interesting to note that the opposition in the uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria have all been the Muslim Brotherhood - [source].  

The Muslim Brotherhood is today the world's oldest and one of the largest Islamist movements, founded in 1928 in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna, who, incidentally, was also a devout admirer of Hitler. The movement was banned in Egypt in November 1948 (post WWII), following several bombings and assassination attempts. At that time the Brotherhood was estimated to have 2000 branches and approximately 500,000 members or sympathizers. In succeeding months Egypt's prime minister was assassinated by a Brotherhood member, and following that Al-Banna himself was assassinated in what is thought to be a cycle of retaliation. 

The movement was eventually legalized, following the recent 2011 Egyptian revolution and fall of Hosni Mubarak (aka the Arab Spring) – [source].  

On 30 April 2011, the Brotherhood officially formed the Freedom and Justice Party. After three rounds of staggered parliamentary elections, which started in late November 2011 and ended in January 2012, they won the most votes, with the ultra-conservative Salifists coming a close second. Elections for the upper house of parliament will begin at the end of January 2012 – [source].  

In the meantime, still in Northern Africa… 

On 14 January 2012, Tunisians marked the first anniversary of the ousting of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, an event that triggered the Arab Spring. President Marzouki also declared Saturday a national holiday, and marked the event by granting pardons to 9,000 prisoners and commuting 122 death sentences… Sound familiar? – [full news report here].  

Incidentally, the Tunisian uprising, which forced President Ben Ali to step down on 14 January 2011, and then flee to Saudi Arabia with his family, was inspired by the suicide of young market trader Mohamed Bouazizi who set himself alight in front of the town hall in protest at petty corruption. His death in December 2010 sparked weeks of mass protests across Tunisia as anger over corruption, rising food prices, unemployment and lack of freedom boiled over. 

Marzouki was elected interim President of Tunisia by the Constituent Assembly, on 12 December 2011. The Constituent Assembly is a convention consisting of 217 lawmakers representing Tunisians living both in the country and abroad. A plurality of members comes from the moderate Islamist Ennahda Movement, which is basically another one of the many offshoots of … yes; you guessed it - THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! 

On Friday, 13 January 2012, a new pro-democracy organization called the “Sharq Forum” was launched from Tunisia. The Sharq Forum states on their website, that, “...due to the current waves of global, regional, and local political changes and geostrategic shifts; And as a result of the challenges ahead that need to be addressed to achieve peace, stability and prosperity; The Sharq Forum was established.”

The head of its preparatory committee is former Al Jazeera general manager Wadah Khanfar. Khanfar started his career as a journalist while living in South Africa, and where he evidently performed graduate studies in international politics and African studies. In 1997, Khanfar became the Al Jazeera correspondent in South Africa. However, while living in South Africa, Khanfar was also the Director of Human Resource Development for the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO), an organization that is apparently closely tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood. 

A recent report published online on the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report mentions several sources that have traced Mr. Khanfar’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The report also mentions A MEMO purporting to be a 1998 briefing document prepared for the former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, which has long been posted on the Internet and describes the IIFSO as working closely with Hamas. The memo also identifies an individual called Wahdan Abu Ahmed KHUNFUR who it says was a Trustee of the Al Aqsa Foundation in South Africa as well as a Hamas contact. 

The Al Aqsa Foundation is one of the organizations comprising the Union of Good, the worldwide coalition of charities, an umbrella organization consisting of over 50 Islamic charities and funds, directed by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi, which funnel money to organizations belonging to Hamas, and which currently rules the territory of the Gaza Strip. 

Hamas, which characterizes itself as an "Islamic resistance movement against Israeli occupation" is also on the US State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. [click here for more details].

Incidentally, the Muslim Brotherhood is still banned in Russia as a terrorist organization. (Sources here and here [Russian])   

The Wikipedia page dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, should sketch a general picture why this movement can be considered a global one.

So, there you have it my dear readers: - Satan and his cronies are taking over the world, bit by bit and step by step! There’s really no point in getting all worked up about it, as there’s nothing much we can do, except watch, learn, take care of ourselves and our families,... AND blog of course ;-) 


[Kindle Edition]
By Robert Spence and David Horowitz

In 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeni, ruler of Islamic Iran issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims worldwide to murder the novelist Salman Rushdie for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Rushdie’s crime? Blasphemy or “Islamophobia,” as it has come to be known. Since then we have seen worldwide violent Muslim protests over cartoons, blasphemy laws in Europe, prosecutions of notable opponents of Islamic terror like Oriana Fallaci and Geert Wilders, and the demonization of courageous opponents of Islamic imperialism and terror in the West. David Horowitz and Robert Spencer describe the origins of the word “Islamophobia” as a coinage of the Muslim Brotherhood and show how the Brotherhood launched a campaign, by ginning up “Islamophobia” as a hate crime, to stigmatize mention of such issues as radical Islam’s violence against women and murder of homosexuals, and the constant incitement of many imams to terrorism. The authors make the case that “Islamophobia” is a dagger aimed at the heart of free speech and also at the heart of our national security. 

By Alison Pargeter

Alison Pargeter is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre of International Studies at the University of Cambridge. Author regularly participates in international conferences, hosted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the US State Department, the German Foreign Ministry and the Italian government. Other publications - The New Frontiers of Jihad: Radical Islam in Europe (2008).

By Bruce Bawer

The struggle for the soul of Europe today is every bit as dire and consequential as it was in the 1930s. Then, in Weimar, Germany, the center did not hold, and the light of civilization nearly went out. Today, the continent has entered yet another “Weimar moment.” Will Europeans rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, or will they cave in once again to the extremists?


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