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South Africa – A Giant Mental Asylum?

While reading one of Mike Smith’s excellent posts, Optimism, pessimism and realism in the New (Improved) South Africa, I noticed that he, like me, is also convinced that South Africa is one giant mental asylum.

In an older posting on this blog I once described the citizens of this country as being “Prisoners of War”. I also made mention of the fact that more and more South Africans are suffering from psychological ailments such a post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression, and that these were typical disorders normally associated with war-trauma or prison camps. In the end, the term “giant mental asylum” best describes the situation - okay, maybe not the entire country, but most definitely many of the major cities!

The “Prisoners of War” article was posted in May 2009. Since then the situation has become far worse, although you’ll stil find people who stubbornly refuse to believe it… despite the fact that people are behaving like wild animals, killing and maiming each other for no apparent reason whatsoever.

The daily news headlines contain numerous examples, so I don’t think I need to even mention them here. Click here to view News24 articles relating to crime, and you should get the general picture!

The latest example of a seemingly senseless murder occurred Tuesday last week (8 Nov. 2011), practically on my doorstep, when an attractive 26-year-old teacher, Chanélle Henning, was gunned down after dropping her 4-year old son off at a preschool in Faerie Glen, East of Pretoria.

I’ll use this one specific case to emphasise how crazy South African society has become, but readers living in civilized places abroad (or in safe havens outside the big cities of SA) should bear in mind that this sort of thing is going on all the time, and that there are numerous other examples that can be used to emphasize the madness taking place in the new (improved) South Africa.

Background of the Henning murder case :

Chanélle Henning was shot dead at about 07:10AM, last week Tuesday morning, shortly after dropping off her 4-year-old son at pre-primary school. She was overtaken by two people on a motorcycle and was shot while driving on Manitoba Drive, east of Pretoria, in Gauteng. She died on the scene. The killing was immediately classified as “A Hit”, as witnesses noticed the two suspects on the motorcycle waiting in the area since 06:30.

Chanélle and her estranged husband were in the process of a contentious divorce scuffle - (a very common phenomenon in SA). Speculation was thus rife that the murder was possibly related to a child-custody battle (another common phenomenon in SA) between Henning and her estranged husband, Nico Henning.

The police immediately questioned the husband and also confiscated his cellphone, but he was not regarded as a suspect. According to this report the husband apparently gave the police 'valuable' info.

About a week after the incident, presumably on the grounds of the ‘valuable info’, the police arrested four suspects. One of the them, who gave himself up, was a suspended Police Constable, Gerhardus du Plessis, who confessed to pulling the trigger during the attack - (Beeld reported that this was the 503rd policeman to be arrested in Gauteng since last October). Du Plessis was suspended two weeks ago for allegedly stealing two murder dockets from the Hercules police station, where he was based. One of the other suspects, who also confessed his involvement in the hit, was a notorious Nigerian drug lord.

In the meantime, a FIFTH suspect was arrested near Port Elizabeth yesterday. At this point in time it appears that the motive for the murder had been financial, with a person close to Chanélle Henning allegedly owing the Nigerian drug lord a lot of money. The motorcycle used in the hit was recovered in Vereeniging, south of Johannesburg.

That a young and innocent lady had to die in the process of ‘collecting debt’, owed by someone else, just goes to show how immorally crazy our modern-era has become, and it’s going to become even more bizarre as time moves on – mark my words!

Those close to the widely feared Nigerian, known as “the Debt Collector”, said he was often hired to collect money owing to clients, sometimes with brutal consequences for the debtors. An underworld insider, who once worked for the alleged drug lord, said: “He has four cases of murder and several of kidnapping and assault against him, but they have all disappeared because of his connections.” – Source. The so-called “connections” can be no other but government officials – who else?

So – besides the fact that the country is a giant mental asylum (without borders), what else can one make of this incident?

Well, for starters – there is no chance that you can trust anybody anymore, no matter where in the country you happen to reside. The last people you can trust are our ‘protectors’ and our “peacemakers’. Here we have a murder that was committed in a peaceful upmarket suburb of Pretoria, by an assortment of suspects – ranging from an Afrikaner-cop who pulled the trigger, to a Nigerian drug lord who hired the killer, to an Asian motorcycle enthusiast, and another unknown two persons. At least one suspect was apprehended as far away as Despatch, near Port Elizabeth. According to the latest news report, on the 7 o’clock TV-news, there are more suspects involved!

This is what Socialist-Communism does to a society… It transforms people, of all races and cultures - across the entire country, into cockeyed freaking lunatics! 

In fact, the 'Masters of Darkness' (rulers of this world) have become experts at utilizing the racial and cultural ‘talents’ of certain groups to attain their goals… The Boers for their arrogant fearlessness, the English for their snobbish fearfulness, the Jews for their obsession with human rights, the Blacks for their rebellious behaviour, and so forth!  

However, they have long ago realized that the faster they mix the various races and cultures into one melting pot, the closer they’ll get to their ultimate satanic goal – an equalized ‘one world order’ that’s designed to crush the identities of perfectly healthy and sane minority groups – eventually turning everyone into robotic sheeple. In the long run this state of affairs will trigger sane-and-sober individuals to adopt the rather reckless attitude of - if you cannot beat them, then join them!

Our rulers will keep this giant mental asylum in full running order until EVERYONE has become part-and-parcel thereof. They will do so while simultaneously concealing the fact that it is ‘they’ who created this mess, and that it is ‘they’ who are keeping it running.

The dangers of living in a mental asylum :

Anyone who decides to stay in this mental asylum will, sooner or later, become deliberately manipulative and extremely difficult to live with. They will also start feeling powerless and defenceless, but will attempt to hide this from others. Their communication skills and ability to cope with simple tasks will also diminish. Believe me, I deal with these types all the time. Don’t ask me how I attract this sort!

Many of these symptoms are closely associated with a condition known as ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ (BPD). It typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; black and white thinking, or splitting (a switch between idealizing and demonizing others – today we hate Malema, tomorrow we love him); chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships; problems with self-image and identity, and various other dilemmas.

One can just listen to talk-radio shows or watch conversations on online chat-facilities to see these various symptoms. In fact, you’ll notice these symptoms just by visiting your local grocery store. TV-adverts, soapies, and various movies, are fond of placing emphasis on these symptoms. Some see it as witty comedy. I see it as a deliberate mockery of sound intelligence.

The sad fact of the matter is that mentally unhealthy people do not recognize danger, even when the danger is spitting them in the face. Chanélle Henning’s recent death is but one tragedy that could have been avoided if she were living in a sane and stable society, free from savages and lunatics… but unfortunately this is not the case, and the chances that it will one day became a safe and stable democracy is basically zero!

Allow me to briefly explain how the murder of Chanélle fits in with the issue of mental health:

(Please Note: I am not suggesting that she was mentally unstable!)

The lady was party to a prolonged divorce process involving a child-custody dispute. The process must surely have contributed towards much stress and drama – both financially and emotionally - with lawyers on both sides probably not caring less. The parties involved were thus already distressed (mentally unhealthy), and the ability to recognize potential threats to life and limb were thus already diminished. Bear in mind that in South Africa 1 out of every 2 marriages end in a divorce. 

In Chanélle’s case the warning signs of potential danger were ignored.  Her perceived innocence and defencelessness also made her easy prey for the lunatics that dwell among us. The lunatics in Chanélle’s case were the, yet unknown, idiot she had a relationship with, and also the people who took part in her murder, whom she previously noticed following her, but yet took no timely precautions to protect herself.

A few last words of wisdom…

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. ~ W. Gibson

Tia Mysoa wishes to express his condolences to the family and friends of Chanélle Henning, and also the hope that opinions expressed in this posting have not offended innocent persons involved in this case.


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While the odds and ends of this case are coming together, it is creating the general impression that the estranged husband, Nico Henning, was also directly involved in the murder of Chanélle.

The latest news reports have revealed that a close friend of Nico Henning had been arrested in Nelspruit in connection with her death. The man will appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court today. He was allegedly the link between the person who ordered the hit and those who arranged it – source.

The truth will eventually reveal itself, but while we’re waiting I might as well divulge some speculative thoughts on the matter:

The custody battle for the child is the primary reason why Chanélle Henning was murdered. Instead of working together towards establishing some form of joint custody-arrangement for the child, each parent made respective claims that the other was not fit to be a parent. The matter ended up at the Family Advocates Office (a bunch of total morons!!!) – A social worker or psychologist was most likely involved, and as per the norm recommendations were made that custody be awarded to the mother. I strongly suspect that Chanélle Henning may have been the BPD type – extremely moody, manipulative and vindictive, but impressive and charming in front of state officials!

The FA recommendations had to declare why the father was not suitable to be a parent. My guess is that the psychological evaluations probably exposed his stress and anxiety – most of which was probably associated with the drawn-out divorce process, and his estranged wife’s vindictiveness - (who perhaps also used the child as a pawn in the divorce process).

At some point in time a stressed-out Nico Henning visited his buddies, where the subject of “getting rid of the problem” cropped up. He may initially not have intended to murder his estranged wife, but the chances that he planted the seed in the minds of others is a definite certainty. Various ‘connections’ got involved the moment monetary compensation became part of the equation.

IF Nico Henning is involved, then he evidently lied to the police when they initially questioned him about the murder. If this is the case, then I foresee major problems for the man.

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The Hawks were on Thursday morning raiding properties belonging to the ex-husband of murdered Pretoria mother Chanelle Henning... Full news report

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