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The ‘new improved’ South Africa and its dilemma with illegal drugs

As I’ve stated before on this blog (here), drug-smuggling is a massive global network with tentacles reaching into the very core of governments worldwide. It is for this reason that the chief brains behind the big drug-cartels, as well as those responsible for large-scale cultivation and/or production, very seldom get caught.

For example: In December 2009, the head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio Maria Costa, claimed that illegal drug money saved the banking industry from collapse. He claimed he had seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were "the only liquid investment capital" available to some banks on the brink of collapse during 2008. He said that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result. In other words, $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions -
(See full news report here).

It is the mule-puppets that smuggle the poison, the ‘pushers’ on the streets, and the ‘makers’ of amateur backyard drug labs, who end up being prosecuted every odd now and then. The majority of “mules” and “pushers” seldom have a clue who the real brains are behind the various operations. 

Although the few arrests we occasionally read about in South African newspapers and the amount of illegal drugs involved in police raids may seem horrendous, it is, in actual fact, a mere drop in the ocean. Furthermore, many of the “mules” apprehended are often used as decoys to distract law enforcement officials from the main big consignments slipping through. In some instances it is ringleaders inside the drug-cartels who provide the tip-offs, - to collect the “reward money” paid by governments. It truly is a most vicious, greedy, and evil circle!

Not too long ago, when I was involved with the rehabilitation of young drug addicts, on a part-time basis, I once ended up in a meeting attended by an elderly official, who claimed that he was employed by the Central Drug Authority (CDA). The fellow looked like a Jesuit Priest - dressed quite out of the ordinary, compared to the rest of us! He was extremely proficient at sidestepping the real issues, but appeared intelligent when he spoke. Although I’d like to share with readers my reasons why I mistrusted this person from the very beginning, I’ll obviously have to do so very discreetly in a separate future posting sometime.

The bottom line is this:
There are ‘demons’ sitting in high places in certain drug-related government agencies. Their main purpose is to boycott and stall the various processes aimed at combating the supply, demand, and consumption of illegal drugs. Although they talk quite a lot and make many promises, they’ve done absolutely bugger-all to introduce measures to reduce the effects of drugs on individuals and society… Enough said, for now!There was a point in time when South Africa had one of the most organised and most proficient specialized units, whose sole purpose was geared towards combating drug related crimes. They even had paid informers working undercover inside drug-smuggling syndicates. The unit was known as the South African Narcotics Bureau (SANAB). The ANC regime decided to dismantle the unit in 2004 – a decision which could only have been conjured-up by extremely crooked and evil minds - for while SANAB existed, we were doing just fine while keeping the highly addictive killer-drugs such as, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines (TIK), off the streets and out of school grounds.


The closure of SANAB was not the only specialized police unit dismantled by the ANC Regime. Other specialized units such as, Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) units were also shut down. It was apparently undertaken as part of a drive to centralise control of the Police Service under the former Commissioner Jackie Selebi, who has now just started serving a 15 year sentence in jail for corruption… the bastard!!!

The new ‘improved’ South Africa has declined into a criminal drug haven with 100’s of 1000’s of drug-addicted victims. Some readers may recall that my youngest son also became a victim of heroin addiction and passed away tragically during September 2010, at the age of 21 – (posting here).

Since my son’s death I’ve not been regularly posting drug-related articles. However, this morning I once again felt the need to voice my rage over the drug issue, with the hope that the whole damn country will start acknowledging the fact that the ‘new improved’ South Africa has a very serious disease, and that the only way we are going to cure this disease is by, firstly, getting rid of the current corrupt rulers of this country, and secondly, by taking the law into our own hands in a massive organized campaign that will scare the living daylights out of all those involved in the despicable business of drug-dealing. I know it is easier said than done, but SOMETHING has to be done!

We simply cannot go from one year into the next, while the problem escalates. The past year has seen the world’s Socialist-Communists succeeding, time and again, when they mobilize the masses in their 1000’s. They seem to do it by simply setting a date and snapping their fingers. Yet, we law-abiding citizens, who have an aversion for riotous behaviour (or people associated with such behaviour), think that signing useless online petitions, in the comfy of our homes and offices, is going to solve the world’s problems.

IT’S ALMOST 2012 ALREADY… and the problems are escalating. Governments worldwide are blaming the general public - (you and me) for causing this mess we’re in. They are being untruthful… WAKE UP – WAKE UP – WAKE UP!

Take note of the second paragraph in the following news report:

South Africa a huge link in drug network

By Erna van Wyk

Johannesburg - Travelling South Africans are increasingly being flagged by customs officials in other countries.
This is in large part due to South African passports being faked and used by international terrorists, said organised crime expert Annette Hübschle.

“We do not have such a brilliant reputation anymore,” she said.

And the situation is exacerbated by an increasing number of southern Africans being arrested for drug-related crimes in Europe and Asia.

Currently, 619 South Africans are in prisons abroad for drug trafficking. In Thailand, 12 South Africans were arrested this year. About 20 were arrested in foreign countries in November alone.

Besides Nolubabalo Nobanda’s arrest, the Bali Times reported in October that two more South Africans faced the death penalty after being arrested in Indonesia at Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Brett Savage, 44, from Johannesburg was arrested for allegedly carrying 3kg of crystal methamphetamine (tik) and Kedibone Motsweneng was arrested days later, allegedly trying to smuggle in 2.5kg of the drug.

At the same airport in September, housekeeper Nyolukana Nomakorinte Christabell, 44, was paraded in front of the media in Bali.

She cried uncontrollably after being caught with 1kg of crystal meth hidden in her underwear.

Hübschle said the volume of drugs trafficked through southern Africa to markets in Europe and Asia had surged.

“South Africa is a huge link in the international drug trafficking chain. These organised crime ‘networks’ are not only into drugs, but into other illicit and licit trading as well.

A trafficker from South Africa, for instance, might traffic rhino horn to China and traffic drugs back to South Africa,” she said. 

Sourced from:

Click here for a complete list of drug-related articles on this blog.


James K. said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The 'new improved' South Africa has so many dilemmas that healing of the diseased country seems almost impossible. I agree whole-heartedly that South-Africa should get rid of corrupt rulers, since the very core of the problem of corruption is found in the top structure of the country, government. If government could be cleansed from corruption, cleansing will be forced down the lines to the rest of society. Taking the law in our own hands will be the alternative if Goverment fails to come clean. This will have catastrophical consequences and lead to total anarchy. The reality of South-Africa is that the law-abiding citizen is getting more and more fed up with the corrupt incompetent government officials and therefore we are sitting on a time-bomb. May God interfere and bring change to the situation in South-Africa, so that healing can take place.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ James K

Thanks for popping in and for leaving a comment.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m now following your SAPRAYER Blog. I think it is great that you’re presenting the articles in both English and Afrikaans.

Have a blessed festive season!

Gustav said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Yes I agree too, and I think we have big homeworks in new line again that, Why young Christians aren't waiting anymore? see here:

Haven House said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Say No to Drug addiction forever..

Elen said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I don't know what South Africa you were living in where SANAB were effective. Drugs were widely available and they, like drug squads everywhere, were effectively a massive waste of time and resources. The real evil is putting people in prison for using drugs.

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