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The Shambles of the 2011 Census – South Africa

Regular readers of this blog should probably have noticed that I’ve not been taking too much notice lately of all the political monkey-tricks going on in this stuffed-up country they call South Africa. Besides the fact that it’s near impossible to even try keeping up with all the treachery, trickery, and villainy going on, the subject of ANC politics has started to bore me to death – long ago!

Before the 2011 census kicked off in October, I had an article drafted about the coming census. Most part of the article focused on how to protect yourself and your family during the month of October, without breaking the law in any way. However, I decided not to go ahead with the publishing thereof as the last thing I needed in my life was that “scaremongering” be added to the list of dreadful things this blog has lately been accused of. Yes, can you believe it - giving people free advice nowadays about their personal safety is considered “scaremongering”?

Nevertheless, I have been monitoring the situation with the full realization that most of what we read in the news is all smoke-and-mirrors, and that in some cases one has to read attentively between the lines to detect possible dirty dealings. Nothing can be considered as definite though, because there’s another term for that called, “A Conspiracy”.

Stories about the number of census workers that were robbed, assaulted, raped, and so forth, is not “news” in the sense that these where exceptional unforeseen and/or informative occurrences. In a messed-up country like South Africa one must be an absolute idiot to think that census workers (or enumerators as they are called) were not going to become the target of criminals. I was thus somewhat stunned to hear that not a penny of the R2.2 billion budget was spent towards securing the safety of these workers, particularly in the light of the fact that many of them were young women who had to work late at night collecting and filling in questionnaires in unsafe shady areas.

Answering questions about the safety of the numerators, Kefiloe Masiteng, Deputy Director General for Population and Social Statistics in the office of the President suggested that this had not been taken into count.

"It was very clear that the enumerators may have not been safe in our own hands, as much as we thought about the safety of the nation," she said. (See the Business Live report - Census 2011's cost in lives).


That some people are now going to be charged in a court of law for obstructing census workers to do their work, is not remarkable news either. In my personal opinion I believe these people were rather stupid to ignore the numerous warnings that it was illegal to do that, and then publicly expose themselves to the entire nation. But - on the other hand, you’ll be surprised to learn that some folk in Waterkloof will go to extraordinary lengths to show off their wealth… Paying a fine of R10,000 is a truly novel way of impressing the neighbours!

Beeld journalist, Wolfram Zwecker, reported yesterday
(in the print version of the newspaper, dated 1 Nov 2011 – pg. 5) on the story of 63-year old man from Brackendowns in Alberton, who briefly appeared in court on charges of sexually assaulting a census worker. The same report mentioned another man, also in his 60’s who appeared in the same court on charges related to census-legislation. The man apparently refused to fill in his form, and wrote, in a red pen, across the form the words: “IT HAS F***L TO DO WITH THE GOVERNMENT…”. His case was postponed to 20 December 2011.  

Yep, if you’re looking for news that calls attention to the stupidity of the sheeple you’ll find plenty! In fact, one cannot call it “news” – it falls rather in the category of “entertainment”.

As I mentioned earlier in this posting one has to often read media reports between the lines to detect underhanded government dealings. A quick scan of today’s news brought attention to two questionable dealings.

THE FIRST STORY confirmed my suspicions that there had to be some or other dubious reason why it was compulsory to use a pencil on the questionnaire, and not a pen.

According to an online report published by, sensus workers were caught red-handed while erasing information on forms. The report poses several disturbing questions – among others:

  • How do we as ordinary citizens know that each of our forms have not been tampered with?
  • How can we trust the results of this survey?
This sordid state of affairs boils down to the fact that the results of the 2011 census is null and void and a complete farce. An enormous amount of money has thus been wasted on a census that will not reflect the true results.

THE SECOND NEWS REPORT is a classis ‘smoke-and-mirror’ story, and deals with an account about striking sensus workers in KwaZulu-Natal. Apparently a small mob of census workers in Durban went on strike complaining that they were paid less than their counterparts in other provinces. Stats SA apparently denied the claim, which immediately had me thinking that there was something major fishy about this story.

According to the news report the striking workers used boxes of completed questionnaires as a “ransom”. In other words, they withheld the completed forms by keeping them in the custody of their private homes - as leverage to demand more money.

The police later confiscated 89 BOXES of census questionnaires from five (5) private homes in the Durban area. In other words, 1000’s (maybe 100,000’s) of forms containing highly confidential personal information, has now landed in the hands of the police! I doubt whether those boxes were sealed with some or other non-tampering device. The whole affair stinks of government trickery – and there are several indicators that point to this fact. 
Two core indicators are as follows:
  • The sensus workers knew, weeks before they were employed, what their exact hours of work, the risks involved, and the remuneration for their services was going to be. Why did they then wait until they had 1000’s of completed questionnaires in their possession? Who influenced and motivated these workers to go on strike and to use the forms as ransom?
  • KwaZulu-Natal has for many years been the scene of bloody conflicts between the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the ANC. Politically motivated murders of councillors and other sporadic acts of dissent has been the order of the day for some time now. Although the IFP has seen its support decline, the ANC is not done yet with the few supporters that remain. (See also the Business Day report - EDWARD WEST: League tiffs could rock KwaZulu-Natal stability, from where I borrowed some words.)

AND LASTLY… the ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu and known as “The Art of War” has been well studied by leading Communist figures in government. The last verse of Chapter 3 states:

So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.
If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.

This has been more tersely interpreted and condensed into the modern proverb:

If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous (literally, 'a hundred') battles without jeopardy.

For the wolves the 2011 census was no shambles,
but for the sheeple…(?)

I say no more!


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Dear readers, please accept my apologies for some spelling errors that creep into my postings every odd now and then. I know I have no excuse for this, but these things unfortunately happen when one speaks and writes Afrikaans most of the day and then switch to writing English in the evenings.

The fact that my MS-Word application has both the Afrikaans and English spell-checker loaded hasn’t helped much to sort out words such as “census” and “sensus”… It is most embarrassing to find these slip-ups AFTER an article has been published.

Thanks also for your continued support!

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@Rooster (Re:- Your deleted SPAM comments)

I hope you realize that you’re doing more harm to yourself (and no one else) by posting spam-rubbish on these pages. It is quite obvious that a sensible 2-way debate is not your intentions here, so please be advised that your actions will from now on be considered as personal HARASSMENT. If you want to continue with your pestering, then be prepared to face the consequences…. Yes, LEGAL CONSEQUENCES my friend!!!!

The questions you posed concerning the census can be rationally answered and/or debated, but I’ll be wasting my time and energy anyway. Besides, your questions have only exposed your ignorance on these matters… I believe I have thus done you a favour by marking them as spam!

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Great article Tia. As for KFC, take him to the cleaners (he needs a scrubbing :) )

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Thanks Macaw!

As for KFC - I don’t have the time to take idiots to the cleaners – not with words anyhow! If I had the means and opportunity to physically drag him by his ears (I mean feathers) – then it will be a different story ;-)

For interest sake, here is what he published:
(Rooster – TAKE NOTE: I’m not going to debate nothing with you!)

Mate, scaremongering is so evident in everything you do I just haven't bothered to mention it. I'm sure 99% of people who come here do so to roll their eyes.

Now regarding the census what possible motive could the government have to change it ? It seems to be they benefit equally by making the situation sound worse(so they can push a tax agenda on the rich) and making it better (so they win political points). So which is it ?

Rubbish man ! My census visit was by a little shy white student. If she's one of the "evil empire" minions they are as evil as the girls scouts.

Why not just write in Afrikaans ? 99% of the extreme right Apartheid nostalgic bunch like you are Afrikaans males over 50 anyway.

Oh I know. You're trying to bullsh!t foriegners about the situation here. The stuff you guys write about S.A is so far out there no sane minded South African is actually going to take you seriously.


Previous deleted spam comments by this confused ‘leftwing’ fanatic are on this page.

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I wonder what world he lives in as he is not living in reality. Hopefully his eyes will open.

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I have banned his feathered arse a while ago.

He has never been interested in debate, but can quote false newspaper reports (where even the newspaper prints apology later for stating incorrect stats) claiming farm murders reduced by 100%.

I exposed him on this and he didn't even bother to change his post, because he knew he had been caught out.

His claim to fame is shutting down ILSA (it has never been shut down but taken offline out of respect for lives lost) and exposing Adriana Stuijt on her farm murder statistics, because it includes people on smallholdings and in rural areas and best of all, people of colour. Like any sane minded individual doesn't realise farm murders affect other races too.

He is a useful idiot for any Marxist government spreading its propaganda. That is all he has ever been good for.

If his own antics don't give away his character, the company he keeps sure does. A disgruntled old blogger chased away from ILSA for vile language and racist remarks, guilty of false accusations towards bloggers of other sites (including laying false criminal charges - something you would be locked up for doing in a first world country) and stalking people. Throw into the equation another disgruntled blogger chased away from old SAS site and the little group is almost complete.

Just steer clear of this vermin. The verbal abuse is only the beginning and they won't hesitate to employ illegal tactics to get to you - like I said, something they would be locked up for if not for the fact that their cosy little behinds befouls a corrupt country which can ill afford criminal leaders, let alone criminal citizens.

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