Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi Dead! – or so say 'they'

Hmmm, I was wondering how the wolves were going to deceive the sheeple this time round with their tacky little Libyan problem, especially in view of the fact that Gaddafi was a long-time conspirator of these evil lot.

I also wonder if THIS was their best shot…

Since the man’s sudden disappearance in June this year, as reported in this posting, I’ve had a hunch that his masters had placed him in a safe haven somewhere (probably with South Africa’s help), where he’s sipping martini’s right now, playing chess, and laughing his head off!

What was all that talk about an arrest warrant accusing Gaddafi of crimes against humanity? I mean really, if the man was hiding in Libya somewhere surely they could have simply sent in an undercover agent or two, shot him with a tranquilizer, and dragged his sorry butt off to the International Criminal Court, could they not? Surely Libya was not such a dangerous place for these trained 007-style agents?
Or have I perhaps been watching too many James Bond movies?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t seem to have one petrified hair on her head when she paid Tripoli a visit two days ago, and when she casually told reporters: "We hope he will be captured or killed soon," with such confidence - almost as if she knew without any doubt that the man was in Libya, and nowhere else.

Gaddafi’s cover was almost blown back in the year 2000 already during the Lockerbie trial, when the BBC reported that a key witness claimed he was related to a Libyan king and that Gaddafi was involved in an international “Masonic” conspiracy of some sort -  (news report here).

Nevertheless, whatever tricks they’ve played (and I can think of quite a few), the entire world’s sheeple will be convinced that the man is dead.  In the meantime it can be expected that all sorts of conspiracy theories will obviously start taking shape. To be honest, I couldn’t really care less whether this lunatic is officially dead or unofficially “retired”. All I know is that there are extremely evil and powerful people ruling this world.  Call them what you want – “The Illuminati”, “The Family”, “International Judaic”, or whatever… In my eyes this is HIS-Story - in other words, the devil himself is in the dealings.

On closing I’d like to share a piece on Gaddafi I recently read in a most interesting book called, “Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History”, written by a follower of Islam with the rather unusual name of David Livingstone. The book was published in 2007. The excerpt is from the chapter “Dollars for Terror” – page 261. The author’s web page is here, where you’ll find a link to a free online version of his book... (or visit the Bookstore)

In 1980, when Ronald Reagan became president, the United States government accused the Libyan government of sponsoring international terrorism, and in 1986, ordered major bombing raids against so-called “terrorist sites”, killing approximately sixty people, including Qadhafi’s adopted daughter. However, according to Dr. Stoney Merriman, former Public Affairs Chief of the US Marine Corps at the Pentagon, US Special Forces ground troops had intercepted and protected Colonel Qadhafi in order to prevent his injury during the bombing of his home. The US soldiers were also tasked with protecting any other dignitaries that were visiting Quaddafi.
Sourced from: Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History, David Livingstone – Online PDF Version (2007)

The following video is by Al Jazeera TV news:


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Must have been kfc ??? :)
TIA, we all know that Gadafi had doubles, so did Churchill and many others. Even if it was a double, I seriously doubt that the media would release that info.

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